By Chris Seiter

Published on December 25th, 2022

So many of us end of having relationship breakups.  So naturally you are probably wondering whether its worth trying to get back with your ex girlfriend or for that matter an ex boyfriend.

It is probably the single most popular question people have in their own minds.  Will it work out, you may ask yourself.  Chances are that you and your ex had some rocky and difficult times.  The last thing you want to do is invest a lot of  time, emotion, and energy to get her back, only to discover later that it turned out to be a bad idea.

Or perhaps it’s a good idea to make the effort to try and reconcile.

How do we know?

Well, let me try to help.  First I will answer your question in brief, then I will dive more into the details of this very complex question.

There is no single right or wrong answer as to whether you should get back with your ex because each and every person’s situation is unique and complex in its own way.  It is better to explore the various reasons that specifically apply to you before deciding how you should proceed.

Reasons Why It is a Good Idea to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

1. You have invested a lot of time and energy in carving out a relationship.  Why let it slip away if you have put so much of yourself into this relationship? Staying the course and trying new strategies to help remedy your issues may prove fruitful.

2. There is a good chance that your ex girlfriend is upset about something, but it may not arise to the level of a deal breaker.  Sometimes it is best to set aside the negative feelings and seek to start again.

3. Finding the right girlfriend that suits your needs is not always an easy thing to accomplish.  The fact that the two of you have enjoyed each other’s company for a long time suggests that there are many things you share in common and instead of throwing it all away, why not put more effort into trying to reconcile. If you have not tapped into a cohesive ex recovery plan yet, time is wasting away.

4. Both you and your ex-girlfriend undoubtedly have some personal things you can work on.  No couple is perfect because the individuals that make up the coupling are imperfect. Sometimes it is best to accept that for a relationship to prosper both individuals need to work at being the best versions of themselves.

5. Relationships can be hard to sustain. It takes a lot of work and commitment to make them successful.  It does you no good to give up on your ex-girlfriend just because you have encountered some hardships.  That is to be expected.  What will set you apart from other couples will be your ability to compromise and work together to meet each other’s needs.

6. You are not a quitter.  Just because things are not working out doesn’t mean your relationship with your ex girlfriend is doomed to fail.  To the contrary, if you persist and keep applying the things I teach here on my website, you will increase your chances of getting her back. But you have no chance of succeeding if you throw in the towel and give up.

Reasons Why Getting Back With Your Ex Girlfriend Won’t Work

1. Sometimes the match with your ex is not a good one.  While it may be true to some extent that opposites attract, I would not apply this principle exclusively. In other words, you both need to share in some things that make you both happy and that you can do together.  If you and your ex girlfriend are islands unto yourselves, then chances are that you will not find a lot of common ground.

2. People change over time and so do their needs and expectations.  Is it possible you and your ex were experiencing a honeymoon period where all went right, but now everything seems to be going wrong.  It can take a while to get to know someone and to discover how compatible the two of you are.  In this way, relationships are fluid and if there are not enough things aligning to make you a strong couple, then you may have to accept that you are not meant for each other.

3. If your relationship was fraught with far too many ugly times and what seems to be a long, continuous argument, then it may be appropriate for the two of you to steer away from each other.  That is why employing No contact can be a healthy action.  It can act as a reset.  When things settle down, both parties to the relationship often find greater clarity.  And sometimes that clarity is a recognition that it would be in both of your interests to end the relationship.

4. Bad relationships are often obvious to the participants. But what can be difficult is the final act of breaking up.  If your ex girlfriend is making you miserable on account of her actions, words, and deeds, then you need to accept that the path you are on is leading you to misery and something has to change.  Your mental health might depend on it.

5. Some couples end up breaking up over and over again.  After a while, it becomes an acceptable norm of the relationship.  And when that happens, you are already in a losing posture.  Repeated breakups should be a warning to you that something is very much wrong and it is time to reconsider whether you should invest any more of your time in such a dysfunctional relationship.	

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