By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

So let’s say you find yourself at a cross roads.  You have been wondering for some time now if it’s worth trying to get back with your ex girlfriend.  You have been searching the trail of signs she has left that would clue you in as to whether you are wasting your time.

Let’s assume you have already invested a lot of time and emotional energy into trying to figure out if your ex girlfriend is worth it.  You want to know because if it’s time to move on, then the sooner the better, right?

Or maybe you are are not feeling that way at all.  Perhaps you are looking for some quality 1 x 1 Coaching (such as I offer on this site) that can get you over the top. The kind of coaching that can help you see the signs more clearly and figure out what to do.

But before we talk about some of these signs your ex girlfriend is throwing out there, let’s first talk about this decision from the perspective of your needs.

After all, what good are all the supposed signs your ex girlfriend might be flashing about her readiness if deep down inside you are not sure if she is worth your efforts.  How will you know this?  Well, let’s talk about it!

7 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Is Still Worth Chasing After

Now I am not going to suggest that you whip out your pen and paper to do a technical analysis of what you should do. You don’t need to employ that kind of detailed approach. But clearly, there are signs your ex girlfriend will flash indicating she truly misses you.  But how do you interpret and identify these attraction clues?

First, you need to understand some basics!

Asking if you should get back with your ex should not be a highly intellectual task where you try to diagram it all out. Rather the approach you want to employ is one that relies on some logic, some instinct, and a strong reliance on past history and common sense.

So if you are asking me if you should complete a “should  I get back with my ex quiz”, the answer is it probably won’t tell you much as many of these ex back quizzes just don’t get enough into the specifics of your relationship

This same logic applies to relying on “getting back together with an ex statistic.”  These findings are often far too generic to do you any good.

If you want to go at this the right way, you need a sensible Ex Girlfriend Recovery Plan.

Now if you are one of those individuals who declares to the world you know all there is to know about why getting back with an ex never works, then you best just sit down because you would be wrong half of the time.

Reason 1: You Already Have Invested Time in Her

It’s a good sign if you have spent a large amount of time with your ex girlfriend as it shows the two of you have history together and if this history has been positive for the most part, that bodes well.

So if you have invested loads of time in making this relationship what it is, then it only makes sense that you invest time to try and make it work again, unless the differences are irreconcilable.

Reason 2: If There Is A lot of Compatibility Then She is Worth It

standing together

As you spend time with your girlfriend, you will come to know what works in the relationship and what doesn’t.  So do yourself a favor.  List out on a sheet of paper all of the things that makes this relationship worth having.  Then on another sheet of paper list out the things that are problematic with the relationship.

Which list stands out? If you are finding that you and your girlfriend have many more positive elements associated with how you interact versus negative, then you should make an effort to salvage the relationship.

Reason 3: If You Both Discussed Your Shared Dreams and Plans Of Bigger and Better Things Then Don’t Give Up

Sometimes after a breakup has occurred, all you and your ex can think of are the angry feelings and all the upset the split up has caused you. This immediate aftermath period may improperly color your view of the worth and value of the relationship.

But let’s say that the reality is that the two of you have been together for a good amount of time and that during this period things have gotten quite serious. Assume that the relationship is not a casual one, but rather a coupling between two people who love each other and dreamed together and have even made plans for the future.

If this is the case with you and your ex girlfriend, then it’s not time to throw in the towel.  The truth is that the relationship has matured and despite whatever problems you are experiencing now, you owe it to yourselves to try and resolve your differences.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Reason 4: The Dating Scene Can Be A Real Drag

Sometimes things happen and a couple break up.  Often it is the result of an impulsive act.  You or your ex girlfriend might think that you want to stretch out an explore other partners and experiences.  Yet often the grass is not greener and the reality is that the dating scene can be a real drag.  So let this serve as a wake up call.  Just know that it’s not easy to find just the right person for you.  There is no perfectly compatible partner.  And if you think the dating scene holds all the answers, you may find the going tougher than you realize.

Reason 5: Can You Stand The Thought Of Another Guy?

So ask yourself, “do you really want to give up your girlfriend to another guy?”  Because that is what is going to happen eventually.  Your ex girlfriend may not stay loyal to the dream of you or the image of you becoming a better person.  If you and your ex girlfriend have had issues and you know that you are the cause of many of them, then it’s time to start making some serious changes.  And its best to convey this to your ex girlfriend or otherwise, she is eventually going to find another guy who is ready to meet her needs.

Reason 6:  Don’t Give In To Your Dark Side of Giving Up Too Soon

There may be some serious issues that neither of you have done enough to resolve.  Your ex girlfriend may have broken up with you partly as a way to get your attention that the relationship is not sustainable if you keep making the same mistakes. You may have run away from her because you were all stress out.

Let’s say that you are still upset about the breakup and are angry that she would just call it quits.  But sometimes the truth is your ex girlfriend is not really ready to give you up.  So why quit on her.  Don’t make the mistake of spending all our time licking your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself.  Come up with an Ex Recovery Plan and move forward with getting her back.

Reason 7: She is Worth Your Efforts Because You Now Realize You Love Her

Sometimes you can be stubbornly blind to your own feelings.  Some guys don’t realize how much they really love their girlfriend until she becomes an ex girlfriend.  Then reality sets in after some time.  That is the value of taking some time and space so you can get out of your on head and rid yourself of whatever anger and resentment or jealousy or whatever it is that has fooled you into thinking you don’t really care for her.

Make peace with your true feelings and acknowledge them and accept them and then find a classy way of letting her know what she perhaps has been waiting a long time for you to say to her.

10 Reasons Why Getting Back With Your Ex Girlfriend Isn’t Worth It

angry girlfriend

Now sometimes your ex girlfriend isn’t worth the trouble.

No matter how many signs you think are pointing you in her direction, the truth of the matter is that a lot of what you might think is love and amazing compatibility is actually just a lot of chemicals and hormones firing in your brain.

It can be hard to let go of a lost love.  But ask yourself, is it really love that you are feeling. You body is conditioned to receive those jolts of feel good chemicals when she is around you.  Your ex girlfriend might be a great lover and just a real beauty.  And if that is the case, then just seeing a picture of her or thinking about an experience you had with her will jack up you head and before you know it, she has you crawling back to her for all the wrong reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why you should not get back with you ex.  And it’s not because it’s too late or that she has “moved on” rather,  it’s because she is not a good match for you in all the other important areas of a compatible relationship.  You get enough of these reasons or signs that apply to your relationship, then trust me, it’s time to be looking for the exit door.

1. You Both Fight Far Too Much and She Is the Instigator

2. Your Relationship With Your Ex Has Left a Trail of Breakups

3. Your Ex Girlfriend Cheated On You

4. You Are In the Relationship With Her Primarily For The Sex

5. You Want a Serious Relationship – She Is Showing Little Signs of Commitment

6. Your Whole Future Is Ahead of You And Deep Inside You Know She Is Not Part of It

7.  Your Relationship Is Wearing You Down Physically and Emotionally

8. She is Crowding You and is Demanding More Affection Then You Can Offer to Her

9. Your Ex Girlfriend’s Parents Are Constantly Interfering and She Always Sides With Them

10. The Relationship With Your Ex Girlfriend is a Long Distance Romance and She Is Not Committed to Coming Up With a Plan to Bring the Two of You Closer

7 Signs Warning You to Make a Move on Your Ex Girlfriend Before It’s Too Late

signs its time

Every once in awhile you enter into a breakup.  You think you have it all figured out.  But then the doubts start creeping in.  You know deep inside that your ex girlfriend has a lot of really good qualities.  And now you have come full circle and are ready to give it another try but you are not sure where she is in all of this.

It would help if you could detect if there were some signs that your ex will eventually come back.  Better yet, it would be great if you knew how to interpret these signs that you’ll get back together only if you act at the right time.

In one way, it seems like a pipe dream.  Are there really telltale signs that you and your ex are meant to be and NOW is the time for you to make your move.  One sign by itself may not be enough to reveal it’s time to put aside your ego or hurt feelings.  But the idea is that sometimes breakups can happen for the wrong reasons.  In many cases they should not have happened at all.  And if you don’t take action to remedy the problem early or act on some clues and signs, you could be blowing it.

Now, it is possible for you to  misread the signs and make things worse.  Sure, that could happen.  So airing on the side of caution is always advised.  But if enough of these kinds of signs begin to align or one of them just jumps up and bites you on the ass, then it may be time to get into gear and get the relationship back on track.

Ex Back Sign 1:  You Have Implemented No Contact and She Has Not Reached Out.  Time for you To Initiate.

Ex Back Sign 2: You Ex Girlfriend Has Reached Out To You Multiple Times During the No Contact Period.

Ex Back Sign 3: The Breakup Was Not All That Bad and You Both Have Been Communicating With Each Other in a Positive Manner.

Ex Back Sign 4: You Have Heard Reliable Reports That Some Other Guy Is Making His Move On Her.

Ex Back Sign 5: Friends of Yours Tell You She  Still Loves You and Wants To Be With You But Doesn’t Know How To Bring It About.

Ex Back Sign 6: Your Ex Girlfriend Keeps Showing Up in Places Where You Are At.

Ex Back Sign 7:  Your Ex Girlfriend Unblocks You and Makes a Friend Overture.  It’s Time To Exploit the Opportunity.

Ex Back Sign 8:  Your Ex Girlfriend Calls You To Remind You That She Does Not Want To Get Back With You.  (What she is probably really saying is I want us to work out our differences and get back together).

Ex Back Sign 9: A Family Member of Your Ex Reaches Out To You and Wants To Talk (while it could mean anything, more likely than not they are working on her behalf to feel you out).

Ex Back Sign 10: You Ex Girlfriend Is Very Active On Social Media Using Subtle Jealousy Ploys To Get Your Attention.	

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