By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 1st, 2022

Sending your ex flowers might seem like a wonderful idea at the time it floats through your mind.

Just perhaps it could be a kind of slam dunk way of getting on her good side, right?

Well, guess what?

You might want to slow down those thoughts.

What I am going to discuss here is not just how, when, or even if you should send your ex girlfriend a gift, like flowers.

But I am going to go a step further and talk to you about how you need to approach this whole Ex Recovery Process in a more strategic way.

Choosing Your Ex Recovery Strategy As It Applies to Sending Her Gifts

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If you came here to my website looking for simple Yes or No answers, I am sorry to disappoint!

But I am trying to help you.  You see, getting back with and ex girlfriend is not one of those things where you cut out a template and overlay it on top of your situation and follow a step by step plan.

No, when it comes to ex recovery, successful strategies do not come out of a simplified plan.  You are going to have to ask yourself some questions about your unique situation.

Based on what I am about to provide you, I think you should be able to navigate this tricky terrain and ultimately decide if it’s a good idea to send your ex girlfriend a nice bouquet of flowers or some other lovely gift.

Trust me, I get all kinds of questions around this topic.  And I see all kinds of fallout from bumbled efforts.

Questions and outcomes like:

I sent her flowers, but got no respond.  What to do?

Should I send her flowers on her birthday?

What about Valentine’s day – can’t I get my ex something and surprise her?

What if I send my ex a gift or something nice anonymously?

So let’s dive into some scenarios where it may be a good idea, based on your situation and the timing of things, to actually play your “flower card”.

Then we will discuss the reasons why it may not be the right time to send her something nice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Ex Girlfriend Flowers

girl with flowers

Sometimes it pays to show a little interest in your ex girlfriend if it’s the right time to do such a thing.

That’s the key – timing.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Also, when you do send her a gift or a surprise bouquet of flowers, one important thing to keep in mind is not being lavish.  Think in terms of understatement.  Less is more.  Here, let’s break out when it makes sense to do a little something nice for your ex.

1. No Contact Is Over and Now You Are Rebuilding Attraction

One of the tactics of a solid Ex Recovery Plan is to regain that special connection you use to have with her.

It should start off in small ways.  Initially it’s doing a little texting and if that shows promise, then a phone call or two, followed eventually with a meet up.

If it feels right, bring her a single rose or some small, thoughtful gift to the meet up as a gesture of thank you for sharing her time with you.  It might just loosen up those heart strings.

But don’t go too big.  You can always ratchet up the gift giving later on when the timing is even more right.

2.  To Let Her Know You Love Her

I know. I know.  Guys are usually not geared to do a lot of lovey dovey things.

But sometimes your words of affection are not enough.  You need to do something she can visibly see and hold and smell to reinforce what she means to you.

The question really comes down to when do you spring on her a big bouquet of flowers or some special gift?

Let me tell you first when not to do it as that should help you avoid screwing up.

Don’t shower her with flowers, gifts, and attention immediately following the breakup. She will see right through it and your gestures of affection will hold little traction at that time.

You want to pull the trigger on surprising her with her favorite flowers or a gift when it will do you the most good.  Think in terms of the first “real” date you have with her again.

3. As A Way To Make Up After a Little Spat

Sometimes you and your ex girlfriend might just get into it and at first it may seem like a kind of breakup.

Perhaps you are unsure.  Perhaps it really isn’t a parting of the ways.  But it may feel like it.  You will know when things aren’t right.  You should sense when you did or said something that hurt her feelings.

Sometimes to keep the situation from blowing into a real full fledged break up, you need to head it off at the pass.

This might be a time to turn the tide and sending her flowers and a card might just get you back in her good graces.

4. To Get Her Thinking and Receptive To Contacting You

Have you ever heard of the tactic where you send her flowers to help thaw out those hard feelings, but you don’t come out and make it obvious you sent them?

Keep in mind you do want her to suspect that you may have sent the flowers, but you don’t want to initially own up to it.  In other words, don’t leave a card.  Keep things a bit mysterious.

If you are having trouble making contact with her and have tried all kinds of things over time to get her to respond but have had no luck, sometimes you need to reach deep into your bag of tricks and this may be such a time.

The idea is when she receives the mystery gift at her doorstep, she will naturally wonder who her secret admirer is.  When you don’t fess up to sending her flowers initially, her curiosity may get the best of her, allowing for a communication opening.

This tactic is not meant to set everything right.  It’s intended to just thaw things out just a bit.  If you are struggling with reconnecting with her, sometimes you have to get creative and shake things up a bit.

5.  As a Last Ditched Effort If She Has Been Ignoring All Other Efforts

When all looks lost, remember, there is still a chance that it’s not.

Maybe it’s time to get creative.  Try sending her a single flower, with a brief note so she knows it’s from you.  The message should be  short, classy but very understated. Let your flower do the talking.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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A few days later, send her two flowers.  Then wait a few more days, then send her three lovely flowers and so on and so on until she eventually receives an entire bouquet.

At first she may scoff at your efforts.  But after awhile, she will hopefully come to be impressed with your persistence.  Eventually, you might even have her counting the flowers as they are delivered.

Be sure to be creative.  Change up the type of flowers and how they are delivered.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Send Your Ex Girlfriend Any Gifts, Like Flowers

gift giving

Just as there is a time to send your ex girlfriend a gift, there is a time and multiple reasons to steer clear of gift giving.

Timing and execution is everything.

If you mess up on either of those two fronts, you are likely to make things even worse with your ex girlfriend.

So let’s dive in.

1. She Will Think Your Are Just Bribing Her For Love

Chances are that if the breakup was a difficult one and you find yourself in the early days or weeks of being apart from each other, it would be unwise to think that sending her something nice like flowers or a gift will mend the fence.

As I emphasized above, timing is everything.

Immediately after a breakup your ex gf will not be in the mood to receive anything from you.

In fact if you try to gloss over all the problems you were having with a simple gesture such as sending her some flowers, it could cause her to resent you even more.

2. What If She Hates Flowers?

Have you ever sent her flowers before?

Do you do it all of the time to makeup with her?  If so, the gesture has probably lost it’s effectiveness.

She may think you care so little about what went down that all you could do was send her some tacky gift.

If your actions do not resonate with her as something deeply heartfelt, then you best not do it.

3. You Could Screw Up The Timing Of Winning Her Back

There is a time and place and manner in how you utilize gift giving as a way to pry open your ex girlfriend’s heart.

If you pull the trigger too fast, you will end up feeling like a fool.  If you wait too long, the opportunity will have been lost.

I am more concerned with doing things too soon.

You only have so many bullets you bring to this battle of trying to win back your ex girlfriend.

If you use some of your best tactics prematurely, then you will have likely lost the opportunity to make it work for you later.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Sending her flowers is one such bullet.

Save it when it will have its most impact.  And do it in a way that will maximize its effect.

Too often guys just think that if they send their ex girlfriend something nice, that it will soften their hearts and she will come running.

When it’s time to pull the trigger, you want to be creative.

Get out of the box.

Trust me.  There are many ways you can do something really nice for her that can be unexpected and unusual.	

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