By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

When our ex girlfriend leaves us for another guy, we want to know if she is coming back.

We ask ourselves, could it be just a rebound relationship?

We wonder if it’s one of those grass is greener types of situations or if she is simply just bouncing off the troubles she had with you and rebounding to some other guy just because it felt right to her at the time.

Your girlfriend getting involved in a rebound relationship is something that can be upsetting on many levels.

It’s hard enough to deal with her being missing from your life. But now you have to deal with her being with some other man.

I know it’s tough when your ex is with some other guy.  But I am here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world and your ex girlfriend being attracted to a new guy is not a new phenomenon after a breakup.

Indeed, if you picked up my Program on Ex Recovery, then your chances will be improved.

It is very possible your ex girlfriend really does not know what she wants.

Indeed, sometimes it is necessary for her to learn that the grass is not greener and that her rebound guy is not all that she thought he would be.

Your Ex Girlfriend May Have Acted Hastily and Rebounded Into The Wrong Relationship

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You see, your ex girlfriend thought she could pour all her loneliness and love into this new guy, but it doesn’t work that way much of the time.

Love is not like blocks that can be switched in and out.  Despite her intentions on filling in her gap of not having you in her life, she will soon discover that relationship chemistry she hoped for with this new man is not living up to expectations.

Replacing those special feelings she had for you, which still linger in her mind, is both complicated and challenging.

She will eventually discover that trying to leave you behind is no easy task. When things with this new boyfriend start going a little sideways, certain signs will be revealed.

Let’s talk about those Signs so you know what to look for because your day in the sun could be right around the corner, particularly if you use some of the Tools and Services I offer.

5 Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Might Come Back To You After Getting Involved in a Rebound Relationship.

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Not every girl that runs into the arms of another guy after a breakup is going to find an answer to her dreams.

In fact, few of them do.  When they are rebounding from you to another boyfriend, one has to understand that there is a psychological component to what is driving all of this behavior.

Even your ex girlfriend might not understand fully why she is prone to start dating or seeing another guy soon after breaking up with you.  But deep down, it is likely that her choice to do this is satisfying a need.

It could be a need to be loved or to love.  It could emerge from a need to make you jealous.  It could be from a need to continue to get that dopamine or oxytocin rush through the act of lovemaking.

Her decision to rush into this other relationship could emerge from her fear of being alone or a desire to feel secure and protected.

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But whatever the drivers may be that leads her into a rebound relationship, just know that she is likely to give off certain signs when she wants back with you.  Even if she is not aware of it on a conscious level.

So let’s talk about the top signs your ex girlfriend will give off when she realizes the rebound match in heaven is not working out so well.

Sign One – She Has Not Totally Cut You Off of Social Media or Other Forms of Communication

Sometimes your ex gf just wants to keep her options open.

Sure, she fell into this fling of a thing with this new guy. But part of her may not be all in.  Indeed, she may have some serious doubts.

Or her uncertainty could be just below the surface.  Either way, your ex girlfriend may act in a way that prevents her from being completely shut off from you.

She may choose not to block you on social media.  She may keep tabs on you by sending you an occasional text or accidentally running into you if you both frequent the same social circles.

Sign Two – Your Ex Girlfriend Makes a Point To Show Off Her New Boyfriend

Another sign that your ex is truly not over you is she tries just a bit too hard to make it known she has a new boyfriend.

Perhaps she publishes pics and posts on her favorite social media platforms, hoping you will notice.

Think of it as a jealousy ploy.  Sure, she may be confused and perhaps was too impulsive in getting mixed up with another guy so soon after the breakup. But her anger and resentment may have fueled her motivations.

So now she wants you to know that guys out there value and appreciate her.  This can be the case particularly if you were the one who dumped her.

Now she wants a little payback.  She wants you to notice.  And she wants you to work and compete to get her back. This very well could be what is going on in her mind and could explain her slightly over the top behavior.

Sign Three – She Is Suffering From the Rebound Blues and Complains To Her Friends

sad girl

Another way you can tell that her rebound guy has failed to gain any real traction is that she will confide in her friends and invariably one or more of them will tell you.

If you hear from her friends about her not being all that happy with this new guy, it could very well be the truth.

Then again, you need to consider the possibility she wanted her friends to tell you so they could gauge your reaction and come running back to her with a full report.

Either way, if you hear things are not going so well with her new boyfriend, then just maybe she will be more amenable to your overtures.

Sign Four – Your Ex Girlfriend Reaches Out To You To “Check Up” On How You Are Doing

A surefire clue that things are thawing out on the breakup front is when your ex girlfriend starts leaving you messages under the guise that she is just checking up on you.

She may go on pretending all is well in her world.  And maybe they are.  But more often than not, something is not clicking. She could be missing you and wants to gauge how you might respond or if you will even respond.

The more often she reaches out to you, the better your prospects become as the lines of communication as some point need to be wide open if progress is going to be made.

Sign Five – You Learn That She Has Broken Up or is Struggling With Her New Boyfriend

Sometimes girls will find clever ways for you to get certain information they want you to hear about.

Maybe she posts something on Facebook or Instagram to give you an indication that things are not going so well.

Maybe she has broken up with this rebound guy and she wants you to know.  Often, she won’t shout out such things to the world.  But she knows you are probably listening and watching her through social media so she may find a way to convey that things are changing in her relationship.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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If she resorts to this tactic, it is usually her way to try to get you to step up and respond in some supportive manner.

Depending on where you are in the post breakup process, this could be the right time to leverage this opportunity to your advantage by playing nice.

In Closing

If you find yourself wondering whether you have a chance of ever getting your ex girlfriend back given that she now has a new boyfriend, just remind yourself that rebound relationships happen often after a breakup.

And the one common denominator they all share is that they usually fall apart over time.  And when they do, your ex girlfriend is going to give off certain clues that things are different with her now.

The fact is that many girls drop into these rebound relationships for the wrong reasons.

In the beginning, they don’t realize this.

In the beginning it is just exciting and new.  But as the feelings they still have for you crystallize, they begin to question whether they made the right choice.

Then honeymoon period that often accompanies the rebound comes to an end, fully testing the compatibility of her and her newfound boyfriend.

So look for some signs that her previous indignant and angry responses toward you could be softening.

Time is often on your side with these situations.  So long as you don’t make things worse and actually work toward reinforcing your value, you stand a better than average chance of reconnecting with her again.

And then the real work begins.	

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