The Three Characteristics That You Need To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So, I was talking to one of my friends the other day about his most recent relationship, to be more exact, a soon-to-be-finalized divorce.

I find myself in these conversations a lot these days. I suppose it has something to do with working for Ex Girlfriend Recovery, not that I mind one bit. I’m always happy to help someone make sense of their situation, even the tough situations that are comparable to trying to organize wet spaghetti noodles.

He was basically trying to figure out where he went wrong in the relationship and why it didn’t work out. After we’d been talking for a while, he looked me dead in the eye and asked,

“I don’t understand. Can you just tell me what the hell do women want?”

I had to ask him to clarify.

Speaking as a woman, I know that half the time WE don’t even know what we want.

Ask us where we want to go to dinner or where we want to go on vacation and we just might take a lifetime to answer you.


“What do we want?”


“From us… you know… what do women want from us as men? Do we need to be good looking? Do we need to have money? Is it some sort of game? Because, from where I’m sitting, I’m relatively decent looking and financially stable, yet every relationship I’ve ever been in still crashes and burns. Who do I have to become to make my ex look at me the way she used to?”

I was shocked. Here is my friend, an amazing person, who is fairly accomplished and an all-around amazing person, telling me he wanted to change who he is in order to get a woman to think of him the same way she had 6 years ago.

I decided to delve into it with him. I only met him last year, so, I didn’t know him when they met. In fact, I met him after they had already been split up for a while. But it would be unfathomable to assume that he hadn’t changed in some way over those years.

So I asked him to describe the person he was when they met and the person she was when they met.

If you try to tell me that in the time that you and your ex were together, that you didn’t change in some way, maybe you need to take a closer look as well.

You see, throughout the course of your life, your direction changes continuously.

I know this better than most.

When I started college, I was dead set on becoming an architect. I was passionate about the direction I was going.

You would find me reading books about Frank Lloyd Wright and several other major players who were changing the game and pushing the architectural envelope. Yeah, I was all in and ready to put in the work… until I sat in that first Calculus class. It was at that point that I realized how many serious math courses it would take to get a degree. That’s when I went… ummmmm maybe architecture’s not for me.

Then I decided to just focus on getting my Associate Degree in General Studies.

Well, I did that, but I let myself get distracted along the way and wound up taking three years rather than two to get the degree. Although I also got my heart broken in there, too, along the way.

Call it unexpected, hands-on training to work here.

My direction changes again after that innumerable times. And I don’t regret a single thing.

You might be passionate about something now, and in five years it won’t matter at all to you.

I’m telling you right now, that at the time of my first heartbreak, I would have easily done anything to convince my ex to give it another go.

Man, am I glad that didn’t pan out.

Otherwise, I would have never realized how important the no contact period was, let alone how important it was to take that time to focus on moving forward and creating the life I dared imagine. The only catch was that I had imagined it with someone standing by my side, cheering me on.

It took me a while to realize that I needed to build the life first and then consider allowing someone to run alongside and possibly double-dutch their way in.

Talking to Matt, I realized he was wanting to go in the one direction you can’t go, backwards. He was focused on figuring out at what point he had gone wrong.

Doing this can send you in a tailspin that is almost impossible to get out of without help.

You see, when he met his ex, he was dead set on becoming a pro baseball player. At that time in his life he was spending all of his time focused on practicing, eating healthy and keeping his mind on the game.

Now, six years later, he’s not a pro ballplayer. In fact, it’s been four years since he’s even picked up a bat. Today his focus is more on his current job, a singular hobby, and his daughter. He loves his job, but he would be hard-pressed to say that it’s something he’s passionate about.

This got me thinking. Are there specific characteristics that all women find attractive?

I mean, besides actually being attractive.

I mean, man cannot live on hotness alone… or bread.


Note that I say women, not girls. There is a point every woman’s life where relationships become less about our guy being good-looking and rich and more about them being a good partner that shares the same values and goals.

So, if you are looking to get a WOMAN to see you as a viable option after the relationship has already failed, I challenge you to take a look at the person you were when you first met.

A lot of the time, when two people first start dating, they put everything out there on the table.

She asks,

“What do you do?”

You wouldn’t answer with,

“Oh, I’m just a data analyst at the bank.”

What you should say is,

“I analyze data for a company that helps people across the world get the financing to follow their dreams.”

The only problem here is that, if you don’t actually love your job that much and you two start dating, she’s going to look at you one day and say,

“You’ve changed! You’re not the man I fell in love with!”


The same thing can be said for life. This day and age, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it so easy to show people the life you wish you led as opposed to the life you actually lead.
Someone told me this when I was younger and all I could imagine was trying to spray paint a pile of poop gold. (The strange mind of a graphic designer, I suppose.)


I mean, most people are fairly unhappy with the life they’ve been handed. It’s human nature to want more.


My challenge to you today is to stop trying to get your old relationship back.

I can see your face.

“Um, but that’s why I’m here reading this article right now. I want my ex back.”

Well that’s all well and good. But I need you to realize something. The relationship you had, the one that is now over, there was something wrong with it.

Otherwise, it would still be going strong. If she was the one that called it off, then you might not have even realized something was wrong.

However, what I can offer you today is a chance to build something new from the rubble.

Let that old relationship die, and take this opportunity to build something new, possibly with your ex.

Let me explain something, yes every woman is attracted to certain physical attributes depending on her own tastes and preferences, I mean, some women can be quite shallow.


So, you can spend every morning and afternoon in the gym becoming a god-like vessel, but without actual sustenance to back it up, you might as well just throw in the towel.


You hear people talk about the whole package,

Well congratulations! You now know what they mean.

If given a choice, most women would choose to be with a man who is both smart and good-looking.


However, there are some traits that you can cultivate that will make you attractive, not only to your ex, but to all women even if you aren’t an Abercrombie Model.

You’ve heard that saying, “Men want to be him; women want to be with him.”

Well, there you go.

These three traits are the “keys to the kingdom”, if you will.

Any direction you could possibly imagine going after a devastating blow, like the end of a relationship, can be achieved by taking on these three character traits and making them an integral, part of who you are.

It’s an indirect way of going about getting what you want, in this case, getting your ex’s desires to line up with yours.

And I think we can both agree here that most women find themselves influenced by not only their opinions but the opinions of their friends. So, you not only have to win her over, but you have to win over her friends as well.

This is why it’s so important that if you make a change and your lifestyle to get her back, it needs to be a permanent change.

Again, I think we can both agree, that if any changes are to be made they should also benefit you.

That being said, let’s get into a few of these simple characteristics that you can alter or work to words to become a man everyone will admire.

Employing CHARISMA Can Help You With Your Ex Girlfriend

Take Giacomo Casanova for example.

Men like Casanova are known for their wit and charisma.

I don’t know if you’ve seen a picture of this guy, but he most certainly was not known as a master of seduction simply because of his looks.

Heath Ledger and David Tennant may have played him as a good looking smooth talker in modern depictions of his exploits, but the man himself was far less pleasing to the eye.



But what even is charisma?

If you were to Google it right now, you would get this definition

“A compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”

Being charismatic is all about how you interact with other people, displaying confidence, intelligence, and optimism.

All of which seem impossible after the blow to the ego that is a breakup, I know.

So how in the world are you supposed to develop these under such harsh circumstances?

I say develop, because all of these characteristics lie in every single person’s potential. It’s just a matter of finding the right catalyst to activate them.

You can use your breakup as a catalyst, but you’ll have to find something more substantial to keep momentum. We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

The trick here is being present.



That’s not what I mean.

What are you doing is being aware of what’s going on in the world.

  • Not Netflix.
  • Not gaming online.
  • Not specific to your life only.

I’m saying that you need to expand your acknowledgement bubble.

This is one of the things I struggle with most.

The reason it is so important to know what’s going on in the world around you is because you need to be able to have conversations with confidence and optimism. It is impossible to speak confidently about something you are completely clueless about.

People that try to do this without actual knowledge risk making a fool out of themselves.


Another key to being charismatic is to stay optimistic, or at least appear optimistic. The reason this plays such a huge role in being charismatic is because optimistic energy is contagious.

People want to be around people who make them feel good. Like the definition said, it inspires devotion in others.

People follow anyone who seems to know where they are headed.

Who are you more likely to want to go on a trip with, the person that is just wandering aimlessly, or the person with the GPS?

If you are negative all the time, they will feel like they are constantly trying to pick you up out of your negative mood, which can be draining.


You know when you were little and your mom would tell you, “If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all.”?

Well I would make an alteration to that. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, then, at least be interested.

Most charismatic people are very engaging when they speak. They are able to communicate clearly enough to keep their audience focused. When they aren’t speaking, they are actively listening, not preparing their response in their head. They don’t need to have time to prepare. They are knowledgeable enough to respond without that preparation.

Active listening makes the other people involved feel heard.

How many times has your ex told you that you don’t listen to her or that you have “selective hearing?”

Being able to speak clearly isn’t just a reflection of you being knowledgeable. It also reflects the cool collectiveness of a charismatic person.

Now that you are knowledgeable and actively listening. Pay attention to whether or not you tend to ramble, or speak quickly. If so, try slowing the pace at which you speak.

By conveying your thoughts in a cool, collected manner, even when you are unbelievably excited, you can come off as confident and charismatic.

You Need to Have a DIRECTION If You Want Your Ex Back in Your Life

After a breakup, it’s easy to feel like you have no real purpose.

But, presently, I would like to ask you to look back at your relationship and tell me, did you have purpose at that time?

Were you chasing something: a dream, a goal, a future?

Often times, I find that when people tell me that their relationship fell apart, it is usually because the two parties settled into what can only be described as comfortable hibernation.

Like bears stocking up on nutrients for the winter, a couple will get comfortable in a certain routine and settle in.

They stop striving for those big goals, because they’re happy now and really, why rock the boat? It’s not a conscious decision, it’s just something that happens without us even noticing.

So, that being said, is there something you’re chasing… aside from your ex?


There are more in-depth ways to go about this, but I’ll give you a quick rundown on how to find your direction.

When traveling you cannot choose a direction without knowing first where you want to wind up. You may as well do this.

Just getting a general idea about where you want to end up is a good start.

Remember, direction without a goal is just aimless wandering.

Some people start out picturing the endgame as a complete idea.

My suggestion is to get clear on just a few things you would like to change about your life right now. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed by things to do and get stuck at a standstill.

This goes back to being charismatic. Charismatics tend to jump into action without wasting time on over-planning.

Over planning something people do when they’re afraid to change. Subconsciously, they create an excuse not to move forward.

Don’t be that guy.

So, start small and get clear on the general direction you want your life to go and what step you can take to steer that direction.

For example, someone who is overweight might decide to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Instead of spending a lot of time reminiscing on how they got to the position they’re in or over-planning and dreading how much work it will take to get where they need to be, a charismatic person with direction would simply pick a plan and start on it without wasting time.

This is my goal for you.

Pick something that needs to change, and go do something about it.

Don’t let anything or anyone, especially yourself, hold you back.

Practicing DRIVE is Essential To Regain Your Ex Girlfriend’s Trust.

When I say drive, I mean to go after something with an intense desire and usually with a sense of urgency.  You will not win back your ex or regain your trustworthiness in here eyes unless your are extremely committed and or strategic in your approach.

When I was in college, I decided that my grades needed more focus. So, I hit the books… hard.

At the time I was casually seeing a guy named Peter. When I would turn down the chance to hang out in lieu of studying, he would tease me about how focused I had become, referring to it as manic fervor.

It always made me laugh, because it always made me sound like I was some crazed lunatic on the quest for answers.

I don’t know why, but that phrase has stuck with me over the years and still makes me laugh.

Anyways… that’s kind of the goal here, to build a life chasing a goal that you believe in so much that you couldn’t stop if you tried.

You HAVE to reach it.

For example, let’s suppose you decide to go after a job you love, rather than the job you have now that makes you want to punch yourself in the face.

I know I’ve been there.

Now my suggestion, in order to find drive, is to choose a path to a job that you can be passionate about.

I say a path, because we can’t download new skillsets like they did in the matrix quite yet and you aren’t just going to wake up tomorrow and be fully knowledgeable in a new profession.

Let’s say that you have a knack for graphic design and you decide that you’re going to pursue a job in that field. In order to nurture that drive, or passion, that is necessary, you wouldn’t settle for just any job in graphic design. You would want to go after a job with a company whose values and goals line up with yours.

For you to be able to have your pick of the job you want, you have to stand out in your field. My suggestion would be to take a class or two honing up on your skill set, or doing a little research online.

The reason I suggest that you choose a company with the same values as you is because it will afford you the opportunity to become passionate about what you do an work with people who fan the flame that is your enthusiasm toward the work that you do.

This example is just for someone who isn’t happy in a job they’re in. However, if finding your passion means joining a club, or finding a new hobby, and that suits your situation better, then that is what I suggest you do.

For me, it was finding out that I love cycling and surrounding myself with more like-minded, driven people. It gave me a reason to wake up excited in the morning.

There is a reason these three traits are the ones I chose to talk to you about today. They are known to be “leadership characteristics”.

In 2014 behavior psychologists did a study on evolutionary programming.

They found that people who are part of a specific group are more likely to find their group’s leader attractive then the people who weren’t in their group were, simply because he was their leader.

There is another way to grow these traits all at once.

This tactic requires that you put yourself in situations repeatedly where you are required to take control.

It’s kind of a “practice makes perfect” way of going about things.


You remember that life that we were talking about earlier? You know, the one that has to be spray painted for everyone to see?

What if you dared to believe that you could actually turn that life you imagine into a reality?

This is where the fairy tales get it wrong.

You can’t just wish your life better.

Build on these characteristics, and then move forward.

Chase the life you dare to dream of.



Written by EGR team mate

EBR Team Member: Ashley

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Work with my ex, she was going through a breakup and my marriage ending. We dated for 6 months secretly and now my divorce is finalizing and she all the sudden dumps me. Our relationship was so passionate, she talked about wanting kids and couldn’t wait to marry me. She got some new friends and started partying and that is when things got bad. I did the NC for 26 days and she would come talk to me at work and say hi, first message post NC she responded quickly but it was neutral. That was two days ago, yesterday… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jk,

how much did you improve during nc?

Jay woods
How you doing ? I’m Jay I recently (last night) went thru a very badly break up. Now put this in your mind. A few weeks before we went on a break to get our selves together financially and mentally. Another reason we broke up was because I didn’t forgive her 100% for what she did. ( I did forgive her for everything she has done a month ago though. She came down here for Christmas break from school. She traveled from North Carolina to Atlanta and I went to Atlanta to come get her and I had my brother… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jay,

yeah, I think you just both need to cool down

Hey Angie, I really wanted to find out what you think about my specific situation so that I can better guage if I even have a chance at getting my ex back.. Her and I dated in high school for a few months, broke up, got back together 5 years later as adults, then we were perfectly happy until about a month and a half in we decided that we’d move to Virginia together from Arkansas(about 1000 miles away) with my parents and my brother. When we got there it just took me too long to get a job and… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi William,

I think it is but it would be better if you find a job there first


Hi. Thanks your guide. It is so lovely
My ex-girlfriend contacted me after 4 days of the no-contact period that she needed my help urgently on linking her to a job opportunity.I don’t know what i should do. Should i ignore her on not?

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

HI James,

does she really need your help or that’s just her way of befriending you?

Dear Chris et al. I broke up with my GF for 2,5 years 6 weeks ago – We’re both in medical school and were struggeling for more than 7 months before I called it quits. I regretted it terribly however 1 week later – She took me back but I totally panicked 3 days later and broke it off again.. Now 6 weeks later we met at a social gathering and ended up talking for 2 hours straight – I told her I want her back – She cried, said she didn’t know if she could feel that way about… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Frederik,

with every effort you’ve done in the past week, does it make her want you back??

So my girlfriend of 3 years and I broke up recently. We had a rough time the last probably year but were dedicated to eachother so we wanted to make things work. About a month and a half ago was when we broke up. I did all of the typical crazy ex things and texted her crazily, begged, etc. she reconnected with an ex from her hometown (we’re in college) over his friend dying and she’s been seeing and hanging out with this guy ever since and hiding it from me and disguisingi it as them just being friends. I… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Ethan,

he’s probably a grass is greener case.. there’s no guarantee that the no contact rule will work but I think it woulf be better to do that for yourself.. check this one too:
My Ex Girlfriend Dumped Me For Another Guy…

Hello from Portugal, thank you for the website and your effort to help people out. I’m 24 and my ex is 23. We dated for almost 6 years but 4 days ago she broke up and as you can imagine i’m still really depressive at this moment. I will explain why things ended up. For about 5 years everything was good, me and her were in college and i was doing something to improve my life. My family doesn’t have much money and during the relationship i could never do something really special like going on some nice vacation with… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Bruno,

that’s good that you wanted to improve yourself.. do that.. expand your world.. do new things and make new friends.. do at least 30 days of no contact and continue the routine that you will start in it even after no finest

Hey I am trying to implement the texting rules but I am having trouble how to go about it. Last my ex and I texted months ago she was admitting that her ex from long distance came back and has been in her life right when we started to date after I asked her out. I had this gut feeling when we started dating it was true but didn’t accept it, and kept looking for other mistakes that weren’t there and apologizing for them after I knew I lost her to try to get her back. But it was useless.… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Wyatt,

Yes, I agree with that text because at least it can give you a clean slate

Hey Amor, Thanks for your reply. I sent her that text much earlier today and haven’t gotten a reply. I don’t believe I did anything wrong with it, as it seems it wasn’t a needy text or a text saying take me back or anything like that. Or even too emotional of a text that throws a lot of stuff at her at once. I know she is busier than ever and works some nights, and maybe will talk about this with her friends first, so I am not too offended by it. But I also know she doesn’t handle… Read more »

I also know she wasn’t lying with me earlier when she mentioned she had a long distance relationship back with her former ex because I confirmed she went on vacation with her former ex after several dates together, through pics on IG. I saw these pics once she told me weeks later, and later saw a FB profile pic with him. But I was reached out by a source recently to tell me she isn’t seeing him anymore. So I know I am not fighting a boyfriend for her right now


Never mind. She replied being thankful, and confirming that timing was it, so I know I nailed what the issue was. But she followed with she’s focusing on herself right now and wanting to be friends.

I’m not going to give into being a friend. I know my portrayed neediness lead her to want to keep it friends. I portrayed myself as needy after she left and I know she’s worried about having someone like that right now. I’m glad I’m on good terms, but how should I reply and take it from here? Deny friendship and NC again?

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

yeah, just tell her you’re not ready right now, and you’re moving on.. someday you’ll reconnect when you’re ready again

Hey Amor, just saw your reply. I did exactly that. I think she was surprised to get the first text with her delayed response but then even more surprised with the second one. She didn’t know what else to say but to accept it. I know at least if I want to reach out again after NC I will be in a better position than I was before. Thank you. And I thought about this earlier, and haven’t found it in the blogs. My life’s calmed down a bit finally, and there”s a spot I used to always go to… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

yep.. but as much as possible, don’t initiate a conversation.

Hi, I’ve successfully completed my no contact and the day I was going to message her for first contact, she ended up messaging me. We talked and she seemed interested and I ended the convo. I started the second conversation a few days later and again she seemed interested. Asking me questions and stuff and we were both really playful with each other. A few days later I messaged her because something happened to her family member and we exchanged a few messages and that’s it. Now it’s been a week and I haven’t heard from her. I don’t want… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

hi Joe

it’s ok to initiate, as long as you’re the one ending the conversation at high point..

Hi, I was dating a co-worker (different departments) for the past 5 months and she recently broke up with me two plus weeks ago. She is 23 and I am 28 just in case those details are important. I was devastated as I didn’t see it coming, and after reading your posts i think it was due to the honeymoon phase ending for her. She said she was unsure of her feelings for me and that she needed space. She even told a couple of my mutual friends that when she did break up with me she wasn’t sure if… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Michael,

it’s a short relationship but if it’s really just the honeymoon phase ending, then there’s a chance of she gets attracted to you again


Hi, I slept with my ex earlier this week and I haven’t heard from her since. I didn’t contact her myself either. It’s been 5 days and I’m starting to get really confused. Should I reach out to her, or do nothing and wait until she texts me and then set up the next date? Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor


why didnt you initiate? she must be wondering the same as you are..


Hi, thanks for the reply! I didn’t initiate because I was scared to overpursue her. She is the one that dumped me, and I didn’t want to start chasing her all over again. Should I just text her and set up another date?

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

you don’t have to initiate another date, just a casual text will do so that she doesn’t think that you’re making her a booty call


Hi, I’ve been following your advice and after one and a half months of no contact my ex started talking to me again. I invited her over for dinner and it was fun, and it eventually lead to us sleeping together that night. This was 5 days ago and I haven’t heard from her since, nor have I contacted her. This leaves me really confused. Should I text her to her to arrange another date, or wait until she reaches out to me? Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor


why didnt you initiate? she must be wondering the same as you are..

So my story goes something like this. I was in a 2years relationship with this girl. She was my high school sweetheart. During our finals, I was very busy studying and that was really when our relationship started to fall off. After our finals, she tried to break things off after a week for some overly jealousy acts that Ive made, because she didn t spend as much time with as I wanted, as she craved to be more sociable to everyone. However, I begged her not to break up, and she accepted, on the condition for me to change.… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Daniel,

No contact is for you to heal and improve.. and then that increases the chances of her contacting you but it’s not solely for making somebody contact you after you ignore him/her.. That’s why it’s very important to improve yourself..if you havent done that, you need to restart the count before initiating contact after nc


I messed up again and wrote her a long letter. She texted back and said she appreciates that I took the time out but it doesn’t change her feelings. I kind of begged and it didn’t end well. Am I in denial

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

ok, stop chasing now..start nc and aim to be the alpha male.. after nc, slowly build rapport with her..

I’ve started minimal contact yesterday because we have a daughter. The other day I asked if she missed me even a little bit she said no. I told her that I missed her and talking to her and she told me I only miss her because I haven’t tried to replace her conversation with someonelse which then led to her saying all my attempts at getting her back were being “slick”, and it pisses her off and that she has no feelings toward me at all anymore. Like I said we were together what would’ve been 3yrs today and have… Read more »
Hi, GREAT stuff on this website. I just want to ask for a short advice. I will keep it short. My girlfriend broke up with me, when she came back from her 3 week Holiday, because I was controlling and ”emotionally unstable”(giving out one day when drunk and apologizing the next day). Over last 3 weeks I asked 3 times for a second chance through text message, got short negative reply, or none. In my last attempt I said I was an Idiot to lose her, and I’m not apologizing or asking her to come back, but if she gave… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi David,

since it’s been a long time now..just let it be.. improve yourself and then initiate text after no contact


Does this mean not engage in any side conversations that she starts? She starts some but then ends it briefly and also I know not to text her to initiate convo because the first few weeks she was either dry or didn’t respond at all. What could I do to get the attraction and love back since she doesn’t have it and flirting/talking/hanging with other guys? Basically what’s the plan for after the 45 day limited and am I in denial?

I was in a relationship with the mother of my 1 year old daughter for 3yrs. She left me 3wks ago and moved out. Reason for the break up is that I took her for granted, she was unhappy and that my changes were inconsistent and that I was putting my 3yrold son over my daughter (son is from a previous relationship, she’s been in his life since he was a baby). We broke up for the same reason in June but got together 2 weeks later, this time is different. I begged and pleaded on and off these 3wks… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Brandon,

She already blocked you and told you she’s only open to communicate about your daughter, so that means you really need to start doing limited contact.. Start 45 days.. Only go there or talk to her for your daughter. Be civil and kind with her but do not initiate a feelings talk nor a relationship talk.. If she starts one listen.. If it’s only about you blaming you, don’t answer just say you understand her and you’re sorry for making her feel that way.. But don’t try to convince her… Just stop saying it and start improving yourself.