By Chris Seiter

Updated on November 17th, 2022

We live in a very fast paced world.

10 years ago the average person who owned a cell phone still had a flip phone.

You know, those goofy looking phones that looked like this,

flip phone

A few years later flip phones got an upgrade and turned into blackberries,


And then a few years after that blackberries upgraded to iPhones,


Now it seems like every other month there is another super sized smart phone that gets an upgraded.

Well, phones weren’t the only thing that evolved. Along with phones constantly upgrading interfaces within the phones upgraded as well. And with those upgraded interfaces came more options and more freedom from who a person can accept a call or text from.

I want you to think back to a moment to the old days…

The days where the only option someone had if they wanted to ignore you was just to simply ignore your phone call.

Blocking text messages didn’t exist…

Blocking phone calls didn’t exist…

Heck, BLOCKING didn’t exist.

I guess what I am trying to say is that blocking is a relatively recent problem.

It was something that men didn’t have to worry about until the introduction of the new interfaces with more options (blocking being one of them.)

But now-a-day’s a man who gets blocked by his ex girlfriend doesn’t just have to worry about his number being blocked he also has to worry about being blocked on applications like (WhatsApp, SnapChat, Kik, Skype and Viber.)

Oh, and lets not forget all the popular social media sites like (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.)

So, what happens if you undergo an ex recovery campaign to get your ex girlfriend back and she has you blocked on one, two, three or all of these mediums?

Well, that’s what we are here to find out.

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The Format Of This Page


Lets say that you have decided that you want to get your ex girlfriend back but she has blocked you from all forms of communication and your plan for getting her back revolves heavily around the two of you talking.

What are you supposed to do to get her to unblock you?

Well, that is what this page was created for.

I want you to look at this page as the ultimate cheat sheet for getting your ex girlfriend to unblock you.

Now, I don’t want there to be any confusion so I am going to briefly explain how I have decided to format this page and then we are going to jump right into the fray.

This page is formatted in a relatively simple way. I have decided to divide it into three different sections.

Lets take a look at these sections,

  1. The Full Out Block (Our Starting Point)
  2. Understanding The Truth About Being Blocked
  3. How To Get Her To Unblock You

Pretty standard stuff, huh?

Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Lets just get right down to business.

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SECTION ONE: The Full Out Block (Our Starting Point)

blocked me

We are going to begin with an assumption.


Perhaps “assumption” isn’t the right word.

So, what is the right word for this?


Oh, I know.

Worst Case Scenario

Lets assume that you are being blocked by your ex girlfriend and you want to get her back. I want to start from a worst case scenario situation and figure out how to approach the situation. I feel you will get more out of that then me just explaining the basics of being blocked.

Of course, before I can begin this worst case scenario situation I have to drop some knowledge on you first.

You cannot get your ex girlfriend back if you are blocked by her.

Do you understand me?

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You need to have some way of communicating with her for you to be able to even have a chance of getting her back. In other words, what I am saying is that if you are blocked by your ex girlfriend and have no way of getting in touch with her then you will fail.

So, the purpose of this guide isn’t to teach you ALL the steps of getting your ex girlfriend back.

It’s to take you from being blocked to not being blocked.


But lets get to the reason why we are here.

Helping you get unblocked by your ex.

The Worst Case Scenario

worst case

So, what is the worst case scenario you can find yourself in when it comes to blocking?

It’s an important question that needs to get answered so we can continue this guide.

I think this kind of thing always works better when I am using an example so I have decided to use the one below.

Lets say that when you and your girlfriend were dating the two of you communicated frequently in three ways. Through calling each other, texting through WhatsApp and messaging each other through Facebook.

Well, when you take that example then the worst case scenario would be what I like to call a full out block.

What is a full out block?

Simple, it means that you are blocked to such an extent that you have absolutely no way of contacting your ex other than you turning into a creepy stalker and showing up at her door step. So, using the example above that would mean that you are blocked from talking to your ex girlfriend through her phone, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Of course, a full out block extends beyond just those mediums.

For example, if you had contacted your ex girlfriend through texting (on your phone), FaceTime, Facebook, Calling and Snapchat then you would be blocked in all of those areas.

In other words, a full out block actually means you have NO WAY of talking to your ex girlfriend.

You are completely cut off.

Above I mentioned that going forward we are going to assume that you are in a situation where you are already in a full out block.

I figured you would be more interested in learning how to “houdini” your way out of a full out block as opposed to a partial block.

For the record a partial block is a situation where you are blocked in most mediums but not all of them.

So, if you were blocked on her phone, her email and WhatsApp but you were still friends on Facebook that would mean you still have a way of communicating with her.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Hence you are not fully blocked by her.

But like I said above, most of you are probably curious as to how to get out of a full out block so for the rest of this article we are going to operate under the assumption that you are blocked fully by her.

Lets move on to our next section which has to do with understanding what is going on in her mind during a block.

SECTION TWO: Understanding The Truth About Being Blocked

the truth meme

I want you to think about the actual act of being blocked by your ex girlfriend.

It hurts, right?

But you are thinking about it from your perspective and not hers.

Really take a step back and think about her blocking you from her perspective.

Do you see what I am getting at here?


Well, that is kind of the purpose of this entire section.

I want you to walk a mile in your exes shoes because if you can understand her thought process for blocking you, you can better understand how you can get out of that situation.

I would first like to start with a simple truth you have to accept.

It IS Your Fault That You Are Being Blocked

my fault meme

Think about this for a second.

A woman isn’t going to go through the trouble of blocking you in the full out manner unless you have done something to warrant that kind of a block.

For example, if you made her super mad and called her a bunch of mean names then it can be easy to understand why she’d want to block you.

I guess the point I am getting at here is that your ex girlfriend thought through her full out block on you. It was a conscious decision based on something negative you did to her.

Well, what’s more negative than a breakup?

Take a look at the quote below,

When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. It’s like death

Dennis Quaid once said that about breakups.

He literally compared going through a breakup to death.

Now, normally I would say that, that is a bit of a stretch but the truth is that it’s not.

Yesterday I had over 15,000 women come to my other website, Ex Boyfriend Recovery in one day. Each one of those women are in pain and are searching for answers.

Breakups hurt.

In fact, they hurt so much that imagining an ex girlfriend blocking you just because of the breakup is very possible.

That’s usually what happens.

Men are constantly looking for answers when they are blocked out of the blue and it seems unwarranted.

The truth is that the two of you went through a breakup.

A breakup hurts like death…

So, why wouldn’t she want to block that source of pain from continuing to hurt her?

SECTION THREE: How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Unblock You

unblocked me

Lets talk a little about specific actions you can take to improve your chances of making your ex girlfriend unblock you from a full out block.

Before I start I would first like you to understand one simple fact.

I can’t guarantee that your ex girlfriend will unblock you.

No one can.

But that’s not what Ex Girlfriend Recovery is about.

You can read everything I have ever written and you will notice that I am very adamant about the fact that I can’t guarantee anything when it comes to this process.

What I can guarantee though is that if you follow my advice you will raise your chances to get your ex girlfriend to take the desired action you want which in this case means unblocking you.

So, what we are looking for here is for your ex girlfriend to unblock you in one way.

Whether it be on Facebook…

The phone…

Or even through email.

If you are in a “full out” block then you have no way of contacting your ex outside of being a stalker and tracking her down in person. So, our main goal here is to give you a chance to communicate with her again.

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of making that happen.

Lets look at a few of those things now.

Thing #1: Do Nothing (No Really!)


I know what your thinking.

“Do nothing? Are you crazy?”

Trust me, I’m not.

What have you learned so far about a woman who takes an action of putting you in a full out block?

That shes emotional, right?

(Side Note: In case you forgot a breakup is one of the most emotional things that a woman can go through)

Now, what do emotional people do during breakups?

Well, they say things they don’t mean and they do things that don’t really want to do.

In most cases if you do nothing your ex girlfriend will unblock you for a number of reasons. Let’s go down the list and talk about a few of those reasons now.

Reason #1- She Misses You

Lets pretend that you and your ex just broke up and as a result of that breakup she blocks you from contacting her.

At first she feels pretty pleased with herself.

However, as time wears on she begins to miss you and wonders what you are up to.

She constantly finds herself asking her girl friends to log onto Facebook and see what you are doing.

Oh, and if you don’t believe this happens there is a friend that my wife has who has asked my wife to log on to her Facebook account, see what her ex is up to and report her findings back.

Anyways, eventually the facade is too much to endure and she misses talking to you and she decides to unblock you.

Reason #2- She Did It Out Of Anger And She Is No Longer Angry

Now lets say that your ex girlfriend gets super angry with you.

Again, breakups tend to do that to women.

In her mind she thinks to herself,

“What can I do to make him hurt as bad as I am hurt right now?”

After some reflection she comes upon her answer,

“I KNOW! I will just cut him out of my life completely.”

So, what does she do?

She does the full out block on you of course.

She blocks you from texting her, calling her, Facebooking her, IM’ing her, emailing her, snapchatting her, WhatsApping her, Skyping her and FaceTiming her.

You are out of the game entirely.

Now, you are pretty depressed upon discovering that she has cut you out of her life on purpose. However, you don’t let your emotions cloud your logic.

You know (after reading this guide) that in most cases an ex will unblock you in one way, shape or form without you having to do anything.

So, something happens to your ex that she wasn’t counting on.

After a few months her anger subsides.

What was once a fiery rage that made her never want to talk to you again no longer exists.

She is curious as to what you are up to (see reason #1.)

So, what does she do?

She unblocks you.

How The No Contact Rule Applies Here

Avid readers of Ex Girlfriend Recovery and Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO know that I am a big believe or the no contact rule.

For those of you who don’t know what the no contact rule is I suggest you pick up my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and learn more about it.

But I know most of you are lazy and don’t want to do the necessary research to get your ex back and won’t read the book :p so I will just give you a quick crash course below.

The no contact rule is this special rule that most successful get your ex back campaigns include.

The rule basically states that you perform the full out block on your ex except instead of preventing her from contacting you altogether you just ignore her when she does.

Truth be told I have often wondered why it’s called a no contact rule when the truth is that it’s really a freeze out period where you ignore your ex on purpose for a certain amount of time.

So, how does the no contact and getting an ex girlfriend to unblock you correlate?

Well, I teach most men to do the no contact rule first and foremost when they are trying to get an ex girlfriend back so that doesn’t exclude a man who is in a full out block from an ex.

Look, since I have already shown that a lot of women will end up unblocking you without you having to do too much it is in your best interest to perform the no contact rule.

Lets move on to the second thing you can do to improve your chances of making an ex girlfriend unblock you.

Thing #2: The Good/Bad News Best Friend Factor


(You will understand the picture in a bit.)

This is going to be a little tricky to explain…

How am I going to do this.

Ok, lets imagine that you are an aspiring actor.

You have been trying to break into the business for years and haven’t had much success. In fact, your desire to become an actor is actually one of the reasons your ex broke up with you.

“You won’t ever be a world famous actor.  You should just get a real job so we can get married and have a stable life” she always told you.

But you wouldn’t give in.

You were always kind of stubborn that way.

Well, one day you get a call and guess whose on the line?

Brad (FREAKING) Pitt,

brad pitt

Pitt tells you that he wants you to star in his latest movie.

He saw an audition that you did and thought you were the perfect candidate to star alongside him.

You accept of course.

Here’s where things get interesting though.

You decide that you are going to contact your ex and tell her the good news but upon doing so you realize that you are in a full out block.

Your ex has you blocked everywhere.

Now, this saddens you very deeply since she is the one person you know would love to hear this incredible news. So, instead of contacting her you decide to contact her best friend since she is the only line of communication you have to her.

You text the friend,

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 7.36.31 PM

It’s a juicy bit of gossip.

So, her best friend is forced to share it and what do you think happens next?

Your ex unblocks you of course.

Now, this is a very powerful tactic if used properly so we are going to dive in a bit deeper here.

Understanding The Good/Bad News Factor

The idea behind the good news/bad news factor is that your ex girlfriend is sitting around her house one day and suddenly gets a call from her best (and most trusted friend.)

She picks up the phone and the two of them start talking to each other.

It’s at that point that the friend mentions some shocking news about YOU (the ex.)

The idea here is that the news is so shocking that your ex girlfriend has no choice but to unblock you and ask you about it.

Take a look at the example text message above.

Notice how I created two text messages to send.

This was by design.

The first message,


Is all about delivering the shocking news.

Now, I do want to mention that the news can be either good or bad just as long as it’s shocking.

Though I will say that I always prefer good news as opposed to bad news.

Hence the Brad Pitt example above.

So, lets take that Brad Pitt example and dissect it a little more.

Remember, this text message is going to her best friend and it has to be so juicy that the friend is forced to share it.

Now, I don’t know about you but suddenly hearing about someone you know getting a part alongside Brad Pitt is worth sharing.

Obviously (unless you are some sort of super actor) you aren’t going to be able to make the Brad Pitt claim so lets brainstorm a few ideas that you can realistically share that are shocking.

Good News Ideas:

  • Suddenly losing a ton of weight by sending a picture of how much weight you lost
  • Getting an incredible job
  • Achieving an incredible physical feat (running a marathon, etc)
  • A mutual icon doing well (a sports icon or something of that nature)
  • Discussing a shocking moment in a TV show that just happened

Bad News Ideas:

  • Losing a job
  • Losing a family member
  • Losing something personal to the both of you
  • Any other type of shocking bad news you can think of

Again, I am not a huge fan of delivering bad news.

I think good news is so much better.

So, the intent of the first text message you send to her friend is that it has to be such juicy gossip that she will want to do nothing more than to share it with her friend (your ex.)

Now, lets take a look at the second text message you are supposed to send.

Again, I am going to go back to the Brad Pitt example,


Where the first text message you send was all about delivering shocking news this text message is all about ensuring that, that news is shared.

Notice how I made it sound like you wanted to get in touch with your ex but weren’t able to.

This suggests to the friend that she should share the news without you actually saying,

“Hey, share this good news with my ex so she will unblock me and eventually call me.”

Also, don’t be afraid to get into a conversation with the friend (who you are basically using to get in touch with your ex) after you send the second text message.


Because the more you talk to the friend the more likely she is to run back to your ex and talk about you and the more she talks about you the more likely it is that she shares the shocking thing you want her to share and the chances of your ex unblocking you to find out more about this shocking thing go up!

See, there is a method to this madness.

Lets move on to the next thing that you can do to get her to unblock you,

Thing #3: The Good/Bad News YOUR Friend Factor

shocking meme

I am getting desperate here.

The truth is that if you are in a full out block you are in a really bad position. Especially if you want nothing more than to just reconnect with your ex.

I want you to go back to “Thing #2” and re-read that section.

I am going to be honest with you.

Thing #2 is probably my best piece of advice when it comes to getting your ex to break her full out block on you.

Of course, there is a wildcard in play with thing #2.

What’s the wildcard?

The best friend.

Essentially you are relying on another human being who is not on your side to deliver shocking news to your ex in the right way.

The problem here is the fact that women band together during breakups.

How often have you heard two women talking about a breakup and one of them saying something like,

“You can do so much better than him.”

Look, no matter which way you slice it your exes friend is going to be on her side and not yours and sometimes the friend isn’t the more reliable person to… well, rely on.

But you know who is?


Using Your Friend As The Deliverer…

So, here is my idea.

Imagine that instead of sending a shocking message to your exes friend you took one of your own best friends aside and let him or her deliver the shocking message to your girlfriend.

(Side Note: The friend that you choose has to be one that your ex girlfriend is familiar with. I mean, how weird would it be if some stranger just texted her out of the blue?)

Now, there is a risk with using your friend.

What’s the risk?

Getting an ex back is a lot like playing poker.

If you show your hand to your opponent in poker then you are going to lose.

The same principle applies here.

If your ex catches on to what you are doing by sending a friend to get her to unblock you the chances that she will unblock you are slim to none.

So, that’s the risk with sending a trusted friend.

But whatever way you slice it there is going to be risk with this method.


Because if you use “thing #2” by sending the shocking information to one of her friends they may not deliver the shocking message the way you want it to be delivered.

Remember, it’s super important that this news is delivered correctly.

This obviously isn’t a problem if you control the way that the message is delivered to your ex which you will be able to do if you send a trusted friend.

Now, if you ask my opinion on what I would do if I was in your position I would use my friend as opposed to one of her friends.


While there is certainly risk with using one of my own brethren I would rather have control of how the information is delivered because in the end the shocking message is the more important part as opposed to who delivers it.

But this is completely your choice and not mine.

Do what you feel is right.	

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