By Chris Seiter

Published on March 6th, 2022

When you break up with your ex girlfriend or she breaks up with you, don’t be surprised if she goes through a period of acting crazy.

I know it can be frustrating to deal with her acting out and behaving in a crazed manner. That can bring a new layer of chaos into the picture, not to mention the confusion and shock.

I have come up with a 6 step plan that can help you wade through all of the craziness and trust me, things with your ex girlfriend can get pretty wild when all of the pent up emotions get turned loose.

As you will see, the main thrust of your Ex Recovery Survival Plan deals with avoidance and patience.

Trust me, I know this is easier said than done, but do it you must or you can get pulled into your ex girlfriend’s over the top reactions and if that happens you will be filled with regrets.

A Six Step Plan On Surviving a Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Dealing with adversity when you ex girlfriend is acting out can be problematic unless you understand the dynamics of such emotional outbursts.  Here is an authoritative plan on how to best deal with such an outcome.  We don’t just pull these Action Plans out of the air.  It is based on our years of experience in applying various solutions to situations very common to your own.

1. Don’t Respond To Your Ex Girlfriend’s Antics Are You Will Get Pulled Into Her World

The temptation for most guys is to respond to their ex girlfriend’s behavior.  Let’s say she goes off the deep end and just starts texting you like crazy and there seems to be no end to her obsession.  The natural reaction is to tell her to stop it.

I am sure it is upsetting to receive a ton of messages from the woman you loved, but who is acting way out of character.  And perhaps you still want her back, but certainly the path to mending the relationship is not to try and talk sense to her.  Certainly not at this juncture.

Sometimes it’s best to avoid getting sucked into her spin of overreaction or even nutty behavior.

Sometimes it’s best not to say or do anything for awhile.

2. If Your Ex Girlfriend Goes Wild and Crazy With Accusations Turn The Other Cheek

There should be no doubt in your mind that when you encounter an emotionally compromised ex girlfriend who is becoming unglued, it will pay no dividends to engage with her.

She may say some very cruel and dishonest things that border on the outrageous.  Everything inside you will probably be screaming to set her straight and shut her up.

I can’t emphasize enough that if you respond to wild accusations and your ex girlfriend’s unruly behavior, you are falling right into her trap.

Now, I admit this trap she is setting is probably not well thought out.  It’s usually a reactive form of behavior and unfortunately you are getting it square on the jaw so to speak.

Just remember that it’s almost always better to turn the other cheek and give her a chance to find calm in her life.

It may take awhile and some of the things she is saying or even doing could be bordering on the bizarre, but it’s best to stay the course of not reciprocating.

3. Have Someone You Know and Trust Intervene To Bring Calm Into Her Life

Sometimes you will find that your ex girlfriend has gone so far off the tracks that her crazy behavior has got you worried.

If at any time you are genuinely concerned for her health on an emotional or physical safety level, then an intervention of some kind may be necessary.

If your ex girlfriend is scaring you with how she is reacting to the falling out, then you may want to get someone you know involved.

And an intervention of this kind can help both her find some calm in her life and also help you gauge just how emotionally damaged she might be and if a more serious kind of intervention might be needed.

4. Exercise Patience In Dealing With Your Ex Girlfriend’s Weird Behavior

Sometimes an ex girlfriend can carry on with her crazed antics for a good spell.  She might be the type of person who just won’t let go and can carry a grudge and deeply hateful attitude about what has transpired between the two of you.

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Whether you intend to get back with her or not, it is imperative you exercise patience if things start getting weird.

Everyone has a different capacity for dealing with the emotional turmoil of a break up and if your ex girlfriend is becoming unglued and exhibiting strange behaviors, then just remember that patience often will get you both through these dark times.

What you may define as strange, weird, or crazy, may be entirely different from her perspective given the emotional state she is in.

And again, if you feel there is a reasonable chance that she is losing touch of reality, then seek to get her help in the form of mental health professionals.

5. Go Get Some Counseling or Self Therapy For Your Own Benefit

Being involved in a relationship that has descended into a dark place because of a breakup is not easy thing to deal with on multiple levels.

So don’t forget about your own emotional health needs.  Now, I am not saying that you too will succumb to the craze that seems to be possessing your ex girlfriend.

But no one is completely emotionally insulated from the pangs of a breakup.

Do yourself a favor.  Go get yourself some coaching or counseling to get you through this difficult patch.

6. Only Reach Out To Her When Sufficient Time of Calm Has Passed

Eventually, there will come a time when the crazy like notions and behaviors of your ex has passed.  IF you are open to the idea of reconciling with your former girlfriend, then you need to have a communication link up plan.

I advise not to rush into trying to get back on her good side any time soon.  I often advocate a No Contact Period of 30 or more days before you attempt to re-engage.

And if your ex girlfriend has been dealing with emotional hardships and has acted way outside the bounds, then you will likely want to get some intelligence about her well being and state of mind before seeking to initiate first contact.

Eventually though you may have an opening to test the waters.  Go easy and don’t press too hard.  Pick up my eBook, The No Contact Rule Book and read up on how you might want to re-enter her life.	

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