By Chris Seiter

Published on December 6th, 2021

Your ex girlfriend has left you and you really want her back. Perhaps you unintentionally hurt her and now you are looking for clever ways to get her back before time starts to work against you.

Whatever the case, you need a plan.

One thing I try to do for our clients is give them a lot of ideas on what they can do to better their chances of winning back their ex girlfriend.

If you want to call that clever or calculating, that is OK.

What matters is helping you improve the odds of getting her back.

But frankly, when it comes to turning around a situation with your girlfriend, you will need to tread carefully.

If there is one thing I have learned in this ex recovery business, it’s that there is seldom just one thing you can do to be successful.

No matter how smart you think you are, if you are really serious about winning her back after hurting her or letting her down, then you are going to need a multitude of ideas and tactics to draw upon.

So let’s get started!

10 Clever Tactics To Help You Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Forgive You and Take You Back

While it won’t be easy, you will find that many of the following ideas will help you slowly start to change her mind.  It won’t happen overnight, but if you apply some smarts, you can get her to see you in a different light.

1. Do the Opposite of What She Expects

After your girlfriend breaks up with you, the first thing you are likely to do is what almost every guy does which is to beg and plead.

Doing that would be a big mistake.

So do the opposite of what your ex expects.

This is what creates interest because you are going against the grain of what your your former girlfriend might think you will do.

Over time, this can make an impression on your ex and she might come around eventually.

She will probably expect that you will phone her and text her and beg for another chance.  Don’t oblige.

If the break up unfolded due to jealousy, she will likely think you will be out in the dating world immediately.  Don’t take that bait.

Your ex girlfriend might even think you will be bitter and angry and say bad things about her.  Rise above those petty emotions.

2. Use Some Reverse Psychology On Her

You don’t need to be a master psychologist to get your ex girlfriend thinking in the ways you want her to.

So you probably did something to upset her, right?

Otherwise why would she breakup with you?

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She is probably expecting you to show up at her door with a bouquet of flowers.

Well, what you are going to do is the opposite.

You are not going to crowd her or fight tooth and nail to get her attention.

Rather, you are going to pull back and give her room and space.  This is a bit of a psychological ploy to make her want you more than she realizes.

Read on…

3. Try Using the No Contact Strategy

So I am sure you have heard about this.

But I am betting you don’t fully understand how to maximize this strategy.  If your breakup is fresh, you can bet that your ex girlfriend is running all kinds of thoughts through her mind.

So contacting her now would probably be a disaster.  A conversation during the period immediately following a breakup is almost always going to go wrong.

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  Pull back and don’t contact her for awhile.

How long, you are probably wondering?

My recommendation is to not contact her for at least 21 days and possibly longer.  Dig into my Program and you will see all of the angles as to just how long your no contact period should be.

4. Re-freshen Your Attitude and Life in the Meantime

So after the break up with her, you are probably going to be sitting around wondering what to do with yourself.

Naturally, a lot of your thoughts are going to return to her and you may find yourself hard pressed not to reach out and get a little conversation going.

Trust me, if you fall victim to any of those impulses, you are likely making a big mistake.

So take this time to ref-freshen your attitude and life.  You likely have some serious healing of your own you need to experience.

5. Get Busy On Social Media

OK, so she has left you and you feel miserable.

This is no time to give up.

Part of getting your ex girlfriend back is to show her that you have value.  One way of accomplishing that is to have a presence on social media.  Let her know that you are still out there in the world, making your mark.

Now, don’t go overboard and don’t try to be somebody you are not.  But you can be assured that more often than not, your ex girlfriend will be checking up on you.

It’s natural for her to be curious as to what you are up to and how you might be holding up.

Also, her interest in checking your social media feed can sometimes be based on her trying to see if you are out there dating everything that moves.

You don’t want to give her that impression as it will only make things worse.

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6. Find Time for Exercise

The first few weeks is going to be tough as you wrestle with all the thoughts flying through your mind as to what the heck happened to cause the relationship with her to spiral out of control.

Look, you are going to need to get past this bad patch.

Accept that your emotions are going to be scattered. Do something about.  And oftentimes, the best thing you can do is to get busy physically.

7. Plan Little Seeds That Your Ex Girlfriend Can’t Miss

So if your ex girlfriend is like most women, you won’t be too far from her thoughts.

After all, the two of you were a pretty tight item for a good spell, right?

All of those bonding experiences you had with your ex girlfriend are not going to simply disappear from her psyche.

So you can leverage that by making sure you find ways to remind her of things you did together.

You need not be real direct about it, particularly if you are engaged in no contact.  But you can drop hints to mutual friends and via social media that will eventually float up to her awareness level.

Think of it as leaving your ex girlfriend little breadcrumbs.

The more of these you do, the more traction you can potentially get with her revisiting her notions about the breakup.

8. When The Time Is Ripe Strike With a Well Crafted Text

Eventually whatever no contact period you initiated is going to end.

Are you going to wait around hoping she will contact you and throw herself all over you? I sure hope not.

The way you need to think going forward is you need to embark on a strategy that will help you make little inroads with her.

Don’t try to do some big, grand gesture to get her back.  That seldom works.

Start small, such as with a text message that elicits a certain kind of response.

You may be wondering, what the heck should I say?

Well, let me be blunt.  That’s a big subject with lots of rules and tactics.  So do yourself a favor and check out my Ex Recovery Program so you can get up to speed!

9. Demonstrate To Your Ex Girlfriend That You “Get It”

In trying to get back with your ex girlfriend, you may find that she is a lot less cooperative than you ever imagined, even after giving her tons of space.

This could be do to the fact that whatever triggered the falling out has not been properly addressed.

Don’t worry.  This is essentially par for the course.

Most ex girlfriends will want to have some proof that you “get it” before she risks trying again with you.  She will likely want proof that whatever was the core problem has a real good chance of getting corrected.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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This proof or new level of trust won’t happen in a vacuum.  You will need to address it with her in a genuine and open way as you work toward rebuilding the relationship.

10. Be Prepared To Improvise and Adapt If Your Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t Reach Out

As you have probably already discovered, not everything will go according to your script.

Sometimes you will fail.

Despite all of your best action planning and Game Plan implementation, she may still show little to no interest in getting back with you.

So is this the time you just hang it up.  In most cases, No.

That would probably be a mistake.

Whatever it took for her to breakup with you is not necessarily going to mend itself in a matter of days or weeks.

Think long term and be prepared for set backs.

If your efforts meet with failure, then pull back, give her more space and try again.  Persistence can be a powerful ally so long as you don’t go overboard.  Think in terms of “class” and “honor”.

Chances are that there is enough kindling in her heart that eventually will spark and catch fire.	

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