About Chris

Chris Seiter, the founder of Ex Girlfriend Recovery, has been helping thousands of broken hearted individuals win their exes back for over a decade.

One successful strategy he often recommends is the "no contact rule". Think of it as shutting down communication between exes for a certain period of time in order to create space for each partner which allows for healing, self recovery, and an opportunity for both partners to potentially come back together. Chris believes this can be the key to long lasting success.

Chris along with his hand picked coaches help guide their clients using proven concepts and creative psychological methods to re-attract their exes and win them back for good. Currently Chris offers his weekly advice through his Podcasts, together which generate over 100,000 downloads. His YouTube Page currently has over 50,000 subscribers.

Chris has been featured in many different publications including outlets such as Fox and HollywoodLife.com and is available for interviews and podcasts on all things dating and helping win your ex back during the toughest of times.

How Ex Girlfriend Recovery Began

In 2012 Chris Seiter created, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, a website helping women understand the nuances of winning their exes back. As it took off and gained some traction he got the brilliant idea to utilize a similar program for men trying to get their ex girlfriends back. So, in 2013, Ex Girlfriend Recovery was born.

What’s interesting is that over the years the advice for Ex Boyfriend Recovery and Ex Girlfriend Recovery have begun straying from one another. Just as men and women are different so too is the advice given to them when it comes to getting an ex back.

A History Of The Ex Girlfriend Recovery Logos

To date Ex Girlfriend Recovery has received over 8.5 million visitors and has been featured in numerous publications. 

It’s true that we have been blessed with some of the most amazing readers and one of the things that we are always proud of is when they comment on how nice our site looks. 

Interestingly enough, it didn’t always look that way. 

A look at the history of our logos reveals out evolution. What started as a bootstrap operation with one person at the helm has evolved into a trustworthy and successful organization. 

Our Logo In 2013

Our Logo In 2015

Our Logo In 2017

Our Logo In 2020

Our Methodology

We are believers in never being satisfied and constantly trying to improve an inexact science, which we admit is challenging but it’s the pursuit of perfection that keeps us going. 

Therefore every strategy that we implement is run through a rigorous testing phase via the socratic method. 

By constantly retesting our hypotheses we feel we can get closer to giving people advice that really works. 

Another thing that we feel sets us apart from the competition is the practical real life success stories we utilize in our teachings. For example, if we begin to notice a counterintuitive strategy working during an interview with a success story we aren’t afraid to test it out to see its results. 

All of this testing and hypothesizing are ingredients of our Ex Girlfriend Recovery Program.

The Ex Girlfriend Recovery Program

This is our flagship program where our experts have gone out of their way to combine everything we’ve learned over the years into a program specially designed to help you get through a breakup and get your ex girlfriend back for good. It does this by laying out the information you need in an easy to understand format, all while giving you access to all of the tools and references you need to be successful.

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The Ex Girlfriend Recovery Podcast

Chris Seiter from The Ex Girlfriend Recovery Website reveals all of his breakup strategies for getting an ex back or getting over an ex. Discover how you can rebuild your broken relationship and most importantly find the key to making your relationship survive. Since 2013 he’s worked with thousands of men and women to get to the bottom of what really works after a breakup and some of the insights may shock you. No more fluff, only the truth, even if it’s hard to hear.

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Our Team

CEO & President

Chris is our founder and CEO. He’s the face behind every article, video and podcast featured on Ex Girlfriend Recovery. His responsibilities include growing the business and coaching individuals to get their exes back.

Video Editing

Joahan is responsible for editing all the videos seen throughout Ex Girlfriend Recovery and the Chris Seiter YouTube channel. He is an invaluable member to the team as he ensures our video quality is second to none.

Web Design

Alexander of Lamify has partnered with the Ex Recovery brand to help design their websites. He is responsible for all the web design aspects of the business from designing specific pages to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for to embedding podcasts and videos into articles in a seamless way.

Product Design

Ashley is the graphic designer behind the look and feel of our flagship program. While Chris creates the content featured in the program it’s Ashley who makes it look good. She has also developed a knack for helping organize products so that users have a better experience.

Customer Relations And Outreach

Shaunna is our customer relationships specialist. She focuses on ensuring as many people get their questions answered as possible. She’s also the mind behind our Battle Buddies program where we can partner our paid members up with each other to help one another through their breakups. Shaunna is also responsible for reaching out to other businesses to see if they would like to work with us.

Our Success Stories

We’ve been blessed to work with some amazing individuals in helping them either get their ex back or recover from their breakups. Here are a few of our favorite success stories.

We Worked With Jessy To Get Her Ex Back

Type of Relationship:

- Standard Breakup

Length of Time To Success:

- 35 - 45 Days

Tactics Utilized:

- The No Contact Rule

- The First Contact Text Message

We Worked With Sarah To Get Her Ex Back

Type of Relationship:

- Out of The Blue Breakup

Length of Time To Success:

- 65 Days

Tactics Utilized:

- Support From Private FB Group

- The No Contact Rule

- Ungettable

We Worked With Kelly To Get Her Ex Back

Type of Relationship:

- Standard Breakup

- Blocked

Length of Time To Success:

- 84 Days

Tactics Utilized:

- The No Contact Rule

- First Contact Text Message

- Private Support In FB Group

- Battle Buddies

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I envision a world where men actually know what to do after a breakup.
One where they feel empowered and don’t get the feeling that everything about the breakup is their fault because chances are, it’s not.