About Chris

Chris Seiter is a professional breakup consultant with over half a decade of experience in helping couples reunite and move past one of the most difficult times of their lives. His work has been featured in Readers Digest, Elite Daily, She Knows, Bustle and Your Tango. He is the founder of Ex Girlfriend Recovery which features advice on breakups exclusively.
To date, his works and advice has had an impact on over 20 million men worldwide.

The Team

Expert in relationship therapy

Jennifer, Chris’ wife counsels men and women going through breakups. Her work has been featured on Bustle, Business Insider and Redbook Magazine. She holds the world record for holding her breath for over 22 minutes and 23 seconds.

Expert in Website Editing

Ashley is our website editor and content writer. She once arm wrestled a 400lb bodybuilder and won…

Expert in online support

Amor helps moderate and answer the comments we get here on Ex Girlfriend Recovery. She is famous on our site for the fact that she answers all the comments with her feet…. No seriously!

Expert in Customer Service

Leia handles all of our customer support queries. If you have a question, chances are she’ll be the one who gets around to you. We hired her after learning of her amazing ability to teleport to the people who are asking questions.

Expert in Breakup Content

Janell writes articles for us here on Ex Girlfriend Recovery. Not only does she provide a unique perspective on a difficult topic but she is famous for graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Expert in Breakup Content

Rachel is another one of our amazing writers. Now, I don’t want to freak you out or anything but she is “The Slayer of Vampyres.” ;) .

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I envision a world where men actually know what to do after a breakup.
One where they feel empowered and don’t get the feeling that everything about the breakup is their fault because chances are, it’s not.