By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

What’s going on guys?

Today I have a very special video for you.

I put a lot of thought into it and cover a ton of ground when it comes to texting your ex girlfriend.

Check it out!

Creative and Clever Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

clever texting to get your girlfriend's attention

Before we get to the video transcript, I wanted to offer you some additional thoughts on my overall program.  You see, I don’t want you to be misled.  Getting your ex girlfriend to bite on things that you are going to do to re-attract her is not always an easy thing to pull off.

So that needs to be said.

Sometimes guys will come on to this site looking for a secret or magical solution to the biggest emotional issue they have ever faced.  In many cases, they have arrived at that singular moment in their lives where they can do great good or more wrong.

Coming up with some savvy text messages to pull your ex back into your life is something I specialize in.  So I certainly hope you were listening and watching my video carefully.  And by the way, I offer a ton of free content about many other clever steps you can take to get your ex girlfriend interested in you again.

Now will these clever and creative steps lead you to getting your ex girlfriend back so fast that you have her eating at of the palm of your hand?

Heck No!

No one can teach you such a thing.

It rarely happens, if at all.  Your cleverness and creativity needs to revolve around fashioning a full game plan and executing.  That is how you bring her around to opening up to you again. Giving you another shot.  Trusting you just enough to risk being disappointed again.  This is her mindset. You need to try and climb into her mind to understand how she is processing all that is happening to her.

That is what I teach, by and large.

Trust me, I specialize in coming up with creative ways to shake her out of her anger or stubbornness to give in to your overtures.  My tactics, which are patterned after real life situations that have unfolded, are designed to help break down your ex’s resistance.  Don’t forget, she is not quite the same girl now as you knew before. What has happened as a result of the breakup has changed her and influenced her perception of you and herself.

I want you to know that it takes commitment and smarts to pull this off.  Some guys come to me with questions on what they need to do first, second, etc.  I can see they are determined to get back on their ex’s good side.

Determination is important.  But being overly determined and rushing into mistakes is something you need to watch out for.

For a lot of guys, finding some smart and clever text messages they can send to their ex is all they can think about.  But unless your texting plan is part of a larger full service plan, then you are going to battle without enough ammunition.

For some guys I have worked with, while their girlfriend may have left them, their attitude is whatever it takes to get them back, god willing, they are going to try it out.

But be wary of overstepping and coming off as looking desperate or overly aggressive to your ex girlfriend.  Believe me, you don’t want to paint yourself into that corner (i.e. a guy who is beating is head against the wall with frustration and desperation).

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So sometimes a sense of despair will fall over some men as they fear their ex girlfriend is drawing further and further away from them, perhaps into the arms of some other guy.

So please remember there is no secret sauce that makes your ex gf come running. But I will tell you, sometimes things can just fall right into your lap.

With some situations and certain girls, if you execute the front end of your texting strategy…..bam…the clouds will part and she will let some sunshine in, giving you another shot to right your wrongs.

I had a guy the other day who was on the verge of a meltdown because his ex girlfriend was not responding to any of his text messages and he was willing to lay down many hundreds of dollars to get me to help him.

Just for the record, I didn’t charge him anything for my advice.  Why?  Well, it was obvious to me his solution was staring him in the face. By the way, he is one of the lucky ones.  Sort of like the exception to the rule I laid on you above about how it is usually challenging to convince your ex to give you another shot.

I chatted with him for about 15 minutes and tried to settle him down.  From his story it was apparent to me it wasn’t going to take him long to get things settle with her girlfriend.  He was tied into knots about how to lure her back after hurting her.  He was wondering what things to say to her to clear the air.  He was delirious with excitement with the prospect of learning how to get his ex girlfriend back fast by text message.

My job was pretty easy.  Slow down I kept telling him.  I gave him a set up text to tickle her interest.  She bit instantly. From there, it was a process of getting him to throttle back.  He wanted to rush in with roses and tickets to her favorite band which was coming into their city later in the year.

But I told him not to come on so strong. I explained that his ex probably simply wanted to talk and get he feelings out and see how you accepted them.  Give her that chance.  She had replied that she wanted to “talk” and she was “sad about what happened”.  So let her talk, I told him.  Listen.  Be empathetic. Show that you care.  Be supportive by using little gestures.  Less is more, I preached.  Let it build slowly.

The bottom line is that there are all types of situations.  Sometimes you might just hit the jackpot and a few clever text messages right out of the shoot might just create an opening.

But it is also entirely possible you will have to turn to other tactics and that is where having a complete get your ex back recovery plan in motion is going to win the day.

Get Her Back Strategies I Don’t Teach Here on the Blog!

The program I teach does not rest or rely on one single tactic.

In most cases, you will need to have a bigger game plan in mind if you want to nab her back for good!

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Video Transcript

Hey guys I got this mystery box in the mail today and I thought I’d go through some of the items to see whats in here. Hmmm, Loofah.  Rubber ducky. Oh wow, Three secret texts that you can send to your ex girlfriend that she can’t resist. Let’s begin.

So I’d like to start off today’s video by talking about the purpose of text messaging your ex girlfriend. Take a look to my left here.

This is what I like to call the value chain. This is your overall strategy to get your ex girlfriend back. The number 2 part after the no contact rule is texting and after text messaging is phone calls. Basically we are trying to move from no contact rule to text messages to phone calls.

What is the purpose of text messaging? The purpose of text messaging is simply to build attraction. The second purpose is to move from text messaging portion to phone call portion. Basically transitioning. Now how do you go about doing that?

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible for you. You have two goals with text messaging. Number one: Build as much attraction as possible.  Number 2: transition from the text messaging phase to the phone call phase.

Ok so now that you have a firm grasp on the goal of text messaging. I’d like to talk about the ideal conversation you’d like to have with her.  In a perfect world, what would a conversation look like if things are working.

Let’s pretend that I’m your ex girlfriend and I’m going to text message you. “Oh Hi Baby.”

“Ugghhh, god that scared the crap out me.”

Anyways the ideal texting conversation with your ex girlfriend is relatively simple. Here is a few of the guidelines I want you to follow. There should be a 50/50 split on who should starts the conversation. You should start the conversation one day and then she should another day.  Your a man so theres this idea that women have that you have to initiate things.  And that’s ok.  I’m going to allow you some leniency here. It’s kind of impossible 100% of the time to have an exact 50/50 split. But get as close as you can to it.

The second guideline I want you to follow is the fact that you need to be ending the conversations first.  Now my recommendation is not to just end conversations whenever you want. Try to find the high point of that conversation. The point in the conversation where you think in your mind, wow I don’t want this to end. Well the second you think that thought, it’s pretty much the high point of the conversation where you end the conversation.

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And finally the third guideline that you need to follow is build attraction. Build as much attraction as possible. But don’t do it all at once. Take your time with it. Slow and steady wins the race. Tortoise and the hare.

Alright I’ve never tried something like this before. And now I’m going to give it a shot.

And now we’ve reached the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The 3 secret text messages you can send to your ex girlfriend to drive her crazy. Yeaaaah.

Dude Chris that was lame.

Hey don’t judge.

Alright we’ve reached the moment where we will be talking about the three secret text messages that you can send to your ex girlfriend.

But really the three text messages fall into three phases of text messaging. Basically with one phase you get first secret text message, with the second text message you get the second secret text message, and finally as I’m sure you know with the third phase you will get the third secret text message.

Phase one: Building rapport


(If you want to know what to do before you start building rapport I recommend you check out this article on texting after the no contact period.)

Ok so maybe that’s not the best example of building rapport. So here we go, so when it comes to building rapport of this entire phase the name of the game is to go slow. Basically get back on speaking terms with your ex.

Think of it like this, image you were going to meet a girl for the first time today. Well you wouldn’t ask  her to marry you first, would you. No, you would kind of build up to it. You would start off slow and slowly speed up until enough attraction is build up to ask her to marry you. Same principle applies here.

To retract your ex girlfriend that probably isn’t thinking to highly of you at the moment you need to start slow and build rapport. The name of the game is not to go from 0-60 right off the bat. Again go slow. Let me give you an example of a secret text message that works wonders in the rapport building stage.

So take a look at this text message to my left


This is what I’d consider to be a perfect rapport building message. Notice that you stay away from talking about the relationship which is really important not to talk about your previous relationship if you don’t want to bring up any of those bad feelings but at the same time that text message is interesting. And it’s highlighted by a tactic I’d like to call pairing. When you pair a picture up with the text. Try it, pictures are incredible.  And what’s even better than pictures? Videos.

Now I’m going to tell you a funny story. Pretty much the moment when I communicated with my wife for the first time, I knew she was definitely different than the rest. There was something about her but at the same time I knew she was a really beautiful woman.

And in order to get her I wouldn’t be able to use the normal “game tactics” that I usually used.

So lets say I opted to do something different to stand out from the crowd. So instead of sending her a generic text message the very first time I texted her, I sent her a video.  The video was simple there was nothing to it. It was just me introducing myself saying “Hey I’m Chris Seiter” at a kitchen table at breakfast. There’s nothing to it but no one does that.  When your competition zigs you need to zag. That’s the name of the game.

Phase Two: Attraction building Phase


What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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We’re talking about the attraction phase here so lets just get right to it. The name of the game is to build attraction with your ex through text messages. So how do you do that? Well the first part is to emphasize the positive parts of your previous relationship. And anything negative you do not want to talk about. Anything positive you do. The only kind of advice I’m going to give you here is to not bring sex into it.  Just keep it PG13.

Now building attraction there’s a lot of ways to do it but I’m just going to give you my favorite way and I like to call this the story telling method. Have you every noticed when someone tells an amazing story it just draws you in? Think of your favorite TV shows, Game Of Thrones for example.  Have you ever noticed when something shocking happens or your really into the story you cannot wait to see the next episode. Binge watching on Netflix is really popular for this. The idea behind Netflix releasing every single episode at once like House of Cards or any of the other original series is that viewers like to binge watch. When they really get into a show they watch one episode after the other after the other.

Well, I want you to do something similar with your ex. I want you to build attraction like that. Treat every interaction that you have with him through text messages like a TV show.

End on a good note…

End on a cliffhanger…

Leave open loops…

Do everything you can to be mysterious or make her want more. That’s the name of the game. So I am going to teach you a text message right now that can accomplish this.


I want you to take a minute to look at the text message to my right here. This is a perfect example of something I like to call a funny text message. Basically the premise of this text message, even though it may not look like it right here, is to be funny.

But it’s going to tell a story through multiple texts and you will notice that I started the text here with an imaginary girl and the story is not over yet. You’ll notice that in the middle of the story I sent a text message that said,

“Hey are you still with me?”

This is what I like to call the check in text message. One of the big problems of telling a story though text is that you can kind of lose the girl if she is not really engaged.

So this check in text message, sort of saying,

“Hey are you still with me?”

Is check to see if she’s still listening or to keep her engaged. So the story goes that I had a friend and his girlfriend and him tricked me into thinking they were doing it when they really weren’t. That story may not be complete in there because I didn’t have enough room but the idea here is to continue the story.

Build attraction through this. Interest her.

Interest = Attraction

Always remember that.

Phase Three: Transition Text


There are a ton of positive aspects about text messaging but there are also some limiting aspects. For example, attraction can only be built so far via text messages. Which is why I recommend that eventually you will have to move from text messages to phone calls.

So when that inevitable time comes how do you do it?

Well that’s when I like to use the transition text message which just so happens to be our third secret text message!

This is a really easy text message to grasp.

Basically you are going to tell a story so interesting that it has to be finished over the phone and much like the story method that I was teaching you in the previous phase, the attraction phase, you want to build a story that is so interesting that she will have no choice but to finish it on the phone.

So you need to understand her interests.

What does she like?

What are some of the things that she will love to talk about?

For my wife it would be hot air balloons and Paris.

So lets pretend that I’m talking to my wife and I sent her this text message,


Notice how hot air balloons and Paris are mentioned in it. And then also notice how I stopped midway through telling the story and said,

Hey, do you want to finish this over the phone?

This is an ideal text message to send because it acts as a test to see if your ex girlfriend is ready to transition to the next phase of attraction building, phone calls or if she’s just comfortable texting.

In that case you still have more attraction to build.

And that’s it… That is the transition text message.

Final Thoughts…

Don’t forget down below you can comment and let us know what you think.  If you have a question your are dying to ask, then ask away!	

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