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The Private Facebook Group

Join us on our private Facebook Group where you can get advice and support with thousands of other men and women going through the same thing you are going through. Chris Seiter and his team do weekly Lives where they take your questions and answer you on the spot.

Our private support group has singlehandedly spawned a large portion of our success stories since it’s inception. Join and maybe you can be one!


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The Ten Commandments of Winning Back Your Ex

What if I told you that there were ten commandments or rules to getting an ex back?

Would you be interested in finding them out?

Well, now you can with "The Ten Commandments Of Winning An Ex Back" as I teach you the ten core principles that every "get your ex back" campaign needs in order to be successful. Now, arguably the most impressive thing about the ten commandments is how all encompassing they are. Not only do they focus on understanding the mind of a woman (which is a challenging thing let me tell you) but they focus on strengthening your "internal game" so you feel like a new person when trying to get your girlfriend back.

I don't make guarantees very often but I can guarantee that if you implement the commandments to your current strategy for getting your girlfriend back you will have a much greater chance of success.

You can get "The Ten Commandments Of Winning An Ex Back" for FREE if you purchase the complete package of Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO today.


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Conflict Assessment Tool for Couples

Have you ever heard the term, "Fighting Fair?"

Well, in this book I teach you exactly what you need to do to fight fair in your relationship. You see, for the last several years something HUGE has been bugging me. I often see couples getting really nasty with their fights. Bringing up things that don't need to be brought up. So, I decided to put together a tool for both of them to use to prevent that from happening.

With my 26 tactics you will successfully be able to navigate the water of any conflict that you and your ex may have.


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How to Avoid Fighting

You want to know what's better than "fighting fair" in a relationship?


With this E-Book I teach you exactly what you need to do in your relationship to avoid fighting. You see, I have always looked at relationships like a bank. Any time you have a positive experience you add money to the bank and any time you have a negative one (like fighting) you take money out of the bank.

In other words, the more fights you have the worse off you will be.


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How to Rebuild Trust


What takes forever to build up and a moment to ruin?


With this guide I teach you everything that you need to do to rebuild trust in your relationship with your ex.

I teach you about lying... building a wall of trust and much, much more.

Oh, and I even talk about trust in marriage too!


Here’s a few of Chris’ favorite success stories

“I followed all of these steps. Eventually when I visited my ex (after the no contact period that Chris talks about in PRO,) I went to his place to get my things back, we ended up talking and in the end he literally begged for me to take him back. I did! One of the best purchases I have ever made.”

“I listened to Chris’ advice and was dead silent for three and a half months. Now I am married to him! ”

“Hi Chris, I did buy your book! I read it at least 50 times and while I was initially very skeptical that your process would work I took a leap of faith and as of last night we are officially back together. Thank you sooooo so much!”