By Chris Seiter

Updated on November 14th, 2022

Hey Guys!!

So, over the rest of the existence of this website I am going to be recording videos on YouTube teaching men different parts of my overall strategy to get an ex girlfriend back.

I actually just started releasing these videos last week for my other site (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) but I really see video as the future of the internet so I would be dumb if I didn’t add Ex Girlfriend Recovery to the mix.

So, here is my first official video for Ex Girlfriend Recovery.

And I picked one hell of a topic, The No Contact Rule.

What stands out with this video?

It’s probably the fact that I cover how to deal with the no contact rule in really difficult situations like if you have kids or if you live with your ex.

Check it out,

Video Transcript

What’s up, Chris Seiter here from and today we are going to talk about the no contact rule.

Alright, so the no contact rule is actually really easy to understand.

It’s a period of time where you ignore your ex after a breakup.

And you don’t break the no contact rule no matter what.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There are a few cases but I’ll talk about that a little later in the video.

For now all you need to understand is that the no contact rule serves two purposes.


Now what I want to talk about are the three time frames that you can use for the no contact rule.

So there are three time frames that I really want you to abide by with the no contact rule.

And you get to choose the time frames that you want to embark on based on your own situation because after all you know your situation better than I ever could.

So the three time frames are as follows,

3 time frames

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Now, you may be asking yourself,

“Why not longer than that?”

I’ve seen lots of relationship experts recommending the 60 day rule or the 90 day rule.

Alright, so there’s something that I want to teach you about now and it really determines why you don’t go past 45 days when it comes to the no contact rule.

There have been studies done and scientists have determined that it takes 66 days for a human being to make or break a habit.

So technically speaking, your ex girlfriend, if she wanted to get over you after the breakup….

Scientifically speaking of course, it would take 66 days for her to get over you.

So the reason we don’t do the super long no contact rules like the 60 day period or the 90 day period is because it kind of infringes on that 66 day habit rule where she could potentially get out of the habit of thinking about you.

So the next thing that I want to talk about here are the common mistakes that men make when embarking on the no contact rule.

Alright, so with the no contact rule there is a lot of temptation to contact your ex as you can imagine. In fact, I estimate that around 80% of the men who come to Ex Girlfriend Recovery and attempt the no contact rule end up breaking it.

Because again, there are so many temptations, they miss their ex so much and often times the more you want something the more the temptation is there to contact the person.

So lets talk about some of the common mistakes that men make when they try the no contact rule.


Any one of these things…

You cannot break the no contact rule for.

Now speaking of breaking the no contact rule there are a few select situations where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule.

And you may be wondering,

“Ok… how do I handle that?”

Well, lets talk about that.

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When You Are Allowed To Break No Contact

The first reason that’s acceptable for breaking the no contact rule for is exchanging items with an ex.

Now, here’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to exchanging items.

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When the… if she, rather, asks you for her items back you have no choice but to break the no contact and give them back.

But if she hasn’t then its really a matter of you trying to figure out if the item is worth breaking the no contact rule for.

What’s an example of an item that’s not important enough for you to break the no contact rule for?


And what’s an example of an item that is?


So lets assume that you get caught in a situation where you have no choice but to break the no contact rule because either you determine that you left something really important at her house or place or she’s contacted you wanting her items back.

How do you handle that interaction?

Well, its really simple.

Keep things strictly business.

You want to look the best you’ve ever looked and keep things business. Don’t get into talking about your relationship with her, be really nice and cordial, be friendly, smile a lot, be bubbly almost and cut the interaction as short as possible.

Simply give her stuff back or get your stuff back and get out of there.

Don’t give her anything to get angry with you about and be as happy go lucky as possible.

Alright so the next complicated situation where you are going to be forced to break the no contact rule for is if you work with your ex or if you go to school with your ex.

I combined these two because the strategies for them are very similar.

What is the strategy?

Well, its really simple. Basically what you are going to do is keep things strictly business.

Don’t talk to them or initiate unless they initiate.

If they initiate keep things really nice but really short.

One word answers are great but not “dickish” one word answers.

Be really nice with your one word answers.

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And if you get an opportunity to flirt with someone in front of them take it.

Don’t be overly ambitious with your flirting but be ambitious enough to where they’ll notice and you can work some jealousy into it.

Alright, so now we are at one of the big kahuna situations.

One of those situations where almost no one knows what to do when it comes to no contact.

And that’s if you live with your ex.

Well the advice I am going to give you may sound simple but it’s harder to implement than you would think.

The first piece of advice is to move out if it’s possible.

Obviously I don’t want you to go outside of your means but if it’s not possible for you to move out then that’s ok but if it’s possible move out.

If you can’t move out then there are some other tips for you.


Keep your distance from her.

Try to have fun. Roll in at night at 2:30 sometimes. Make her wonder where you are going if your seeing other women perhaps.

Then… speaking of other women.

Go out on dates.

Look your best around the house.

Go out on dates… just be mysterious.

Make her… you know, often times when it comes to the mind is a womans’ worst enemy.  You have to do something really little and then she’ll fill in the blanks and she’ll go wild and then the next thing you know she’ll be back in your arms.

Alright, so next up we have the alright situation if you have kids with your ex.

Now, my piece of advice here is really simple but follow it to a T.

Keep every interaction during the no contact rule about the kids.

Meaning… if you have to break the no contact rule, and you will if you have kids, just keep things about the kids.

If she tries to steer the conversation elsewhere about the weather or your relationship don’t engage.

Every interaction you have with her let it be about the kids.

Alright, there is something about the no contact rule that I think people are missing.

A lot of the experts out there don’t really cover this and I have always wondered why… because it seems like such a missed opportunity to me.

And that is the fact…

The way that I teach the no contact rule to men is that it’s a battle on two fronts.

On one front we have you engaging in the no contact rule to make your ex girlfriend miss you or erase the bad feelings she has about you and then the other front is just as important as the first front.

The second front is self improvement.

Now bear with me here.

Imagine that you are engaging in a 30 day no contact rule with your ex girlfriend. So after the 30 days are up you have been working on yourself.

You are in the best shape of your life…

You’ve taken up piano lessons…

You have all these amazing stories to tell…

If you run into your ex girlfriend… if this version runs into your ex girlfriend she’s going to sit back and go whoa…

Maybe I made a mistake?

And that’s the power of the no contact rule.

That’s the power of fighting this battle on two fronts.

Try it!	

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