By Chris Seiter

Updated on November 17th, 2022

So let’s say you and your ex girlfriend are no longer seeing each other for the obvious reason she broke up with you. The breakup happened and she told you she will never take you back.  From all angles, it looks like this thing you had with her is all over. At least that is what you thought until you discovered that she has what seems to be an unnatural preoccupation with you on social media.

It is as if your ex girlfriend has become a stalker and you are in her sights.

Now questions of her motivations abound.  Is she following you on social media for a reason? Why hasn’t she blocked you?  What really qualifies as Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat stalking?   

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From all accounts, based on her own social media behavior and reports you are getting from friends, you ex girlfriend could be obsessed with you.  Is it possible your ex has become your number one social media stalker?

Of course you may have been told that if you ever want her back, it would be best not to block her and keep those social media lines of communication open, right?  I mean who knows. She may really want you back.

Even though the breakup was horrible and it looked like at the time that she would never entertain getting back with you, one can never know the mind of a woman.

And now you are getting all of these social media signals that she is not over you. In fact, it seems she is tracking your every move, every post or comment, every tweet, and every story.

So why is your ex girlfriend stalking you on Facebook and Instagram?  Why is your ex monitoring what you are up to on Whats App?   Can her fascination with your stories on Snapchat indicate that perhaps she still likes you?  Why else would someone check up on you so much?

It is the age of rampant social media connections, right! So let’s not get to excited or jump to conclusions about what your ex girlfriend’s true motivations are.

Let’s assume that  you and your ex girlfriend in the past were all over the social media platforms, connecting and following up and responding almost every hour of the day.

But now all that has ended with the split up, at least that is what you initially thought.

Now she is hanging on your every word and movement on Facebook or Instagram. It’s time to figure out what might be in store for you.

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7 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Has Been Following You On Social Media

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So let me walk you through the top 7 reasons why your ex gf may still be tracking you on social media and what she might really be up to!

1. Your Ex Girlfriend Can’t Help Herself Right Now

There is good chance that your ex girlfriend is as crazy and upset about this breakup as you are.  She may find herself doing impulsive things.  No doubt, her emotions are probably ratcheted up to levels she herself has never experienced. 

It is as if her hormones are talking, telling her she needs to keep tabs on you. In some ways, she can’t help it.  It may be something she does out of of a deep need and if she doesn’t, some part of her will just turn itself inside out, causing unwanted anxiety.

Sometimes, despite all the terrible things she may have said to you, she might not be able to contain her emotions. This can result in her having an insatiable need to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram, but doing so indirectly by quietly stalking you.

2. Curiosity – To Keep Tabs On You and What You Might Be Saying About the Breakup

Then again, you ex girlfriend may have taken another track where she is just mildly curious about what you are up to.  Perhaps your ex is not really stalking you in the traditional sense whereas every thought of hers is about you and you social media activity. 

But its natural for us to want to know things about the person we use to be close to and sometimes that means checking to see if they are posting on their Instagram or Whats app  accounts. Your ex may be trying to figure out if you have long forgotten her. She could be trying to check up on you to see if you are running her down, saying bad stuff.

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3. She is Stalking You Because She is Secretly Jealous

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Then again your ex girlfriend could be still very much in to you and she wants to know if you are dating or seeing anyone, either seriously or casually.  One way for her to find that out is to scour over all the social media sites you like using to see if she comes across any signs that you are dating some other woman.

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4. Your Ex Girlfriend is Trying To Send You a Signal

One of the top reasons for why your ex gf is checking up on you on social media. reading your posts and stories, maybe even liking a few things here and there, is because she is still stuck on you.

That’s right, despite that you thought the end was near and you would never see her again because she has declared to the world that she hates.  Despite all that, don’t be shocked if your ex girlfriend chooses to use social media to send you a signal of her desire to talk or her availability status

You may not be all the way back in her good graces. In fact, seldom is that the case.  But if you and her are not “talking” because of no contact between the two of you, then just know that she may do an end run and communicate with you indirectly on your favorite social media platform

5. Checking Up on You and Your Life Continues To Be Part of Her Routine

Just maybe your ex gf is checking up on you because your life is still sewn into her on.  Its may feel perfectly natural for her to  look in on what you are doing with yourself.  So he tracking you and all the things you are doing  still could be her way of checking off that box that was always part of her routine.  

Habits are not easy to break and she may be still feeling a connection on some level and carrying it through.  I know it sounds like she may be deluding herself.  And perhaps she is.  But she wouldn’t be the first girl to get trapped into a type of automatic pilot. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean she is wants you back or is truly obsessing over you.  It could be a type of itch your ex girlfriend has and you are temporarily relieving it. She scratches it by pulling you up on her social media to see if you are still there and doing OK.  

6. You Still Have a Pull On Her

Then again, you ex may not be able to resist that force that keeps her looking in on what you are doing throughout the day.  This is often the case if you make aggressive use of social media.  If you spend all your day on Facebook or Instagram posting pics and stories about what is going on in your life, she may find it irresistible to ignore.

So you may actually find evidence of her stalking you on your favorite social media accounts, even responding to you directly or indirectly because she just can’t get enough of you. The more you are removed from your ex girlfriend, the greater her need to see you or make contact with you.

It can be hard to let go and holding on to some part of you, even if it’s the social digital connection may help her temporarily.  But often its not enough and these stalkers of your social media can end up up trying to communicate with you in other ways just so they can be noticed and acknowledged.

7. You Ex Girlfriend Is Not Sure If She Wants To Return To You

You may find yourself in one of these situations in which your ex girlfriend is stalking you online and you are wondering if her watching your Instagram stories (or Snapchat) actually carries special meaning.

Sometimes it does.  But in other cases, she might still be confused about what is best.  Maybe she is yearning for things to be the way they were before.  Or perhaps she is just playing out these thoughts in her mind, but is not seriously entertaining it.

So if your ex stalks you like crazy on Snapchat  or even if she doesn’t look at your Snapchat stories – whichever the case – just recognize that the post-breakup period is a fluid time.

Her sentiments about everything can shift from day to day.

If you notice that your ex girlfriend still has pictures of you on Instagram or Facebook, don’t read too much into that.  She may not want to deal with any of that right now.  Maybe later she will take them off.  Or even put more on to see if you are watching.

Just remember, it’s a dynamic time emotionally for her.  So expect the unexpected.

The bottom line is sometimes despite all the things you read into her actions around her social media activities, she may not be really sure what she wants.  

But that’s OK.  It’s part of the process.  So long as you have an ex recovery plan, you will be better prepared to get through these times.	

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