By Chris Seiter

Published on January 14th, 2022

Do you ever feel like whatever you do to convince your girlfriend you are worth taking back, you fall short?  I realize that convincing your ex girlfriend to get back together with you can be a challenge.

All you want is another chance, right?  You may be thinking how difficult is it to get my ex girlfriend’s heart back.

After all, you and your ex have probably gone through a lot together and in your heart you are feeling you deserve another chance.

So what can you say or do to encourage your ex to take you back and put all the troubles behind you.

Well, what if I told you that there is a Six Step Plan you can follow that will significantly improve your chances?

Chances are you will probably want to hear about it right away.

So let’s get started!

The Six Key Steps To Convincing Your Ex Girlfriend She Should Take You Back

There is no time to waste.  If you want to get back on the good side of your ex girlfriend and win back her heart and affections then you need to think out of the box.

Believe me, I have seen thousands of situations in which the ex wants nothing to do with their former partner.  It may even appear that all is lost.  So you may ask yourself, why bother?

Well, the reason why you don’t throw in the towel is because almost all of these situations will look hopeless in the beginning.

So if you want her to take you back and if you want to get the relationship back on solid footing, then you will need to follow a detailed plan and make adjustments along the way.

1. Stop Trying To Convince Her Because It Will Self Destruct Your Long Term Efforts

To often guys are so headstrong about getting their ex girlfriend back that they end up stepping all over their best laid plans.

That’s right!  You need to start off with a plan and if you self sabotage your efforts by desperately trying to convince your girlfriend she should take you back, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

So if you are one of those guys who find themselves immediately reaching out to their ex in an effort to change her opinion…then give it a rest.

It’s likely to backfire.  There is a better strategy.

2. If You Want Her Back Then Act Like You Don’t

One way you can go about convincing your ex that you are still the guy for her is to act like you don’t want her back.

I know, it may sound a bit confusing, particularly if all you can think about is being with her and overcoming her objections.  But trust me, if you approach this with what I call “contrarian logic”, then you are setting yourself up for better odds.

You need to make it real.  You can just pretend.  You actually need to convince yourself that your life will be just fine without her.

So when you start acting this way and believing in your own future, with or without her, you will be able to actually come across as a guy who is not a prisoner of his ex girlfriend’s hold on him.

3. Don’t Spend Your Time Dreaming of  How Your Ex Girlfriend Will Return All Your Affections

Now that you know that it is a losing strategy to spend all your time dreaming about how you will get her back, it’s time to turn the page and learn about the principle I call, “No Contact”.

Basically what you will need to learn is that you can get along just fine without her and to do so you need to hold up your end of the bargain.  Most likely, she is not contacting you.  That’s fine.  You don’t want to be engaging in small talk and banter like nothing really happened.  Nor should you try to contact her.  I discuss this in great detail in my post about my Program.

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The biggest part of your no contact strategy is to focus on your own needs, not your ex girlfriend’s needs.  The more you dwell on her and dream on about how you are going to pull off an amazing return to how things use to be, the worst this No Contact Period will be for you.

Your job now is to get emotionally health and physically health.   It’s time to carve out an all new you.  A better you.  Believe me, in the long run this will help you convince your ex girlfriend she should take you back.  I cover all of this and more in my Program.

4. When It’s Time To Make Your Move Start Small

To often when I coach clients they want to get really aggressive with their plans to win back her heart.  Look, eventually you will do a better job of winning back your ex girlfriend’s heart if you take things really slow.

One of the biggest turns offs for a girl who is still trying to decide if she wants to be in a relationship with you is to feel pushed around.  And if you come off as looking desperate to have her back, you are only hurting your chances.

So go easy with your first move.  When the time is right, you will want to utilize a texting strategy I talk about in my Ex Girlfriend Recovery Program.

5. Getting Her To Take You Back Is About Leaving Breadcrumbs

So as you get involved in my Program you will learn about what I call the Breadcrumb Strategy.

The idea here is to leave her little morsels of indications that you might be interested in her again.  But it’s not just that.  You also want to leave her with impressions that you have grown in many ways.  That you are a better version of yourself.

If you sprinkle these impressions around via social media or through common friends, it can slowly help you gain some traction and at the least raise her awareness level about who you have become.

This won’t happen overnight, just as her feelings about you won’t change overnight.  So think of your strategy as a concerted plan consisting of many layers.

6. In the End It Will Be You Taking HER Back

Let us assume that she left you and you are the one who is feeling broken in all sorts of ways.

If you play your cards right, it could be you making the decisions that lead to her wanting you back or at least giving it a chance.

Often what it usually takes is a doubt in her mind about whether she did the right thing.

So you are looking to create a sliver of an opening.  It is through this opening that you can leverage your new image and help her come around to seeing that there is much more to who you are and what you can offer than she perhaps ever thought possible.

If your ex girlfriend is going to open up her heart to you once again, she will need to come to believe that perhaps she made a mistake when she broke up with you.  Once she has arrived at this mindset, then you have gained some personal power.  And through this process it will be you who initiates the final steps to bring closure to those things that kept the two of you apart.

Remember, none of this happens through good luck or happenstance.

It is all part of a concerted effort on your part as you follow an organized and thoughtful ex recovery plan founded on solid and pragmatic principles.	

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