By Chris Seiter

Updated on September 7th, 2022

Have you lost your ex girlfriend and are on the verge of giving up?

Do you feel desperate to find the right ways to win her back?

I know it can be really tough when she has left you.  You can feel hopeless and lost, wondering what you can do to win over her heart.

What I intend to show you is that you need not throw away all your hope.

Sure, your ex girlfriend may have left you in the dust.  You may feel down and out and completely wiped out.  She may have devastated you with the things she said and the actions she took.

To top it all off, you may have no clue where to turn or if you should even try winning her back.

But there are methods you can use to turn this around.

Don’t Give Up The Hope of Winning Back Her Trust

The key thing you must learn is that when things look really bad and it appears that everything you had with your ex girlfriend is lost, hope can lie just around the corner.

What matters now is not so much what has happened in the past.  You can’t go back in time and reverse all the events that unfolded.

What matters most is understanding the ways in which you can ultimately convince your ex girlfriend that the relationship was not a waste of her time and is still worth trying for again.

What is important is picking yourself up off the floor.  It’s time to put yourself back together again.

Only then will you be ready to recover from a devastating breakup.

You see, it all starts with implementing a comprehensive Ex Recovery Game Plan.

7 Ways To Rebound From a Devastating Breakup and Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

getting past bad news

You probably never thought the relationship you had with your girlfriend would completely disintegrate to the point where neither of you are on speaking terms or worse, she has moved on to be with someone else.

Sadly, breakups can come about quickly, leaving you totally unprepared to deal with it emotionally and rationally.

The typical response a guy has after losing his girlfriend is to go into desperation mode, smothering her with attention and promises of being a better boyfriend.

This kind of response seldom gets you anywhere with your ex girlfriend.

You won’t find your way out of all this mess unless you follow a sensible ex recovery strategy.

In fact, I would recommend you do the following SEVEN things in order to give yourself the best chance of winning her back on terms that will benefit you both.

Here are 7 ways to launch a comeback and potentially win back your ex girlfriend even if things look entirely hopeless.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

1.  Avoid Making Things Worse

You have to stop the bleeding.

Accept the fact that your girlfriend has left you. Whatever the reason, whether you agree with it or understand it fully, just look in the mirror and tell yourself it has happened.

Then make a pledge to yourself that you are not going to make things worse by begging, pleading, or striking back in anger.

You may be boiling inside or completely shattered.  Whatever the case, you must avoid doing things to make her memory of you worse.

In many breakups, a lot of the damage occurs during the early breakup phase.  This is a very important part of post breakup period.

So what is this crucial breakup phase?

The breakup phase is that period of time that takes place immediately following you have learned that she no longer wants to be with you.

Now this phase can sometimes be a bit nebulous and hard to pin down because sometimes what constitutes a real breakup is not always clear from a timing perspective.

In a lot of cases, it can take awhile for the couple to work through all the words and actions that invariably take place.  But eventually the struggle culminates in the relationship coming to an end.

Just know that once it’s clear that she wants to move in another direction without you in her life in quite the same way, that is the start of the breakup phase.

And if you are not careful, you can become a victim of giving in to your emotions and doing things that make a bad situation even worse.

If you feel like you want to say something bad about her, bite you tongue.

If you feel desperate to re-connect with her and start thinking about some grand plan of making it all right in one fell swoop, then you better slap yourself back to reality as that seldom works.

So that is the first rule of getting her back.

Essential don’t say or do things that will make your situation worse.

People remember beginnings and endings.

If the worse version of yourself emerges during the early breakup period and rises up for payback or wants to beg for another chance, you are headed down a self destructive path.

2. Give Your Ex Girlfriend Plenty of Space

take some space back

In keeping with this strategy of not screwing things up with your ex girlfriend during the early breakup phase, you should consider giving her plenty of space.

Many times what is best is going fully into a No Contact Period.

How long you do this depends on many factors.  I talk about this in my flagship eBook, “Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro” as well as my Special Topic Guide I call, “The No Contact Rule Book”.

There is so much for you to do over the next weeks to get right in your mind.  The same applies to your ex girlfriend.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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I have seen a lot of guys quickly lose it and become overbearing and argumentative, even when they don’t intend to. It just happens.  So be careful of yourself.

Take some time to heal and gain some perspective.

You don’t want to bully your ex girlfriend into trying again.

You don’t want to be one of those “early back” breakup couples that are doomed to repeat the same mistakes because they were not ready to reunite.

You have to remember that you will not be your best “self” right after a breakup.  You will be prone to making lots of mistakes.

So it’s important to take some time to allow our emotions to find a better equilibrium.

Breakups can make us crazy.

Seldom do the actions of a crazy person help in winning back an ex girlfriend.  So pull back on any wild ideas.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

3.  Begin Your Healing and Personal Recovery Process

So during this period in which you have pulled back to allow you ex girlfriend to breathe and operate without fear of being bothered, you need to change your thinking.

Most guys, after their girlfriend has left them, can only think in one direction.  They often obsess about winning her back as quickly as possible.

But you see, that is the wrong way to think about things.

I know you will feel like something died in you after she left.  And it is natural to want to fix that and try and convince her to come back.

But that is not what you should be focusing on right now.  There will be time for some strategy that can help you in the department.  But right now what you need to be focusing on is your personal healing and recovery.

And beyond that, you also want to work diligently to make strides with your personal growth.

All of these things will help you feel better and also better enable you to potentially win her back.

No ex girlfriend wants to return to a guy that is a total mess.  That is not attractive path for her to explore.

She wants to be with someone that makes her feel safe, secure, and happy.  She wants to feel there is a long term upside in the relationship.

So becoming the improved or best version of yourself is going to be one of your ex recovery strategies.

Not only do you help yourself, but you can greatly increase your odds of convincing her to give you another try.

4. Use the Breadcrumb Strategy of Creating Personal Value

As you are experiencing the benefits of the no contact period, you will also want to do certain tactical things to reinforce your value.

That does not mean you are going to call or text your ex girlfriend, telling her how wonderful you have become.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

That kind of direct approach is seldom effective. And it also violates the No Contact Rule if you are currently engaged in that strategy.

You have to be more casual and creative with how you get the message out there.  Using social media to portray yourself in a positive way is one such avenue.

There may also be a place for the use of subtle forms of jealousy.  Though be careful with this tactic as even a little dose of jealousy can cut the wrong way.

Nevertheless, if jealousy is employed with class and sparingly, it can arouse attraction.

The idea is that there are numerous things you can do to reinforce that you have become a better version of what you once were.

You want your ex girlfriend to see that you have embraced life lessons and are progressing personally, professionally, and socially.

Over time, these little tidbits of information and insights about an all “new” you can influence how your ex girlfriend  thinks about you, creating doubt as to whether she acted properly in ending the relationship.

5. When It’s Time To Reach Out Do So With Creativity and Cleverness

reaching out to her

As with all ex recovery strategies, there will come a time in which you will strike with creativity and cleverness.

In my Ex Recovery Program, I teach a method in how you should go about making first contact with your ex girlfriend.

It’s an important moment because if you have done things correctly, you will have created an all new image of yourself.

That should work to your advantage.

If your plan is working correctly, she will be looking forward to hearing from you.

But you can’t come on too strong, nor can you be perceived as plain or boring when she first hears from you again after all this time has passed.

This is why I wrote a book on this entire process. It sounds easy to pull off, but it is indeed one of the most challenging aspects of the ex recovery process.

6.  Harden Yourself For Setbacks

A lot of my clients think that all they need to do is implement their plan and after some time their ex girlfriend will come running back.

But seldom does it work out that way. In fact, what often happens is that despite one’s best efforts, obstacles will appear.

Often these setbacks are difficult to deal with because no matter how hard you try to do everything correctly, there will be times in which the odds are stacked up against you.

You try something and it fails.  You try another tactic and it falls short.

This ex back stuff is never easy.

So eat your humble pie now because you are going to probably run into some challenging situations.

It’s one thing to imagine how hard it might feel like weeks into the future.

It’s altogether another thing to actually experience it.

So trust me. Most breakup situations will test you in all kinds of ways.

So I tell my clients not to get too excited or disappointed about how things might unfold.

If you can accept that there can be many outcomes and that some of them will not be to your liking, then you will be better able to adapt to whatever comes your way.

7.  Surround Yourself With Solution Oriented Resources

The best way to come out on top, however you define that, is to have a sensible and pragmatic ex recovery plan.

This is what I do. I help guys who are trying to get their ex girlfriend back.

I have created a number of solution oriented materials that you can make use of.

My flagship product is called “Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro” and stands as one of the most comprehensive get your ex back Guides on the market.

Not only does it cover just about everything you need to know to better your chances of winning her back, but it can also serve as an ongoing source document for you to refer to over and over again.

But I didn’t stop there in my efforts to help you out.

One central tenet that makes up just about every ex girlfriend recovery plan is a method called the No Contact Rule.

There is so much more to this principle than most people realize.

In fact, due to so many questions I get regarding this approach, I decided to write a Special Topic eBook that deals exclusively with every aspect of the no contact rule.

I call this special resource, “The No Contact Rule Book”.

Also, in keeping with my efforts to provide you with the best tools, I also created another unique resource called, “The Texting Bible”.

Since texting is such an important component of the ex back process, I want my clients to have a tool they can use when it’s time to reach out to their ex girlfriend.

So give it a look and while you are at it, remember to explore the rest of my website for more insights and resources.	

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