By Chris Seiter

Published on November 14th, 2023

Getting an ex-girlfriend to pay attention to you after a breakup requires a careful, thoughtful approach. It’s not just about getting her to notice you, but doing so in a way that is respectful, appealing, and productive.

Here are the top 9 ways to capture her attention post-breakup, along with detailed explanations for each:

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend to Pay Attention to You: A Comprehensive Guide

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1. Personal Improvement and Self-Growth

Explanation: Work on yourself both physically and emotionally. This could mean hitting the gym, taking up new hobbies, or learning new skills. The goal is to improve yourself for your own benefit, but a positive side effect is that it can make you more attractive to your ex. Self-growth demonstrates maturity and an ability to evolve, which are attractive qualities.

2. Utilize Social Media Wisely

Explanation: Your social media profiles can be a window into your new life post-breakup. Use them to subtly show off your personal growth and new experiences without overdoing it. Your goal is to convey a positive and forward-moving life. However, avoid posting anything that seems artificial or aimed explicitly at making her jealous.

3. Rekindle Old Friendships and Expand Your Social Circle

Explanation: Expanding your social network and rekindling old friendships not only enriches your life but also demonstrates to your ex that you’re not wallowing in sadness. Being social and outgoing can make you more appealing. It shows that you’re capable of maintaining and nurturing relationships, a trait that’s often attractive in a partner.

4. Engage in Activities You Both Loved

Explanation: Participating in hobbies or activities that you both enjoyed can remind her of the positive aspects of your relationship. It’s a way of subtly highlighting the good times you shared. However, ensure that you genuinely enjoy these activities; your primary purpose should be your enjoyment and fulfillment.

5. Show Maturity in Handling the Breakup

Explanation: How you handle the breakup speaks volumes about your character. Show maturity by avoiding bad-mouthing her to mutual friends or on social media. Handle interactions with her with respect and understanding. This maturity might make her reconsider her perception of you and the relationship.

6. Maintain a Positive Presence in Her Life

Explanation: If you’re still in contact, be positive and supportive in your interactions. Avoid bringing up the breakup or your past relationship, and focus instead on pleasant, light-hearted conversations. This can make her enjoy your presence (even if it’s just over text or social media) and possibly miss having you around more regularly.

7. Create Interesting Posts on Social Media

Explanation: Share posts that reflect your interesting, fun side. Engage in new activities or travel to new places and share these experiences. The key is to be authentic. Your posts should be a reflection of your real life, showcasing your adventures and the joy in your life.

8. Take a Break from Contact

Explanation: Sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Taking a break from contacting her can pique her curiosity about what you’re up to. This doesn’t mean playing games, but genuinely taking time to focus on yourself. The space can make her wonder about you and potentially miss you.

9. Show Kindness and Empathy

Explanation: If you have the opportunity to interact with her, show kindness and empathy. Be the person who listens and understands. If she’s going through a tough time, offer supportive words but don’t overstep boundaries. This approach can remind her of your good qualities and the emotional support you provided in the relationship.

The Psychology Behind These Methods

The underlying psychology of these methods is based on demonstrating your value and positive attributes without appearing desperate or like you’re trying too hard to win her back. Personal improvement, positivity, maturity, and kindness are universally attractive traits. By focusing on developing these aspects of yourself, you naturally become more appealing.

Points to Remember

  • Be Genuine: Any attempt to get her attention should be rooted in genuine actions and improvements. Insincerity is usually obvious and off-putting.
  • Respect Her Space: Understand and respect her need for space. Avoid overbearing behavior and give her the freedom to come to you.
  • No Games: Avoid playing mind games or using manipulation tactics. These are likely to backfire and damage your chances further.
  • Focus on Yourself: Ultimately, the most important aspect of this process is focusing on your own growth and happiness. This should be your primary motivation, with rekindling things with your ex as a potential, but secondary, outcome.

Six Creative and Controversial Ways to Grab Your Ex’s Attention

When conventional methods don’t cut it, some might resort to more unorthodox strategies to get an ex’s attention. While these approaches can be creative and even humorous, it’s crucial to tread lightly as they can easily cross the line into inappropriate territory. Here are six out-of-the-box (and somewhat controversial) tactics:

1. Become an Overnight Social Media Sensation

Strategy: Start a unique, humorous social media challenge or trend that goes viral. Think along the lines of eating the world’s spiciest chili or recreating iconic movie scenes with your pet. Risks & Considerations: While it might get you attention, ensure it’s for the right reasons. Avoid anything that could be deemed dangerous or outright ridiculous.

2. The Accidental Text

Strategy: Send a text meant for someone else that casually mentions an exciting development in your life, like “Can’t talk right now, I’m off to my helicopter flying lesson!” Risks & Considerations: This can come off as transparent and a bit desperate. Plus, it might lead to an awkward conversation where you have to maintain the façade.

3. The Mysterious New Friend

Strategy: Post pictures on social media with a new, enigmatic friend who is always turned away or blurred out. Let her imagination run wild. Risks & Considerations: This could backfire by either making your ex think you’ve moved on or that you’re playing immature games.

4. The Glow-Up Announcement

Strategy: Dramatically change your look and announce your new “glow-up” on social media. Think radical haircut, style overhaul, or even a (temporary) tattoo. Risks & Considerations: While change is good, ensure it’s something you genuinely want. Changing your appearance just for your ex’s attention is not advisable for your self-esteem.

5. The Fake Admirer

Strategy: Have flowers or a mysterious gift sent to you at a place where you know your ex will see. The intrigue of who’s wooing you could pique her curiosity. Risks & Considerations: This can veer into the territory of dishonesty and when the truth comes out, it might not paint you in the best light.

6. The Phantom Achievement

Strategy: Casually drop into conversation (if you’re still in contact) or on social media about an incredible, albeit fictional, opportunity or achievement, like being scouted for a movie role or winning a little-known foreign lottery. Risks & Considerations: Fabricating achievements can lead to a web of lies you’ll need to maintain. It’s a short-term strategy that’s likely to unravel.

A Word of Caution

While these tactics are certainly creative and might even be fun to think about, they come with significant risks. They can easily cross the line into manipulation or dishonesty, potentially doing more harm than good. They also focus on external validation rather than genuine connection, which is not a healthy basis for restarting a relationship.

The Expert’s Corner – Conclusion

In wrapping up our journey through the wild and wacky world of getting your ex’s attention, let’s remember: while unleashing your inner viral sensation or mysteriously transforming into a new you can have its momentary thrills, these grand gestures teeter on the tightrope of hilarity and absurdity.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Sure, sending yourself phantom flowers or becoming an overnight TikTok dance sensation might give you a fleeting spotlight in your ex’s social feed, but let’s face it – building a romance on the foundation of a viral cat video or a fake admirer might not be the epic love story you’re aiming for.

So, before you dive into the deep end of the ‘attention-getting’ pool with your inflatable unicorn of outlandish schemes, remember that the splash you make might be less of a romantic swoon and more of a comedic belly flop. The key takeaway? The best form of re-connection is rooted in authenticity, not in the smokescreens of social media stardom or the make-believe of movie-worthy makeovers.

In the end, the most attractive thing you can be is yourself – preferably the version of you that doesn’t require a script or a disguise. After all, if a relationship is worth rekindling, it’s your genuine self, not your alter ego, that’s going to make all the difference.	

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