By Chris Seiter

Published on December 17th, 2021

So why would a girl want to keep in touch with the guy she broke up with?

Do you find yourself in such a situation where your ex girlfriend wants to stay in touch and keep the communication channels open?

It can be frustrating when your ex girlfriend want to stay active in your life even though she says the relationship is over.

It is confusing, isn’t?

Well, let’s get to it.  I have identified 7 reasons for why your ex girlfriend says she wants to keep contacting you and talking to you like nothing has really changed.

7 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Isn’t Ready To Let You Go

You may think she is crazy for wanting to keep things the same even though things are far from when the relationship was at its peak.

If it’s clear she still wants you around and in her life, then before you do or say anything rash, take a look at these reasons for why wants to stay in touch and keep tabs on you.  It might help save you from further heartache or enable you in your efforts to get her back.

1. She Can’t Let You Go Because Deep Inside She Knows She Made a Mistake

This is probably the reason that all guys are hoping to hear.

Just know that while it’s possibly that this is what’s going on with your situation, it may not be the actual case. Women can be tricky to figure out, particularly after a breakup.  Knowing her mind can be a slippery slope.

Nevertheless, it can happen.

Your girlfriend may have broken up with you prematurely and in the back of her mind she knows it. But for various reasons she can’t quite bring herself to admit it to either you or even herself.

The good news is that if you suspect that this is what is going on, then tap into my Program as it can help you immensely.

2. By Staying in Touch Your Ex Girlfriend is Subconsciously Stringing You Along

Sometimes your ex is just confused about what she wants so instead of ending things completely, she keeps in touch.

Of course you probably have no clue what is going on in her pretty head so you misread her signals.  This kind of predicament can get confusing and frustrating.  One day she is wanting to confide in you.  The next day you are like a stranger to her.

I realize that all of this can be bewildering, but trust that in most cases your ex girlfriend really does care and is genuinely interested in talking to you.

It’s just that she hasn’t quite figured it all out yet.  That is why is usually best to give her some space so she can sort out in her own mind what she really wants.

3.  She Is Trying To Be Nice So She Offers To Keep Communicating

When your ex says she want to keep the communication channels open and doesn’t want to lose you in her life just know that in most cases she really means this…but on another level she is simply being nice.

Part of what makes her not want to let you down too hard is her desire to avoid confrontation.

Breakups can be ugly and it’s very likely your ex girlfriend wants to avoid the difficulties of a contentious breakup.

So her default solution is to tell you something like, “let’s keep in touch” or “I don’t want our friendship to end”.

I know that deciphering all of this can be mind boggling.  That is why I put together an Ex Recovery Program that can help you wade through some of this confusion.

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4.  Your Former Girlfriend is Playing You

I know it sounds horrible to think that your ex is not being honest with you.

Realizing that your ex girlfriend could resort to such a tactic can be disconcerting.  But sometimes the facts can be painful.

I am not saying this is what your ex girlfriend is doing but you need to consider the possibility that she is playing you.

She might be actively trying to convince you that you have a chance when she knows in her mind that it’s not so.

Or it’s possible she has someone else in mind and so she is creating a sort of love triangle to optimize her chances with this other guy.

Hopefully none of these situations apply to you.  But it happens.

5. She Has Come to Rely On You For Her Own Sake

The breakup could have been quite difficult for your ex and she may be struggling with the reality of you no longer being part of her life.

Hence she wants to keep chatting with you to fill in those sad moments. But the reality is that she can’t have her cake and eat it to.  By stringing you along, you end up getting hurt all over again.

If you believe this kind of thing is going on, you need to be upfront and ask her what she really wants from the relationship.

If you are to be her crutch, then that gets you nowhere fast.

As much as you want to keep in touch with her, if the handwriting is on the wall and she has no intention of revisiting the breakup, then it’s time for you to bring closure to her ongoing efforts to talk with you because it certainly does not benefit you in the long run.

6.  Your Ex is Pursuing A “Friends With Benefits” Kind of Arrangement

Sometimes breakups get confusing in the sense that your ex doesn’t want the two of you to be a couple, but she still wants intimacy.

All of that is well and good in the short term, but if your ex girlfriend just wants to hang out and hook up now and again for the sex, you are likely going to get hurt and she will too.

It is easy for you both to fall into this trap. I refer to it as relationship inertia.

Even when the two of you break up, there is a certain inertia or force that keeps pulling you both back towards each other.

While the issues that triggered the breakup are not resolved, you will find that it will be far too easy for you both to want to be in each other’s world.  And soon that leads to you know what!

The problem is that the world of your relationship has changed and unless the dynamics of how you interact change, a friends with benefits type of arrangement is bound to cause hurt and pain.

7.  She is Keeping the Communication Channels Open Because Jealousy Overcomes Her

Lastly, sometimes your girlfriend will want to stay in touch because one part of her can’t stand the thought of you being with someone else.

I know it all sounds illogical.  She may have been the one that triggered the breakup and so you would think she would have little reason to be jealous.

But jealousy is one of those emotions that latches deep inside and whatever happened to cause the breakup doesn’t negate the fact that she will struggle with the notion that you could be with another girl.

So if you find that she is wanting to chit chat and keep tabs on you, it may be due to her motives of ensuring no one else can have you.  Obviously, in the short run, that is not a healthy way for your ex girlfriend to operate.

But sometimes she won’t be able to control these pangs of jealousy and therefore the only way she can stamp them out is to reach out to you to see what you are up to.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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