By Chris Seiter

Published on January 26th, 2022

If you are like most guys who have lost their ex girlfriend, you are probably wondering if your woman will ever come back.  You are most likely looking for signs that will give you hints as to whether she wants to resume the relationship.

Well, guess what?  If you think she is not considering the prospect of returning to you, you are wrong.

It is rare indeed for your ex girlfriend to walk away and never look back.

There will always be doubts and uncertainties that will enter into her mind.

What is important is identifying the signs that your ex girlfriend still has interest in you.

That will certainly help you with coping with your fear and anxieties that she will never be back in your life.  But beyond that, the key is having an intelligent Ex Recovery Game Plan that can help you act upon these signs.

7 Key Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Is Probably Coming Back

1. She is Ignoring You

It’s no fun being ignored.  And you may be thinking how on earth is this a sign that she wants back in.  But sometimes when your ex girlfriend is ignoring you, the reality is she has a secret desire to see and be with you again.

For starters, she is probably going to need some time and space to work through her feelings.  So don’t take her silence as bad news. It may very well be the best thing for you both.

2. You Are Getting Reports She is Very Upset With You

While it may sound ridiculous, this can also actually be a very good sign.

If she cares enough for you to be angry and upset at you, then she likely has a lot invested in you.  Of course there are limits.  If you have not been a good boyfriend and verbal abuse has crept into the relationship, then you may have blown your chances.

But in a lot of these cases, if it is crystal clear to you that she is very upset and possibly angry too, don’t throw in the towel.

A good Plan and time will be your best allies.

3. You Ex Girlfriend Keeps the Dialogue Going

If you and your ex are still talking then that could be good news, particularly if the dialogue with her is occurring after you implemented a no contact period.

On the surface it would suggest she still has interest in you.

If she didn’t want to give the relationship another chance, she would have likely just shut down all conversations.

Now on the other hand, she could be having a hard time letting you go.  Or maybe she is entertaining putting you into the Friend Zone.

So if your conversations with her is not really leading to anything productive, consider pulling back.

4. She Plays the Jealousy Card a Tad Too Much

Sometimes a breakup can go through phases.  At first you might be convinced she wants nothing to do with you and that you have lost her forever.

Then as some time passes, you start getting some clues that your ex girlfriend isn’t quite ready to give up on you.

One clue is that she might play the jealousy card on you.  You might notice your ex girlfriend goes out of her way to make sure you know about how she looks in her new clothes.

She might broadcast her active social life on all of her social media accounts.

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She might even set into motion a rumor about her dating some other guy.  Or her date could be the real deal.

Don’t let yourself get worked up over such developments.  And don’t retaliate as that usually sabotages your own efforts.  While you might indeed find yourself feeling jealous, try not to let it bother you.  Just know that it’s a perfectly normal way to feel because after all you still have feelings for her.

Over time it will be clear who she is really interested in.

5. She Responded to Your Initial Text Message.

Another positive sign that she might be on her way back to you is if  you receive a positive text message from her.

In my Program, I teach my clients that there will come a time when you will want to send a certain type of text message to test the waters.  There is a technique for doing this and you can learn more about it on my website.

What is important is that if you establish a positive texting connection with your ex girlfriend, that can help you with the next phase of your plan which I am about to discuss.

6. Your Ex Girlfriend Agrees to Meet With You

So if texting with your ex is underway, then you need to build toward having a meet up with your former girlfriend.

This is where you can potentially gain more traction and learn more about whether she is ready and interested in coming back.

If there are hurdles that you still need to navigate, this is where you will learn about it. This meet up is also an opportunity for you to pick up on some additional clues as to her readiness to resume things again.

What you are looking for is a lot of eye contact and smiles.

In my Program I teach my clients how to handle themselves during this encounter.  It’s not complicated really.  The key is being a good listener.  To accomplish that, you need to ask her some open ended questions and show interest in what she has been doing.

Providing supportive words and being positive are also important elements.

7. She Kisses You After The Breakup

If your ex girlfriend asks for a kiss or initiates a kiss, then things are likely moving in the right direction.  But be careful not to overstep. She might feel very excited about seeing you and the kiss could be an impulsive thing she did in the moment, only to take it back later through some troubling words.

Don’t assume that everything is going to be perfectly fine. Chances are, you still have some work to do to build and regain trust with your ex girlfriend.

Final Thoughts On How To Read Your Ex Girlfriend’s Intentions

While I have provided you with seven signs that can help you assess whether your ex has any interest in coming back, the fact of the matter is that her willingness to do this is rarely predicated on just one or two of these things.

What you are looking for are multiple signs.  Another really important point is that if she wants you back, it will seldom happen quickly.  Changing her mind is not something that will usually happen in days.  Rather your Ex Girlfriend Recovery Plan should unfold over several weeks.

Think of your efforts as a gradual, evolving process.  The more positive breadcrumbs you leave along the trail, the sooner she will pick up on them and the sooner you will get a payoff.	

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