By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

Have you ever been in a situation in which your ex girlfriend has seemingly given up on you?

Assume that she has told you that the relationship is all over.  She wants nothing to do with you, so says your ex.  And now your world is tumbling down.

You are left with trying to hang on the broken pieces of the relationship as you try to convince her that she shouldn’t give up.   

At this stage, you are probably thinking you would do anything to convince her to stay with you. If only your ex girlfriend would give you a second or even third chance, you think to yourself.

But deep down you know it’s not that easy to convince her to try again.  Convincing your ex girlfriend you are worth it and  that she should not give up on you – well that can be a difficult chore. That’s why it is very important to have a sensible Ex Recovery Plan

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7 Strategies You Can Use To Convince Your Ex Girlfriend Not To Give Up   

giving it a try

It is very important that you think logically about how to your ex gf back. 

This is not always easy to accomplish when the raw emotions of the break up are still in the air.  You may be striving hard to stay in the game.  You may not be ready to throw in the towel.  These are the kind of feelings swirling around in your mind.

But what is your ex girlfriend really thinking? 

You see that is the problem. You may not be ready to let go, be she may have given up on you long ago.  So how do you turn her thinking around such that you ex will at least be willing to hear you out – give you another chance?

Well, often, before you can get her in the right frame of mind, you are going to have to invest in a Sensible Plan.

Here are 7 strategies you should consider implementing if you want your ex girlfriend to believe you are really a changed man. 

1. Give Her Plenty of Space Otherwise You Risk Pissing Her Off 

If you really want your ex back, you need to get out of her world. 

I know, it sounds self defeating.  How do you get someone back if your are ignoring them.  Sometimes it’s the space you put between you and your ex, that allows the two of you to come back together.

You see, there is a time and place in which you want to make your move.  Do it too soon, you screw up your chances.  Wait too later, and she melts out of your life.  But the risk is often with trying to crowd her and make up too soon.

The more you press and beg or insist you deserve another chance, the more she will push you away.  

If you want to convince her you are worthy, you need to be strategic.

So pull back. Give your ex girlfriend some breathing space.  If you keep crowding her, she is naturally going to rebel, push back, or even be repelled by all of the unnecessary attention.

2. Be Consistent With Your Words and Actions

Women like it when their guy is trustworthy and consistent. 

So say what you mean and don’t start cutting corners on the truth.  If the break up was triggered by emotional cheating or some jealousy issue, then own up to it and tell her exactly what you did, why it was wrong, and what steps you have taken to ensure it will never happen again.

That is just a start. She will need to hear this in different ways over time to get to the point where she will be willing to risk being hurt again.

So if you tell her something about what you are going to do, then make sure you back up your own words and actions.  Otherwise, she is going to have further reason not to trust you. 

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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3. Don’t Try To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back All At Once

If you want your ex girlfriend to give you another chance at making this work, then don’t go crazy with trying to win her back all in one day or one week or even longer.

It doesn’t work that way.  If you come on too strong, she will naturally be hesitant to commit. 

She may need time to get over what has happened and so allow time to work in your favor. 

Give her the time to heal, while you are doing the things to show you are worthy of her love.  It starts and ends with being reliable and dependable and listening to what she has to say and acting on it such that she knows you heard her and truly want to make amends.

4. Lead With Kindness – It Makes It Much Harder For Her to Give Up on You

being kind to her

One of the most important things that holds a relationship together is when you treat each other with kindness and consideration. 

So if you want her back – if you want your ex girlfriend to fight for the relationship and not give up on you, then you need to lay down a path filled with kind acts and expressions of love.

It can’t be faked.  She has to see that you hold her in high esteem and respect. 

It will be quite difficult for your ex girlfriend to ignore you if you are showing her you care and that your actions and words align.

5. Admit To All Your Lies and Deceptions

I mentioned this earlier, but it really deserves the full treatment because if your ex girlfriend is to be convinced that you deserve her, then you will need to restore the lost trust. 

Breakups don’t happen without trust taking a hit.  Your ex gf may be bitterly disappointed and hurt by your lack of honesty.  If she has reason to believe you are still being dishonest and deceptive, then you will get no where.  

So own up to your lies.  And it can’t be just an apology.  It needs to go beyond that.  She needs to understand why you lied. She needs to see you are man enough to admit your deceived her. She may not react very well to the news in the short term, but think of coming clean with her as an investment in her trust bank.

If you ex girlfriend doesn’t understand what motivated you to be untruthful, then she will have a hard time ever believing you again.

But if she can understand you to the core and if you open up and tell her your insecurities, weaknesses, and selfish tendencies, more often than not, the will embrace you as a worthy partner.  

Remember, your ex really wants to find a way to believe in you again. So give her something to work with.

6. Open Up Your Life

If you stay in the shadows and fail to open up and reveal to your ex girlfriend more about what makes you tick, she will always be in doubt about whether she should invest herself in you. 

Chances are you have disappointed her several times in various ways.  And if you have done things to destroy the trust your ex girlfriend use to have for you, the best way to combat that is to open up your life and lead through example.

Be an open book.  Show her you have nothing to hide.  Be transparent.  This is particularly critical if there was emotional or physical cheating involved prior to the break up.

7. Show Her You Have Taken a New Path And Give Her Credit

If you are to make a believer out of your ex girlfriend it’s going to be partly due to the improvements you have made in your life. 

Maybe you have been leading a life of selfishness and your ex has called you out far too many times. Well, if that is the case, then you will need to demonstrate that you are more than willing to put her needs ahead of your on.

The best way to demonstrate you have changed in this regard is to let her have her turn in the relationship spotlight.

Let her call the shots sometimes. 

Do things for her at your own expense. She has probably made many sacrifices for you.  Indeed, you should point that out and then list them out.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Take the quiz

If there is a special event she wants to attend, but is afraid to follow through due to cost or scheduling, arrange for it to happen.  

Talk is cheap.  It’s actions that will cut through the bad tapes your ex girlfriend may be playing in her had over and over gain.

Another way to show your ex girlfriend that you have turned the corner is to change in other ways that are more noticeable. 

If she has wanted you to stop smoking or drinking, then work toward that aim and when you accomplish it, don’t just pat yourself on the back, but be sure she gets recognition for giving you the inspiration.

She may not be seeking credit for helping turn you around, but she will appreciate that you value her enough to acknowledge her influence on your life. 

So be sure your ex girlfriend knows how big a difference she has had in your efforts to be a better “you”.	

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