By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

So let’s say you really messed up.  Your girlfriend is very pissed at you. And you really want your girlfriend to like you again, but how?

It’s not like she is having a bad day and is taking it out on you.  It is not like you told your girl a little something that has set her off and now she is giving you the silent treatment.

Nope, that’s not it at all.

What I am talking about here is you have gotten your girlfriend so upset that she has walked right out of your life.

So let’s say your amazing girlfriend that was once all yours has now told you that she and you are no more.  She wants nothing to do with you. You have become an ex and she is effectively dumping you.

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It Sucks When Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Like You Anymore!

she is hiding from you

Those days when your girl use to lay in bed just dreaming of you and all the wonderful things the two of you will do – well she ain’t thinking that way right now, my friend.  If you have arrived here fresh from a breakup, just getting your girl to even talk to you again could be a might challenge.

So how do you get a girl to like you again after you messed up big time?

OK, let me re-phrase that!

Maybe the truth is you really didn’t mess up so much.  Heck, maybe your girl just went bananas. Or maybe your girlfriend told you she just wasn’t feeling it anymore.

That the love was gone out of the relationship.

In this post I am going to lend you my expertise to help you with this mess you are in.

What If Your Girlfriend Is Pissed At You?

You will learn that what matters is what she is thinking and why.  That is what you ultimately will need to figure out and solve.  And I am going to help you with climbing into the mind of your girlfriend who has gone sour on you.

You certainly want to turn things around, right?

Maybe you screwed things up royally.  Maybe you messed up the whole love connection with your girlfriend. Perhaps she caught you cheating. Maybe it was not even on a big level. Let’s say she caught you red handed opening up a Tinder account, rifling through some of the prospects.

Perhaps you freaked out and said some really cruel and abusive things and she walked out of your life, fed up with your behavior.

Whatever went down, let’s assume she is really pissed and just can’t bring herself to forgive you.

So how do you get your girl to forgive you and show some interest in reconciling if she is the one that told you it is over?

And maybe she is being really nasty about it.

Or maybe she is being really cold and detached about it, like you never meant a thing to her.

Don’t you just hate it when your girl walks out like it is nothing – like she doesn’t have a care in the world and whatever went on between the two of you hardly mattered?

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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She may act like she has zero interest in you and all you can think is how on earth are you going to get her chasing after you like she use to in the old days.

Don’t be fooled by that demeanor. That truth is she is probably furious with you.  If you are looking for a good read on how to handle upset feelings consider reading this article I wrote.

Is Your Girlfriend Completely Over You?

she is having a blast

No doubt, she was probably at one time really into you.  And I bet it made you feel pretty darn special.

But let’s say that now it’s a different story.  Your ex girlfriend has shockingly cut the cord.

I know it is hard to absorb the entirety of the situation when your girl decides she is going to turn on you and suddenly you matter not.  That is the tough side of some breakups. It is painful when you feel like you are alone in the cold.

I mean if you could see or hear that she is crying over the breakup or if reports were coming back to you that she is crushed and begging to take you back – that would help you a whole lot in the ego department, wouldn’t it?

But it doesn’t always go down that way.

Sometimes, you are the one left begging for some solution, hoping to get your girl to notice you again.

You may even have these fantasies of her pursuing you.  You might think to yourself, “heck, figuring out how to make my girl chase me forever can’t be that hard. It is simple.  How to make her chase me in this relationship is simply a matter of me just waiting around.  She will be back.  They always come back, right?”

Wrong.  Your girlfriend is not going to burn a path back to you right now.  You have your work cut out for you which I get into in great detail in my eBook, Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro!

Will Your Girlfriend Come Back To You?

They don’t always come back without you doing something to pave the way.

Sometimes whatever divided the two of you is of such consequence that if you don’t do something to turn it all around,  in due time whatever bond you had will be lost.

So what can you do to lessen the damage, because in your ex girlfriend’s mind, the image she has of you has changed.

While she may not have completely written you out of her life, you are probably the last person your girlfriend wants to see right now.

So how in the heck do you get a girl to like you back?  To snap chat you back.  To text you back. To unblock you.

Will your girl ever trust you again?  Will your ex girlfriend even consider doing anything with you ever?

These breakup blowouts can get really nasty, leaving you not just in limbo, but wandering around searching for desperate solutions.

Ah, there is that word. “Desperate”.

While it may feel like the walls are closing in on you and you will never get her back, it most cases it is not true.

One thing I know is that just when everything looks hopeless – it really isn’t.

When you are staring down at your phone wondering how to get your girl to like you again over text, chances are you will find that the solution is not far away.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

When you spend your nights laying in bed fussing over how to make your ex girlfriend want you back, you should know that the problem is not quite as overwhelming as you may think.

It won’t be easy to solve, but what you are facing does not call for desperate moves.  Quite the opposite, you should be thinking small moves.

Could She Find Love Somewhere Else?

she finds love elsewhere

These breakup outcomes (you go your way – I go my way) can get pretty complicated fast.  Often the truth is neither of you want to go your separate ways.  But unfortunate things are said and done, so this breakup stuff can get messy and complicated.

All you want is to get your girl to like you again – to want you again and show she loves you and all is not lost.  The problem is that these things usually don’t come back together quickly.  Particularly if you don’t have a good game plan.

What if she drops you and finds new love in the arms of some other dude?

I know, that has to be a a sickening thought.

Not only would that creep you out if your ex girlfriend was hanging around and all over some other guy, but it would also be a big set back.  You might find yourself thinking she might just get all that she needs from him, not you.

This is one of the complications I referred to.

Just how in the heck do you get a girl to like you again when she has a new boyfriend?

How do you get a girl to like and adore you again if she likes someone else?

Never mind it is tearing you up inside and has you climbing the walls.  Just what on earth can you do to get her to stop hating you and at the same time, stop seeing this other guy?

Geez, you think to yourself, it is hard enough to get her to look at your differently now.  To get her back after she gave up on you is tough enough.  But now you have to fight off all the crazy thoughts you have running through your mind about her taking on a new boyfriend.

That is the old double whammy

This is when the desperate thoughts come into your mind.

You think to yourself, “I know what.  I will send her the most amazing gift and everything will get patched up quickly after that because she loves her gifts.

Or maybe some real crazy crap jumps into your mind.  “I will stomp on over to her place and we will get this all settled right now”

But in a lot of these cases, it’s not gong to be a gift or a long talk that gets it done.  She is more likely to throw the gift into the trash and chase you away if you are demanding to talk it all out.

You have to play your cards better than that.

Nope, sending her a lovely little gift or having a grand debate is not your opening move.

Just How Bad Is it With You and Your Girlfriend?

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

So what are you facing here?

Is a question of how to make a girl love you again after a break up?

Is it really that bad?

Has she has stopped loving you?

Certainly that must be the case, you might think to yourself, given all the things she said and her actions that followed.

But remember though, wild words and crazy actions that immediately follow a breakup are not very predictive of the final outcome of the relationship.

I am sure that screaming match you had with your ex girlfriend on the phone after after she walked out on you didn’t make things better.

But here is a little bit of good news.

If you and your girl were together for a good spell and if you can look back at those times and honestly say that you and your ex had many more good times than bad times, then chances are that her love for you has not just been extinguished.

It’s not like we have a real choice in the matter.

Love is sticky. So if you are wondering if you have a CHANCE, well you do (click on this link to watch my video!).

It just doesn’t go away quickly.

Sure, your ex girlfriend may howl to the moon that she hates you with a passion and smear your name and every memory she has of you at every opportunity.

This is the way of most breakups.  Angry stuff comes out.  You just have to understand this on an intellectual level, then use that knowledge to remind the emotional side of you that all is not lost.

So what we are about here in this post is helping you find some ways of how to to get your girl to like you again.  She may still love you, but that doesn’t mean she likes you very much at all right now.

You are going to have to turn that around and it’s not going to be easy.

Can Things Get Even Worse With Your Girlfriend?

getting worse with ex

You bet they can.  You can really muck it all up if you make the wrong moves.  Already you are on your girlfriend shit list, so it doesn’t take a lot of miscues on your part to descend further down that list.  In fact, in those early days of breakup or falling out with your girlfriend, you are probably a marked man.

Let’s assume the breakup was BAD, real bad.  It’s not like you both agree to take a little timeout.  It’s not like you and her agreed to start over and give it all another try sometime in the near future.

Nope, that is not what is going down at all.  Let’s assume that for whatever reason your relationship is in the dumper and no matter how quickly you want her back and how much you want your girl to chase after you and take you back quickly – it is not going to happen that way.

You will first have to do some things to help her release her anger and resentment for you.  Yeah, it could be that bad.  Just getting your ex girlfriend, the girl you are still very much in love with, to even cast a positive glance your way – to give you the time of day – this is not going to be easy.

One should never underestimate the pettiness that can arise from breakups.

So throw out any foolish thoughts you have that your girl is sitting next to the phone desperate to hear from you.  That is probably not going to be her mindset right now if your relationship just recently went down the tubes.

Emotionally, she is likely to be in a much different place.

Your ex is probably putting a lot of energy in trying to forget you.  Your girlfriend my being having her own little hate fest and you are the starring attraction.

She also may be going through a confusing wave of emotions and believe me, none of them are good for you.  So you don’t want to bother and disturb her for awhile.

So Don’t Do Anything Really Stupid!

I know some part of your mind, the desperate part, will be tempted to do some crazy, stupid thing to get your girl running right back into your arms.

But I am warning you now – be careful of quick fix, breakup solutions.

They hardly ever work.  If you conjure up some notion about serenading her, forget it.  Or if you get this bright idea to surprise here with this wonderful gift, you better hang on to the receipt.

The way you should think about all this is going through the recovery period very slowly.  Little steps are what is needed.  Cast away any notions you have about bold, romantic solutions.

It’s like the old saying, you gotta to learn to walk before you run.  And this applies to what you are going to need to do to turn this whole breakup mess back around to your favor.

So let’s talk about what you can do to turn around this disaster you find yourself in with your girlfriend.

7 Ways To Get Your Girl To Like and Chase After You Again

connecting with her again

  1. Do the opposite of what she expects.  If this was a bad breakup, instead of trashing her and saying bad things about her to your friends, plant little seeds of attraction that you are sure will get back to her.  Tell her friends how special she is and that while the breakup has left regrets for both of you, as you look back at your time with her, you marvel at her beautiful soul.  Such words, when planted in the right places, will eventually come to her attention.  And that is what you are aiming for.  Little steps to rebuild some good will.
  2. Using your Social Media Pages, show yourself as someone who is moving forward in life in a responsible and mature way.  Don’t have pics and posts showing you are partying it up or hanging with other women.  Project the image of peace, goodness, kindness, and appreciation of being loved, feeling loved, and offering love.  Statistics show that the majority of women who have gone through a breakup will keep tabs on their ex.  Maybe not at first, but eventually their curiosity will get the best of them and what you want them to see is the very best of YOU.
  3. Utilize the No Contact Rule.  It helps you both heal and ultimately can lead to her seeking you out if you plant the right cues.  I have tons of information on this site and in my eBooks about this effective strategy.
  4. Speaking of cues, once you have completed, lets say a 21 day No Contact period, then send her that well crafted initial contact text message.  I offer lots of examples here on the site and in my popular eBook, Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro.  Remember, you have to go slow in the beginning when reigniting the spark.  If you are too overbearing or seek to hurry your way through the ex girlfriend recovery process, you are more likely to extinguish whatever little flame is still burning in her heart.
  5. Utilize subtle jealousy traps.  This is something you can do with great effectiveness, but you should not be in a hurry in dialing up this attraction tactic.  It can be a powerful and persuasive way of getting your girl to chase you again, but it can also blow up in your face if you don’t go about it right.  Once again, I refer you to my eBook if you want a fuller description of the entire process.
  6.  Use a romantic technique she would never, ever expect.  It is timeless and she will never forget it.  I call it the Message in the Bottle.  Essentially, you are going to send her a message in a bottle.  You usually would do this if other tactics have failed.  It will be a real message rolled up and placed in a clear wine bottle. You can leave it at her front door. You can have it done up well, with a label and sealed cork if you wish.  The label can have her name on it. The message will be short and unsigned.  She will guess it is from you, but there will be some doubt because it is not something you have ever done.  Admittedly, this whole approach smacks of romanticism. But that is the point. Women are moved by romance. The message will say something like, “Thank you for sharing your love with me”.  That’s it.  Leave at that.  You have planted a seed.  Chances are she will respond.
  7. If all else has failed and it been more than 45 days since you and her last spoke, then consider the “Courting Ritual” tactic.  I know this is an unusual way to get your girl to step up and acknowledge you, but what do you have to lose at this stage?  I want you to wear your Sunday’s finest.  That’s right, put on your best suit and tie. Get haircut if necessary.  Do something to change your look. Wear a cool hat.  Almost like you are kinda a different guy, but it’s still you and when she sees you she will know it’s you, but you will look so different.  There is psychology to all this, so just hang in there with me! Now go get a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Include a card.  The card can read, “Thank you for all the love you shared with me”.  Go knock on her door and greet her formally.  Simply say, “this is for you”.  Hand her the flowers.  Then Smile and say, “I should leave now”.  Then walk away.  Hopefully, she calls out for you.  Boom.  You have an in.  If she does not call out, no problem.  Just leave.  Chances are you made an impression and you will hear from her in the near future.	

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