What To Do If You Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex Girlfriend

I know that you can’t stop thinking about your ex girlfriend.

And believe me, I am not here to make you feel bad about that fact or to convince you otherwise like some of your friends and family may try to do.

Instead, I intend to create something for you to lean on in your time of need.

When I first started Ex Girlfriend Recovery I honestly wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out. I wasn’t sure if it would be successful or if I was just wasting my time. And I am not going to lie to you.

Those first few months I spent working on this site felt kind of like a waste of time.

No one visited the website.

No one commented on my articles.

Hell, I couldn’t even get a Facebook Like or Share to save my life.

I even remember thinking,

Hmm… Maybe men don’t think about their exes as much as women.

Boy was I wrong.

Turns out that not only do men think about their exes as much as women do but they do some of the craziest things when they are obsessing about their exes.

My Chess Analogy

Look, I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish yet.

I don’t know if you are trying to get your ex back or if you are just trying to get over her.

Though if I were a betting man I would say that you are most likely trying to get your ex girlfriend back.

And if you are familiar with my writing on this website then what I am about to say next may sound familiar.

Getting an ex girlfriend is a lot like playing chess

It’s nothing more than a dangerous game that you can lose if you make one wrong move.

To date we get a little over a quarter of a million men visiting this website every single month,


And you want to know the best part about having that many people come to your website?


No just kidding!

It’s the fact that I can fine tune my ideas and truly find out what works when it comes to getting an ex back.

And by fine tuning my overall strategy it essentially means that you are going to be able to play a better game of chess 😉 .

I’ll give you an example.

Last year I compiled all the success stories I had on record and started looking for any new insights I could learn from them.

I was shocked when I started finding a correlation between men who completely moved on from their ex and men who had their exes beg for them back.

In other words, according to my own independent research the men who were most successful in getting their exes back,

  1. Weren’t obsessed about them
  2. Had actually moved on from them

This point was hammered home in a recent interview I did with my friend Erik Newton who actually interviews couples for a living,

In this interview Erik claims that you’ll find that once you are truly over someone (and I mean truly over them) is when they find you most attractive.

An interesting idea that I have seen hold true time and time again.

So, let me leave you with this nugget of knowledge.

The person who typically wins the game of “ex chess” is the person who can get over the breakup first. That’s generally the person with the most power.

It’s A Mistake To Obsess About Your Ex Too Much

I said at the beginning of this article that my aim here wasn’t to make you feel bad for obsessing over your ex.

However, just because it’s not my intention to make you feel bad doesn’t mean I won’t tell you the truth.

The Truth You Need To Accept: Obsessing Over Your Ex Is The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make


Because usually obsession leads to desperation and desperation leads to doing something stupid that can harm your chances.

I’ll give you an example.

A few weeks ago I heard from someone who was absolutely desperate to get their ex back. In fact, this person was so desperate that they had somehow convinced themselves that it would be a good idea to text their ex the following,


Apparently this person had been watching a rerun of the Addams Family and thought that her boyfriend reminded her of this,


Now, this person wasn’t trying to be mean or hurtful. Instead, she was just trying to think of a way to connect with her ex and she thought that this was the best way.

However, because she wasn’t calm and made a rash decision to text her ex this all she ended up doing was upsetting him and drastically ruining her chances of a successfully winning him back.

The Secret Weapon To Getting Your Ex Back

Have you ever heard me use the phrase “moving on without moving on?”

It’s a phrase that I use quite often but it always seems to confuse the hell out of the people I am teaching it to.

So, allow me to clear that up for you!

Moving On Without Moving On: Simply means that you are going to take the necessary steps to move on from your ex with the intention of making her fall for you again.

But perhaps the reason that this concept is so confusing for men is the fact that it’s so counter intuitive.

I mean, it stands to reason that the best way to get your ex girlfriend back would be to actually do something to get her back.

Something like making her jealous, sending a perfect text message or saying the perfect thing.

And oftentimes you will have to do these types of things to get her back but to rely on one is a shortsighted way to approach the situation. Besides, I have already established that I have found a correlation between a man getting over his ex girlfriend and the ex girlfriend coming back into the picture.

So, here’s my idea.

Why not take the necessary steps to “get over her” while at the same time doing everything I suggest on this site to raise your chances of success?

Of course, where this method really gets tricky is the fact that this isn’t something you can necessarily fake.

Now, what do you think I mean by that?

Well, I mean that you can’t just pretend that your are over your ex girlfriend.

For some reason I haven’t seen any type of success with men who do that. It’s only the men that really truly try to get over their ex girlfriends.

But that’s where the philosophy of, “without moving on” comes into play.

Now, I realize that I may have just dropped some super confusing knowledge here but rest assured by the end of this article you are going to have a perfect way to approach things going forward.

Putting The Puzzle Together

Those of you who are familiar with my teachings here on EGR would know that I have a very specific process that I teach to men who want to get their ex girlfriend back.

And this process, when done correctly, can fit together like a puzzle.

So, where does this idea of “moving on without moving on” fit into the puzzle?

Great question, but first I think it’s important for me to establish one thing.

You came here because you have a feeling that you are thinking about your ex girlfriend too much.

Maybe you want her back and miss her…

Maybe you don’t and just want to stop thinking about her…

Well, what I am about to show you can diverge in either one of these directions. In other words, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back you can use the information I am about to show to you in one way for that. And of course, if you want to simply get over your ex girlfriend then you can use it in another way for that.

I am going to show you how to use the information in both ways.

Oh, and the one common denominator here is the fact that it’s going to help you to stop thinking about her so much because we have already established that’s a mistake that is going to harm your overall goals.

Let’s Start With You Thinking About Her Too Much And Wanting To Get Her Back

The first thing I need to show you is the overall process that you need to follow to get your ex girlfriend back.


Now, this is the process that I teach to people who are going through pretty normal breakups.

However, your situation is a bit more unique in the fact that you are thinking about your ex girlfriend way too much. So, does that mean that you are supposed to follow this process as is?

Not exactly…

Instead, you are going to have to make a pretty big alteration right here,


During your no contact rule (which you can read about here) I want you to be implementing the philosophy of moving on without moving on.

Of course, we have already established that this isn’t something that you can fake. Instead, you are going to have to actually try to move on and this is going to work wonders for you because of the fact that you are maybe a little too obsessive over your girlfriend right now.

Now, am I saying that you should give up on trying to get her back completely?


Remember, after the no contact rule is completed you still have the rest of this stuff to accomplish (which is what I have found to be the most successful way of winning her back,)


And of course, I have also found a positive correlation between moving on and getting an ex back so there’s that.

But this begs an interesting question.

What steps do you need to take during the no contact rule to “move on, without moving on?”

Here’s What You Do

So, this is going to sound a little weird but the best way to “move on, without moving on” is to actually take the steps as if you are moving on from your ex.

But how does one do this?

Great question!

Lately one of the best ways that I have been becoming better at my craft is by interviewing experts in all types of fields.

A perfect example of this is my interview above with Erik Newton.

I find that the more I interview people the more I learn from them about what works and what doesn’t work.

For example, after interviewing Veronica Grant,

I determined that her idea of “dating yourself” was a perfect way to stay busy during the no contact rule so I added it to my overall strategy.

And then of course we have one of my more recent interviews with Marina Margulis,

Where she used an analogy about wavelengths to describe breakups which of course I have written about when talking about what caused a breakup between two people.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, it’s to give you a framework so you understand the story I am about to tell you.

Yesterday I conducted an interview with a gentleman named, Glenn Livingston who is a licensed psychologist, CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm and has been featured all over the place for his work on binge eating.

Now, typically when I am doing these interviews they have a direct hook into getting an ex back or getting over an ex but I was a little worried because even though I had found a hook with Glenn it wasn’t a very strong hook.

But what he had to say in the interview was so fascinating to me that it completely reshaped the way I thought about getting over a breakup.

You see, Glenn is kind of a master at helping people overcome binge eating habits after coming up with a process that he used to cure himself of his own binge eating.

In fact, I believe his exact words were,

I tried everything and this was the only thing that worked.

Glenn ended up using research from a guy named Jack Trimpy who basically helps people to overcome hard addictions.

In other words, Trimpy would help his clients overcome,

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug Addiction
  • You get the picture…

It was this point that a lightbulb went off in my head upon listening to Glenn’s story,


I know from my own research that scientists have actually discovered that when someone goes through a breakup or has a heartbreak the part of the brain that becomes active is the same part of the brain that becomes active when a drug addict is going through a withdrawl.

In other words, perhaps the best way to get over someone is to treat the situation as if they are addicted to the other person.

I mean, let’s take a step back and really examine this thought.

You are addicted to your ex girlfriend.

We already know that’s a fact or you wouldn’t have read this far down the page. Hell, you wouldn’t have even read this article.

So, How Do You Overcome An Addiction?

Now, before I get back to my story with Glenn I want to make sure I haven’t lost you because I know I just threw down a ton of knowledge and it can be a little confusing if you aren’t “in the know.”

Thus far, here is what I have established,

  • If you are thinking too much about your ex girlfriend it’s a huge mistake
  • The best way to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend and get her back at the same time is to adopt a philosophy of “moving on, without moving on.”
  • The best way to “move on, without moving on” is to actually try to move on.
  • And the best way to move on is to treat your ex girlfriend like she is an addiction (which coincidentally will help you to stop thinking about her.)

And now let’s get back to my story with Glenn.

So, if you recall Glenn is an expert at helping others defeat their addiction to binge eating.

How does he do it?

Well, his process is actually relatively simple.

I think it’s best if I let his own words do the talking here,

There’s this voice that often pops up when you want to have a binging episode. For example, I would go to a Starbucks and I would see a chocolate bar on the counter and my inner voice would come out and say,


“You know you want that.”


“Just pick it up and eat it.”


“One chocolate bar isn’t going to hurt you.”


That voice is your enemy. In order to beat your addiction you have to find a way to beat that voice. And the best way to do that is to establish a rule.

Now, what he meant by “rule” is that you have to establish a rule and hold yourself accountable.

The example he gave was that he couldn’t have any chocolate, EVER!

In other words, any time he would see chocolate or have an urge for chocolate he wouldn’t be allowed to have it because that’s his rule.

But again, his inner voice would often make that super difficult.

So, how would he overcome his inner voice or his inner urges?

I would hear my inner voice talk about chocolate and I would find a way to be disgusted with it.

I mean, it would be pretty easy to avoid chocolate if every time you thought about it you wanted to gag,


Still confused?

I’d be shocked if you weren’t.

Look, I am just giving you the framework as it relates to binge eating. Now that you understand the framework we need to rework it and apply it to your situation with your ex girlfriend.

How We Can Apply This To Moving On

Someone once asked me what the most important quality is for getting an ex back.

After thinking for a moment I answered,


And that’s truly going to apply here.

What I am about to suggest for you is really difficult. In fact, the more I think about it the more I think it’s going to be the most difficult thing that you have ever done. Essentially what I am about to ask you to do is to have a complete paradigm shift by turning your feelings off for your ex girlfriend.

And then once the no contact rule is over (IF YOU WANT) you can turn your feelings back on.

This is going to require discipline and most of you will probably fail.

However, this is probably going to be the thing that will work best.

Ok, let’s talk about how you can “turn your feelings off.”

One thing we know from the Glenn story I told above is that if you are going to defeat your ex girlfriend addiction you are going to have to come up with a rule.

Luckily, the rule has already been written for you.

It’s called, “The No Contact Rule.”

I talk about it extensively here.

The No Contact Rule: For a certain period of time (21 – 45 days) you aren’t allowed to talk to your ex girlfriend.

There are some exceptions to this rule but those are situational and you will have to read more into no contact if you want to know those exceptions. For now, let’s just move forward with the assumption that you aren’t supposed to talk to your ex girlfriend no matter what.

The problem here is that your inner voice makes following this rule extremely difficult.

Where Glenn’s inner voice is telling him to eat chocolate yours is probably telling you to contact your ex girlfriend.

So, here’s what I want you to do.

Every time.

And I mean every damn time that you think of contacting your ex girlfriend.

I want you to associate her with something disgusting.


Something that will make you want to throw up,


Something so foul that there is no way that you would literally run away from,


Every time you think of contacting her I want you to associate her with these things.

Do you see what I mean now by discipline?

I am basically telling you to beat back your inner voice which is madly in love with your ex girlfriend.

However, I also want you to keep in mind that this is a temporary tactic. It’s only going to last until the no contact rule is over. Once it is over you can start loving her again.

After all, our goal here is to get her back and you can’t be associating her with something disgusting forever.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I am recommending such a harsh tactic.

Well, it’s because when you are “moving on without moving on” you can’t fake the moving on part.

In my independent studies in most cases where people tried this it only worked when they actually took significant steps in moving on from their ex. I don’t really have a rhyme or reason for why you can’t fake this but you just can’t.

The only thing I can really hang my hat on is the fact that if you don’t do this fully you must give off some vibe that your ex picks up when you do end up talking to them.

Can You Apply This Method If You Are Thinking About Your Ex Too Much And You Just Want To Move On?

If you recall, if you want to get your ex back you will be utilizing “moving on, without moving on” to stop thinking about your ex during the crucial point of no contact,


Of course, after your no contact rule is up you are actually going to move forward with the process of trying to get them back.

Now, let’s go out on a limb here and assume that you are in this to try to get over your ex girlfriend.

Well, in that case then this is the process I want you to follow,


Essentially you are going to do everything the same.

You are going to enter into a no contact rule and try the moving on without moving on addiction method I talked about above. Except instead of taking steps to get your ex back after the no contact rule is up you are just going to stay in the no contact rule.

Honestly the strategy for moving on from an ex is a lot less complex!


Written by EGR team mate

Chris Seiter

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Hello I am having it hard trying to let my wife go. It would be 10 years in August but she filed on her birthday in March, she went through my phone and found a video of my Ex in her lingerie. I was trying to use my ex to get an address because she moved with my son and I couldn’t serve her for visitation. My sons mom would always flirt and I would always ignore her but I got frustrated when she would be mad at me and would not let me get my son so the next… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Charles,

do you want to try the no contact rule? That means only talking to her about your child when needed and focusing in improving yourself and being active in posting


Just a quick question about no contact. She’s a student of mine in martial arts? Ask her to leave, limit exposure to just classes???
Stay aloof at social gatherings?????

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

talk to her first.. tell her being friendly right now is not helping the both of you…and then start at least 30 days and then just be civil with her in class

I need some help! My girlfriend of 2 1/2 years ended things between us roughly about a month ago. Within the first week she contacted me to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. After wishing me a happy birthday she called me crying that she needed to tell me something due to her feeling guilty. She told me how she went on a couple dates within our first week of being broken up. She went on to say that the person is so nice and is telling everything she’s wanted to hear from me but it wasn’t… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

do you want to do the no contact rule?

Hi. We split up some months ago. The longest period with no contact has been 2 weeks (she demanded no contact… then broke the silence herself). Since then it’s been relatively consistent contact every few days or a week. Many times she has acted disrespectfully (to put it nicely), and several times I told her not to contact me until she can resolve her issues – each time expecting to not hear from her for months. Then she apologizes a few days later. She’s slowly becoming more calm and consistent. We are “friends” and she says she has no romantic… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

you’re already friendzoned.. tell her being friends is not workable now..then do at least 30 days.. be active in improving yourself, and in posting then slowly build rapport after

Hi, my girlfriend left me one about 9 days ago and at that time she didn’t want to talk to me and said that i don’t need to keep texting her constantly. so one day later i hang out with a friend of mine who also is friends with her. i told my friend to ask her what happened and what i did wrong because in my eyes i was always there and always chose her over my friends. so she told my friend that there were certain things that i did that trigger her and i didn’t know what… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

you’re more likely to be friendzoned if you kept talking now.. accept the break up,do at least 30 days nc. Focus in improving yourself and take it slow in building rapport after



i would be hard to do the nc for 30 days. also in about 3 weeks is her birthday, what should i get her?
or just ignore the fact that it is her birthday. from what i think our relationship ended is because in the last 3-4 months i wasn’t paying much attention to her also she stated that she was tired of our daily routines. in these 2 last week i have been thinking and i kind off think where it went wrong. and now trying to improve myself and those aspect.

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

yes, you should ignore it, and really change.. take this as a restart and check this one too:

Hi Amor, Follow up on Saturday i was hanging with my friend again and he told me i should buy her a smoothie and deliver it to her her work. so i did what he said. so i bought the smoothie deliver it to her work i greeted her with a kiss on her cheek but our conversation was limited because i client walked in and i left. that i night i went to a party of another friend and later decided to go to a club so with the whole crew i arrived at the club there she was… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

it depends on your mindset..if you really believe you can’t then you won’t be able to attract her because you would act on what you believe.. be active first.. if it doesn’t work, and you want to move on, move on..at least you tried

I and she were good friends and I started liking her. We used to hug each other in a romantic attire on all our bike rides. Never she wanted to leave me. Each time I had to leave the town on some work she misses me so badly. Texts me all the time that she was missing me please come back soon. We were so close to get into a relationship. All this happened for 2 months. She was with me each day all time. So I was very sure she had no other guy between us. Suddenly a guy… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Sid,

you cant control her. You cant control another person.. there’s no guarantee that the no contact rule will work but it’s better than to keep chasing her..


I need some help. So my girlfriend of 1 year left me a couple days ago. She told me she feels so in love with me but can’t forgive me. I was being a jerk for about a month and was hurting her feelings a lot. I don’t know what to do to get her back. She still tries to talk to me but I haven’t been replying and she still has my things so I have to see her at some point. What do I say how do I handle this situation

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Bobby,

tell her you need space for yourself..you can still talk to her for the things but only make it about that during no contact period and then improve yourself

So this woman and I dated a little bit there were some outside issues so I stepped away & then we reconnected but never went out. She started dating and he was caught cheating,she is now upset with every man in the world & told me she felt I abandoned her which I did we’ve already had a couple instances of no contact,which got us here in the first place,but when she contacts me &I may ask a question I get alot of 1-3 word responses If I go NC I will lose her,but can’t even get a reaction when… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jay,

if she’s not talking to you, there’s not point in trying to right? Nc was not at the right timing before, but right now, if she really doesn’t want to talk and you’ve made effort, then stop chasing.

I’m feeling pretty lost at this point. It’s been 1 step forward 2 steps back. I’m not sure what to do. She isn’t very communicable and intentionally puts things out there to make me a little jealous. We had been talking for about 10 weeks and during that time she was wanting me to come over more and I’d change my schedule to accompany hers better for our kids. Right at the 1st of the month she went cold, then later tells me that she decided that she wasn’t interested in dating a loser bum like myself. I’m thinking that… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jon,

I think you need to seriously have your own life. Because you’re not looking like an Alpha male to her if you’re always available to her and asking if she has another man in her life.


Hi – i’m worried that my ex might read this and it’s extremely specific to our situation, I didn’t realise when posting that I wouldn’t be able to delete it and was hoping you guys would do me a huge favour and remove it for me! Thank you so much

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jake,

why don’t you just tell that to her.. Tell her that even if you don’t want or you’re not sure if you still want to get back together, you’re still thinking of her.

Hi, My gf of 8 months broke up with me just under 3 weeks ago, and even though I’ve had some good days, I cannot get her off of my mind. We go to the same small college, I have classes and clubs with her, and we share the same friend circle. She is in a co-ed service fraternity, so she has been busy with that and also with her club commitments. I have tried to keep myself busy, but I find my thoughts of her distract me even more from my busy schedule. My friends tell me she feels… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Adam,

so she broke up with because of her schedule? Do you want to try doing the no contact rule? Give her space and then just improve yourself?

Lemaj Ride
Hi I texted my ex, who broke-up with me that I am confused and that I am going to let things go or I’ll never heal. I also told her that I hope this lifts her burden. I don’t think she understood until she tried calling me three times, one day later. I didn’t answer. She also texted me three time too. On her final text, she sent me the words I texted her about my giving up on trying to win her back. In a sense, I basically confessed to her that I am applying the NC rule. What… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor


That’s good that you didn’t respond. You can break no contact if she says she wants you back. But other than that, you should focus in improving yourself.

I’m a week in to 30 Days No Contact but this time of year is killing me. She and I were friends years before we tried it as a couple which only lasted a couple of months. She wanted to be friends straight away but we couldn’t handle it and I’ve been ignored on the 3 occasions I’ve messaged her in the past 32 days. Knowing her as well as I do from all of those years, our traditions of talking about and spending Halloween together and decorating each others (Parent’s) Houses together for Christmas have clearly been thrown out… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi craig,

prepare on something new to do this year with your friends..plan the next year.. it’s ok to think about her..just acknowledge that it’s normal but don’t drown in it.. do activities that has progress

James Fore
I posted earlier on the ex girlfriend recovery about my story I just purchased the no contact guide, but living with her and having a kid with her is quite difficult. I understand that I have to do a limited no contact she essentially wants to rely on me for everything but she does not treat me with respect in the same aspect. She tends to be a hot head and she is also trying to get over alcohol addiction. What are your suggestion for implementing the best limited no contact as well once my no contact is finished what… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi James,

nope dont text ..Yes, that would be silly.. but I thought she moved back with her ex? or you’re just pertaining to that event that led her to become like this.. You need to be really patient with her.. you need to be really respectful even when she isn’t..

James Fore
Currently we are living under the same roof and she has mentioned going to stay with parents and I have tried to encourage her to do so, that way I can implement the no contact rule in a much better way. She has mostly no contact with her ex other than when it comes to her other daughter. But she now hangs out with guys she met at rehab she says as friends but she has already admitted some of them have feelings for her so this all drives me absolutely nuts because I’m trying to avoid her in the… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

in a way, that’s good that you’re getting tired because it’s a sign that you’re doing the right thing and she isn’t.

James Fore

I guess on some level I agree just have to wait it out and see if anything changes.

Hi, me and my ex have been messaging back and forth the majority of the week. I’ve completed no contact about two weeks ago. Its Saturday today. On tuesday, we facetimed and had an amazing time. It was full of jokes, laughing, and smiles. Now today i asked her if shes up to facetime for a bit and she said sure. Then i called and i said “that was some over the top enthusiasm there.” She said what do you want to talk about? She was being quite hostile and it seemed like she was in a bad mood. I… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Jim,
she’s probably just tired that day.. let that day go.. rest from texting for a day or two..

So on a previous post I commented about my situation. Me and the mother of my 1yr old daughter were together 3yrs and broke up a month ago for the second time in 5months except this time she’s cold as hell and isn’t changing her mind. The reason for the break up was essentially she felt like I was putting my daughter on the back burner for my son and she wasn’t getting enough help around the house and I took her for granted.. Says she doesn’t love me at all, doesn’t miss me at all anymore amongst other mean… Read more »

Also to add: She told me one day that we couldn’t do family things because I could t handle it. She told me that I need to go talk to other people and have sex with a bunch of women if I have to to get my mind off of her. She also said in reply to me telling her that I miss talking to her is that I only miss her because havent tried replacing her conversation with someone else’s… pretty harsh shit.

EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

that’s why you really need to seem v like you’re moving on by improving yourself.. but avoid dating other women.. even if she says you should..

Hi Chris! Your website is incredible, great work. I’d really appreciate a quick piece of advice, I’ll keep it short. I’m 4 days into NC after a breakup 2 weeks ago. I’m pretty optimistic about my chances (but not delusional). However, there is a problem. We’ve not split up on Facebook yet. She first needs to tell her family in person who are are visiting in 2 weeks, since she moved countries to be with me (will be a big deal for them). She will naturally want to talk about ‘officially’ ending the relationship afterwards, and ignoring that would be… Read more »
EGR Team Member: Amor
EGR Team Member: Amor

Hi Luke,

if it’s just making it official, it’s ok to talk about.. As long as it’s only civil but if you had an argument or blaming, restart the count