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Updated on October 26th, 2022

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Anyways, I decided that I am going to change things up a bit today. Usually I post these long guides but this week instead I am going to be giving you a video!

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Well, it’s about whether or not you even have a chance of getting your ex girlfriend back.

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Today, we’re going to talk about if you have a chance of getting your ex girlfriend back. I’ll see you on the other side.

So, about a month ago, I was searching online for obviously, things about exes and I came across this really interesting article on Yahoo!’s homepage. It was actually poll that was done by associate press and they had a pretty shocking statistic in there. They said that four out of every ten people get back with their ex boyfriends. So, it got me to thinking, what about my own success stories? What about the people who come to ex-girlfriend recovery? The people who succeed there? So, I started dissecting all of the success stories that I’ve had and I learned some really interesting things. So, what I want to talk to you about today is if you even have a chance of getting your ex back because we know there’s so many different situations when it comes to getting an ex girlfriend back and sometimes it’s hard to figure out if you’ve got a chance or not. So, my intention with this video is to give you a better idea in your own personal situation if you even have a chance.

So, let’s start with the big kahuna of all questions. Do you have a chance of getting your ex back? Well, obviously, yes you have a chance but you’re chance kind of depends on a lot of different factors. You know, just the evidence backing up you have a chance is over whelming. There was a study done by scientists where they hooked up brain scanners to people who have recently gone through breakups and what they did was they showed pictures of their ex to them and monitored their brain activity. What they found was really shocking. The parts of the brain that lit up were the same parts of the brain that lit up when a cocaine addict was going through a withdrawal. So, it’s not too farfetched to say that going through a break up both sides are feeling the experiences of a withdrawal, of a drug withdrawal.

So, you can always leverage that if you want a chance to get your back. That’s always undeniable proof that your ex is still thinking about you. There was another study done by a graduate student that, well she found out that 90% of people search for their exes on Facebook after the breakup. 90% so, there’s a good chance that you’re still really in your ex’s thoughts.

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At the beginning of this video, I mentioned that I did an independent study by myself on the success stories that came through my website, ex girlfriend recovery. And I learned some pretty fascinating things specifically what kind of situations had the best success rate. So, let’s talk about that right now. Let’s talk about what kind of a situation has the best results according to ex girlfriend recovery.

Alright, so what I’m about to show you here is maybe a little shocking but, does it necessarily make it true? Absolutely not. We’ll talk about that in a second. First, let’s get to the results.
So, obviously this has come to a shock to no one, the most successful success story that we had on ex girlfriend recovery were just general breakups. One where long distance wasn’t involved, one where there was no cheating involved, it was mutual, it wasn’t too bad, it was just a very general break up. But really the shocking things or the shocking things I’m about to show you are really the best of the results. The second most popular result and the second most success story result if you’ll have it, was cheating. Cheating, him cheating on her, her cheating on him, we had a lot of success stories which shocked me but not as much as this next one. (Him)–or rather her moving onto someone else, third most successful success story and finally long distance relationships. So, right there we have three situations that most people think are impossible to recover from yet, my study showed there are actually pretty decent chance. Now, how do I assess this myself? Well, let’s talk about that right now.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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General Breakup

Alright, I can’t say that the general breakups statistic shocked me too much. Without a doubt, the most traffic that we have coming to ex-girlfriend recovery are people going through general breakups and just need general advice on how to get their exes back. So, it really didn’t shock me too much but you know when I dived in deeper to each person’s situation, I learned that over 70% of them actually used the no contact rule to success and actually recommended the no contact rule. So, if you’re going through a general breakup, probably the best thing you can do to increase your chances of success is use the no contact rule. Let’s talk a little bit about the more shocking things right now though.


Alright, so believe or not, cheating was actually one of the most popular success stories that we had which really shocked me, I’m not going to lie. My personal opinion on the subject is, no matter how slice it, if you or your ex cheated on you, you’re in a really bad position and I don’t think it’s going to help you increase your chances at all. To be honest, I think, the sample size we had wasn’t as high as I’d like it because I only saved probably like 20% of the success stories. You know, if I went back to when it first began in the website, I’ll probably have something like 400 success stories to go on but I really only have 50 because I just started saving them recently. So, I think if we do look at the larger sample size, cheating isn’t going to show up as much and I think it’s not going to help you have a great chance. Now, does that mean you can’t succeed? Obviously not. If the second most succeeded in situation that we have is cheating, you can obviously succeed. I think actually, even though she’s a woman–we had actually a woman who succeeded in getting her ex boyfriend back and he actually proposed to her. So, they’re married now which is shocking after she cheated on him. So, if you’ve cheated on your ex girlfriend, use this as hope. You still have a chance, it’s not over yet. You will have to do certain things. I actually have a video talking about that. I’ll link to that in the description but for now let’s move on to (him) or rather her moving on to a new boyfriend.

She Got A New Boyfriend

Alright, so, her moving on to a new boyfriend, a lot of men think when they’re in this position that they really have no chance of success but that’s simply not true actually, tied with cheating as the second most popular success story that we had was having an ex girlfriend who moved on to a new boyfriend. In fact, I think third or first–I put a report together which again, I’m going to link to the description on this video that details each one of the success stories and kind of gives you an idea of what this people did. So, you can look at it for hope obviously and you can look at it in an in depth manner to figure out, “Okay this person did this to succeed, that person did that to succeed.” But, getting back to the point here, the very first success story I think I have in there is actually a guy who got his ex girlfriend back after she moved on to a new boyfriend which it’s really good. It gives you a lot of hope which is what I’m trying to convey to you here. Now, as far as what people who had an ex move on to someone else did to get their exes’ back, jealousy actually was one of the most popular tactics. It’s actually kind of impressed me how successful it was in making their ex kind of perk up and realize, “Wow, I shouldn’t have let that person go.” So, let’s move on to the final success story we had here which was long distance.

Long Distance Relationships

You know if there’s ever one situation out of all of this that I can kind of connect the most with, it’s actually a long distance relationship because my wife and I, before we were married, I think for something like 6 months we were in a long distance relationship. And when I say a long distance relationship, I mean we were literally across the country from each other, 1600 miles. It’s not like I could just drive up there every weekend or something. So, if you’re in a long distance relationship situation. I’m going to tell you a thing that I tell most people who are in your situation. You have to have three things in order for a long distance relationship to work out. I don’t want to waste your time. I’ll just explain the three things to you right now.

The first thing is you need to have money. Last time I checked, it cost money to travel to visit someone long distance. Even if it’s as simple as a hundred miles away, gas costs money nowadays. Obviously plane tickets costs a lot of money. I think I even dropped $700 on a plane ticket just to visit my wife in July of 2014. So, it’s not necessarily like the most inexpensive type of relationship to have. So, if you’re going to make a long distance relationship work and if you and your ex are long distance, you obviously need to have the means to see your ex.
Now, the second thing that you need is time. One thing that I really had in my favor when it came to my relationship with my wife, then girlfriend at that time was, the fact that I had all the time in the world because I make my own schedule. I work for myself. I don’t work for anyone. I didn’t have a job holding me down saying, “You can’t leave or you’re fired.” She actually did have a job like that but luckily all it took was just one of us to make that work.

And finally the third thing is you really need to have a plan. This is kind of the hardest thing to get because it’s a two way street. One person, just can’t have a plan themselves. It takes two people to make the plan work. When I talk about the plan, I’m really talking about the plan to not be in long distance anymore, be completely together in kind of a short distance. My wife and I in this case we moved in together after 6 months but it took a long time to get there. We had to look for apartments, we had to kind of feel through it and figure out it was the right decision for us. I think a lot of people, if I was to rate this, granted the chance, I don’t think long distance relationships have the greatest chance in the world. Do they have a better chance than cheating and a girl moving on to another guy? Absolutely, without a doubt. I think out of the four situations, I was thinking here about the three shocking situations, long distance relationships definitely have the best chance of success but don’t waste your time. If you can’t get these three things, you’re not really going to have a good chance. I feel I would be lying to you if I told you otherwise.

So, the thing that I’m going to tell you right now is, make sure you have those three things that I just told you about if you’re going to have any chance to get your ex girlfriend back or if you’re not going to create a campaign where you really try to get her back because you really need to commit your all to this to get an ex girlfriend back. One of the biggest mistakes that I see people making nowadays is they enter into trying to get an ex girlfriend back kind of half asked a little bit. You need to be full into this thing. You need to be committed to this thing. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you can fall asleep at night thinking that, “I did thing everything possible to get her back. I can live with myself.” So, that’s going to do it for today’s video.

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