By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 1st, 2022

Welcome to the very first episode of the Ex Girlfriend Recovery Podcast.

Today we’re going to talk about what this podcast will be, my vision for it and when you can expect episodes to drop, but first things first.

After years of debating on whether or not I should have a podcast for my website, Ex Girlfriend Recovery, I’ve decided now is the time.

So, What Is This Podcast? 

Well, this podcast is going to be taking many different routes on helping you go through your breakup, whether that’s you trying to get your ex-girlfriend back or you trying to move on from your breakup, or even you not really knowing what you want to do.

We’re going to be talking about all areas of breakups that you can possibly imagine, the good aspects of them, the bad aspects of them.

But most importantly, we’re going to be telling you exactly how you should be handling breakups from real life success stories.

The First Type Of Content This Podcast Will Feature

Well, it’s going to feature, in my opinion, three types of content.

Number one is going to be the most common type, and that’s going to be listener questions.

On our website,, we have a special area designated where you can actually ask us questions and you can leave sort of a voicemail and ask us a question about your situation.

Now, the one constraint I put in there is that the voicemail can be no longer than 90 seconds long.

Sometimes people have a tendency to get wordy and, while I love having details, what I don’t love is having too many details.

The episodes would be 50 minutes, if that was the case.

What we recommend you do, if you want your question answered about your breakup and what you should do to get your ex-girlfriend back, or how you can get over the way you’re feeling right now, is to actually leave a voicemail on our website.

Basically, all you have to do if you want to do this is just simply go to the podcast section on our website and we will get you taken care of.

You can leave that 90 second voicemail and then, if your voicemail is interesting enough, or if it’s on a topic that I think I haven’t covered before, I’ll feature it.

I’ll always make sure your name remains anonymous.

I’ll even give you the choice on whether or not you want to name yourself.

I’ll never say your last name. I’ll always, if you don’t name yourself, just say, “This is from anonymous,” or I’ll say, “It’s from Brett,” for example, if you wanted to be called Brett. It’s up to you, truly. That’s the first type of content you can experience here on the Ex Girlfriend Recovery Podcast.

The Second Type Of Content This Podcast Will Feature

The second type of content will be just natural ramblings of things I’m noticing are working in the ex recovery space.

You see, a lot of people think that the art of reconnecting a couple after a breakup is sort of a set in stone type science where there’s one set of rules that work universally.

But I have found the opposite is true over my past decade of researching this concept.

What tends to happen over the years is that there’s certain trends and some things that we learn we couldn’t learn before because we didn’t have enough of a customer base to actually try things out on to see what was working.

So every once in a while, I may do an episode where I just talk.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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I talk about, “Hey, I’ve had coaching clients and this is what we’re seeing is working.”

I’m a big believer in not just being derivative with our conversations. I’m a big believer in always trying to add something new to the phrase that you always have something new to think about.

Oftentimes what’s interesting is when you have real life success stories, you can learn about what they did and use those techniques on your clients and get them to see success.

Sometimes some of the things we learn shock us. So every once in a while, when something like that shocks me, I’ll come on here and I’ll tell you about it.

The Third Type Of Content This Podcast Will Feature

The third type of content that this podcast is going to feature is interviews.

I’m going to be going out and interviewing some of the best minds with relationships, self-confidence, basically anything you can imagine that I think will be helpful to you.

Now, these interviews will tend to be about an hour long, and sometimes I’ll even interview our success stories, men who have gotten their exes back, or men who have not gotten their exes back, but have moved on, or even sometimes men who just want to be featured and sometimes have sort of a live coaching session over the podcast.

We’re going to be giving a wide variety of content to you through this podcast and it’s really important that you pay attention to when these episodes come out. We’re trying to make this a weekly episode type situation where every week we have a new episode coming in. I’ll never be able to know ahead of time with regards to interviews or listener questions, because it’s an organic thing.

Sometimes the interviewer’s schedule will have to fit up with my schedule, so there’s never going to be like, “Hey. We’re going to do two interviews and then one podcast.” It’s going to be organic, but what I can promise you is that every single piece of content that will drop on this podcast will help you in whatever your quest is going to be.

Now, if you’re like a lot of the people listening to this podcast, the first thing you’re going to be sitting there and wondering is, “Well, I just want a podcast that can help me get my ex-girlfriend back.” Don’t worry. A lot of the content that’s going to be featured on this podcast will be in that vein, but we’re also going to be talking and tackling problems from different things that sort of have a relation to getting your ex back.

It’s important that you keep that in mind as you’re listening. I can’t tell you how often people will come back to me and say, “You know what, Chris? I really didn’t think what you said would work, but I tried it out and it made all the difference in the world.” So what you need to do is just keep an open mind if you notice I’m interviewing someone about clothing, for example.

The other thing I want to say is that this is going to be the second podcast that I have.

The very first podcast that I have is called the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast.

I’ll let you take a minute to figure out what that one is about.

But essentially this podcast, the Ex Girlfriend Recovery Podcast, is going to be set up much the same way.

Now, I can happily say the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast, which is listened to by thousands of women every single day, has been very helpful.

In fact, we find that most of the people who visit our websites actually love listening to that podcast. I’m hoping to actually match the intensity and quality of that podcast with this podcast.

So if you want more of me and you want to hear maybe the female side of things and what you should be doing if you’re a female, you can even come to our other podcast and listen, if you just want more content.

But here’s the one thing that I’m going to ask for you. I’m going to ask that you always keep an open mind with whatever piece of content that you’re listening to.

Listen to the end, because knowledge is power, especially when it comes to getting your ex-girlfriend back.

Please Leave An Honest Rating And Review

One last thing, this podcast is going to be featured on iTunes, and even all the other podcasting platforms that you can imagine.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

So, it would really help us out, since this is our very first episode, and this is more of a sort of teaser episode for what’s to come, if you could subscribe to this podcast and leave an honest rating or review on iTunes. The reason I pick out iTunes is because 70% of our podcast listeners will always come through iTunes because they’re the king of podcasts, and so how we rank in iTunes is really important.

I’m not sitting here and saying, “Give me a five star review and glowing reviews,” I’m sitting here and saying, “Give me an honest review with what you think about the podcast.

If it’s a three star review, that’s fine with me. If it’s a five star review, thanks. That’s fine with me too.” But what we do want you to do is just take a minute and just leave an honest rating and review because it can really help our podcast show up in the algorithms and we can help more people get their eyeballs on the podcast.

The final thing is on our website we have a special quiz that’s designed to help you understand what kind of chance you have of getting your ex-girlfriend back. A lot of people sit there and try to figure out, “Well, what kind of chance do I have of getting my ex-girlfriend back?” And they don’t know. We got the question so many times that I personally developed a simple two minute free quiz to help you understand sort of where you stand so that you know you’re not wasting your time in your situation.

Now, all you have to do if you want to take that quiz is to simply go to the homepage of our website,, and there will be a prompt to take the quiz right there. So that’s pretty much going to do it. That’s what to expect from the Ex Girlfriend Recovery Podcast. I’ll see you next time.	

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