By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

If you are sitting on the sidelines, feeling sorry for yourself because your ex girlfriend left you, then buck up.  It isn’t over yet!  Sure, perhaps you have tried all the traditional methods of trying to get your ex girlfriend back and have struck out at every turn.

Maybe you are feeling a little crazy by now as you are still sick in love with your ex girlfriend.  Perhaps you have wild notions of whisking your ex girlfriend away from whatever or whoever has blinded her from not realizing you are the perfect guy for her.

Look, not everything is going to work.  But you can’t just give up unless you have made every reasonable effort to get her back.  And when that doesn’t work,you just might want to consider some wild, crazy, and almost insane methods to get your ex girlfriend to give you another chance.

In other-words, let’s say you really love her and all these tried and true methods you have read about and tried, fell flat on its face.  What do you do?  I talk about the law attraction in the video above with an expert in the field.  So check that out.  But what if you need to go further with your ex girlfriend and do something extraordinary.

If that’s the case then consider getting out of the box, doing some things to get your ex girlfriend to see you in an entirely different light.  Now I am not taking about doing something really crazy, like something stupid that lands you in trouble. You don’t want your ex girlfriend to think you are some kind of nut case.

But there are some unusual things you can try to get her to give you another chance.

Is It Time For Desperate or Even Idiotic Measures To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

time to get crazy smart

Well, I say no.

You don’t want to come off as looking desperate.  That won’t get you anywhere.  If you do something really wacky to induce your ex girlfriend to want you back again, it’s more likely to backfire.

If you want your girlfriend to take you back, don’t think about doing really controversial or strange things to coerce her to come back to you.

Just drive those desperate notions right on out of your mind. To get her back you are gong to have to be clever and innovative if the traditional methods fail you.

You are going to have to be persistent and willing to get out of your comfort zone.


Because you probably are reading this article and everything else you have tried has gotten you nowhere with your ex girlfriend.

It’s time for your luck to change my friend!

8 Wild and Crazy Ways To Get Back In The Good Graces of Your Ex Girlfriend

clever ways to get her back

1. Hire A Band and Serenade Your Ex Girlfriend

So you want to get your ex girlfriend’s attention, then think about a wild at heart idea.

Go find a band.  You probably will have to pay for for one.  Then organize a time when you know your ex will be at home and surprise her with a few songs about apologies and undeterred love.

Let it be her own private little concert.

I know it sounds corny and even crazy.  And she might even be embarrassed. I bet she will surprised.  But when all the dust settles and her emotional reaction dies down, what will remain is her recognition that you are really intensely interested in her and willing to do something no other guy has tried.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Is there downside risk that your ex girlfriend will hate it all and feel you are a bit bonkers?

Of course that risks exist.

So you have to judge the situation and decide if she is the type of person who might be receptive to such an act.

2. Send Your Ex Girlfriend a Message and Gift In a Bottle

I have always thought a safe and clever, almost ingenious  way to cut through whatever issues you might be experiencing to get you ex girlfriend to give you the time of day is to work around her anger or resentment  by sending her a very special message.

You can do so by packaging it in a bottle.  Your message to your ex girlfriend should be classy and brief.  And you are going to slide a little gift into the bottle as well.  Something like a necklace might work.

My advice is to get a retail merchant with helping you with the set up.  They can put a special, individualized label on a wine bottle for you and seal it.  Then package this special gift and place it at your ex girlfriend’s door.

3. Assuming  She Has Not Blocked You, Send Her a Series of Text Pictures

phone ex strategy

So if you are looking for a innovative way to make a point with your ex girlfriend, then sent her a series of text picture messages.

What you have to decide is the nature of the series.  If you are one of those couples that had a lot of crazy fun captured in photos, then leverage that and put together a picture show of these good times.

Your text would be one of humility and thanks.  You could say something like, “Thank you so very much for the joyful moments you gave me. I’m hoping some day we can find each other again and add to this picture gallery.”

Maybe that might trigger something in your ex’s heart.

4. Deliver a Mystery Gift at the Doorstep of your Ex Girlfriend

If you want to mystify your ex girlfriend, then you should think about doing something that will intrigue her.

So buy several boxes of different sizes such that each gift box can fit inside another.  Each gift box should be exquisitely decorated or attractive to the eye such that as she looks at it, she thinks of the box as a gift.  When opened, she will find another box which requires to be opened to see what’s inside.  And of course when she opens that box, there will be another, so on and so on.

Eventually this titillating and mysterious experience you are providing to your ex girlfriend will eventually culminate in her reaching the final box which when she opens, will include a small, lovely gift with a note from you.  You can say something like, “good things are worth the journey”.

Again, this is the kind of gift you can leave at her door or even have it delivered by the mail service if you wish.

5. Arrange For A Sky Banner To Fly Over Her Location

get ex gf looking up

So let’s talk about something that is really flirting with the wild and crazy category of getting your ex girlfriend to appreciate what you are willing to do to get her attention.

So will your ex girlfriend think you are a nut?

Will your ex girlfriend come to believe that you are some desperate fool?

Hopefully not.

But I would submit to you it will be hard for her not to be at least a little bit impressed with the lengths you will go to make a positive impression.

Arrange for a plane to fly over her location at a designated time.  So there are two critical execution points. Where will you have this done is one.  You have to have the banner plane fly over in a place that is outside and you have to be certain that she will be at this appointed place on a certain day and time.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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The second critical execution point is what you want the banner to say.  Don’t chose something that will highly embarrass her or comes off as too corny or uninspired. Using some humor helps.

Remember, what you are trying to do is just make a breakthrough with your ex girlfriend so she will be willing to start talking to you.  Be sure to take a video of the fly over as you can use it later to score some other points with your ex girlfriend and also as a back up in case she doesn’t see the fly over.

Just to be sure she doesn’t miss it it.  You will need to text her (or arrange for a friend to reach out to her if she has your blocked) a few minutes before the fly over happens.

So your banner could say, “Hi ‘Name’!  Thank You For Being So Special” or ” ‘Name!’ Or You Missing Me a Tiny Bit!

6. Create a Website For Your Ex Girlfriend

Anther cool and impressive way to make an impression on your ex girlfriend is to construct a website filled with nice little stories of the numerous special things your ex girlfriend has done that makes her a special person. Make it all about her and her unique qualities.  Include plenty of pictures.

You will probably need someone to help you with designing the website, but you can develop the content and provide the images. Once the website is completed and published, have someone reach out to your ex girlfriend, making her aware of the URL (providing her a link).

No trace that you made this website should exist.  Of course, she will know its was you because who else would have insight into all these experiences that are written about and the images.  Nevertheless, you don’t want it known in any obvious way that you were behind all of this.  Just let her marvel over the lengths you went to in order to express your appreciation of her.

The website stories about her could be done in an editorial fashion with intriguing headlines as if reporting on this wonderful woman who is your ex girlfriend.

7.  Arrange For a Singing Telegram for Your Ex Girlfriend

Another way to steal your ex girlfriend heart away again is to get a little crazy in love with her and what better way to show her that than arranging for a singing telegram to be delivered to her.  She may be fussy mad at you.  She may have all kinds of pent up resentments.  But if you can legitimately do something for her that she would never ever think of, then you can make a mark.

So I know its old school and you probably have never thought of doing it.  But that is why sometimes doing wacky things to impress your ex girlfriend is just the right medicine.

8. Publish a Hardback Book About You and Your Ex Girlfriend

So now its time for you to tell your ex girlfriend the “our” story.  Now just what is that and how do you pull it off.  I mean, just on its surface it may seem beyond anything your ex girlfriend could every imagine you would do.  And if that is so, then mission accomplished.

I am telling you, if you do this right, there is some crazy good stuff that can come out of it.

What you want to do is write a book.  In this day and age it’s not hard to do. You can find a small publisher that will take your manuscript and will bound it and turn it into a hard back book.

So the title of the book would be “Our Story”.  It would follow the whole evolution of your relationship from the meet up to the falling out, ending with new chapters which are filled with inspired illustrations of hope, personal growth, and couples coming back together.	

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