By Chris Seiter

Updated on October 26th, 2022

It sucks to be ignored doesn’t it?

Personally speaking, I can’t stand it.

I remember way back in the elder days when I was dating my wife and she would ignore me I would hate it. In fact, I would hate it so much I would think to myself,

“Well, that’s it for me… It was a good run Chris.”

Being ignored from a woman that you are in love with SUCKS!

It’s the truth.

And that’s whats happening to you right now, isn’t it?

But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if I told you that I could teach you a method that will raise your chances EXPONENTIALLY to get your ex girlfriend to respond to you when you text/call/talk to her.

Does that sound like something you would be interested in?


Ok, lets begin!

Her Mindset When It Comes To Not Responding To You

yoda hand

Think about the act of your ex girlfriend not responding to you.

What could be going through her mind?

That’s what I intend to explore in this section by teaching you the three most likely outcomes that your ex girlfriend could be engaging in when she ignores you.

I guess we should get right to it.

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Outcome #1- She Is Ignoring You On Purpose

I would like to demonstrate this using two fake people.

Meet Blake and Jackie,

blake and jackie

They just went through a breakup and Jackie has since ignored Blake’s attempts to reach out to her.

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It kind of goes a little something like this.

blake texts jackie

The thing that I want to hammer into your head is that with this outcome Jackie saw Blake’s text message and chose to ignore it.

Pretty self explanatory, right?

But why?

Why does Jackie ignore Blake’s text message?

Well, there are literally thousands of reasons but I am just going to give you a few of the most common.

Fallout Over The Breakup

Lets pretend that Jackie and Blake had the breakup of a century.

Things were thrown…

Things were said…

Weapons were drawn…

Actually it might be fun to create a graphic depicting this bad breakup.

Hmm… lets see here,

blake texts jackie copy

You get the idea.

Anyways, it’s entirely possible that when Blake reached out via text message to Jackie that she ignored it on purpose because she is still angry over the breakup. Think of it like a mini grudge that she is holding against Blake and her way of “getting back at him” is ignoring him.

Fallout Over The Last Conversation They Had

But what if Blake and Jackie had a relatively light breakup?

What if the animosity between them didn’t start until after the breakup?

How the heck does that work?

Good question.

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Lets say that Blake and Jackie were talking post breakup and the two got into a fight with each other over something stupid,

blake texts jackie copy

Well, it’s entirely possible that when Blake sends that text message to Jackie that she is still holding some animosity over their “something stupid” fight and ignores it because of that.

Again, pretty self explanatory.

Blake Was Super Annoying To Jackie In Their Past Conversations

I’m not going to lie to you, I see this one a lot.

In fact, I created a special acronym to explain it.

I call it GNAT!

Yes, like those type of gnats that buzz around your head and don’t go away no matter how many times you try to swat them away.

G- Going

N- Nuts

A- At

T- Texting

Pretty cool, huh.

Here is how this works. Imagine that after the breakup, Blake sends Jackie a lot of needy and desperate text messages and they start annoying her,

blake texts jackie

In fact, they start annoying her so much that when Blake starts sending messages she just starts ignoring them because she can’t handle his craziness and insecurity anymore.

Again, I have seen this happen A LOT!

But more on that later. For now, lets look at another outcome for why your ex girlfriend may not be responding to you.

Outcome #2- She Hasn’t Seen Your Message Yet

I am kind of having fun with Blake and Jackie.

Do you want to stick with them?

Ok, in this example Blake sends Jackie a text message and she doesn’t respond (obviously) but it’s not because she is ignoring Blake on purpose. No, it’s due to the fact that she was super busy and hasn’t seen his text message yet.

Of course, Blake, since he is highly emotional due to the breakup, freaks out when she doesn’t respond immediately and thinks that Jackie is ignoring him.

Here is another fun graphic depicting what’s going on,

blake texts jackie copy

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Now, there isn’t a lot that I can say other than what I have already said regarding this outcome. Of course, there is one little twist to this that I haven’t covered yet.

What If Jackie Had Blake’s Number Blocked?

I have blocked many a women in my time.

Usually due to the fact that they annoyed the hell out of me.

So, it’s entirely possible that the reason that Jackie hasn’t seen Blake’s text message yet is due to the fact that she has his number blocked for a variety of reasons that I cover here. Now, I don’t know how every phone functions with regards to blocking a number but I know how my phone works. Basically any incoming call/text that I get from a number that I have blocked won’t even register. It’s like this magical barrier forms that prevents that number from infecting my phone.

You know where this is going, right?


blake texts jackie copy

Outcome #3- She Is Doing It On Purpose To Make You Want Her More

I am about to tell you something that may frighten you.

Well, perhaps “frighten” isn’t the right word.

Ah.. enough set up. I will just get right to it.

Women are masters of manipulation.

They just are.

They know how to play “the game” better than men. I know a lot is made out of the male “players” out there but the truth is that women have and will always be better players than men.


Well, I have a very long explanation about why that is but if I dive right into it I am afraid I will get off topic?


You want the explanation don’t you?

…. Sigh.

I warned you.

Ok, check this out.

When you look at men, women and their main difference it’s pretty much physical strength.

Look, I am not trying to piss off any of the feminists out there but even they can’t deny that men, in general, are stronger than women.

Just to be clear I am not talking about mentally. I am talking about this in purely physical terms.

Now, have you ever heard the term,

Hunters and Gatherers

Basically the term “hunter and gatherer” is used to define a type of society that humans adapted early in history. The premise of it worked like this,

Men would hunt- Large wild animals

Women would gather- grains, fruit, seeds, roots, insects, eggs, small animals

What does that have to do with any of this?

Not a thing.

I am just painting a picture for you before I get to my ultimate point.

In a society predominately run by strength (men who would hunt big animals were preferred over women) how could women possibly survive?

They weren’t strong.

They didn’t have the flashy job of hunting huge animals.

So, what’s the best way to survive?

It’s to wrap a strong man around her finger (using sex) so he stays committed to her and protects her.


Even back then women were the ones manipulating men with their superior emotional intellect.

Oh, and the hunter/gatherer societies were common up until about 10,000 years ago.

So, we aren’t exactly far removed from those times.

Here is my ultimate point.

Women know how to play the game. Hell, they are the masters of playing the game. So, when it comes to ignoring you on purpose to make you want her more. She is definitely not above it.

Still not sure what that looks like?

Hahaha well, lets ask our favorite friends Blake and Jackie to demonstrate,

blake texts jackie copy

So, the ultimate question that you are probably having right now is,

“Wait, if my ex girlfriend is ignoring me on purpose so I will want her does that mean that she actually wants me back?”

Good question.

A couple of things I want to cover here.

  1. This is the absolute rarest outcome there is.
  2. Just because she ignores you on purpose to make you want her more doesn’t mean she wants you back.

But to be honest all of this is an explanation for another day.

And the explanation isn’t going to change the ultimate goal of this article, to get your ex girlfriend to respond to you.

How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Respond To You



So much to talk about here.

I suppose I am going to start this section of by saying that I don’t care what you did to make your ex girlfriend NOT respond to you (and yes it’s always something you did.) The strategy that I am about to teach you will work for just about any situation I can think of.

Now, does that mean that it’s going to work 100% of the time?

Nope, nothing is that full proof. However, this strategy works like crazy if you are able to implement it correctly. Oh, I skipped the best part.

There is only ONE RULE you have to follow.

Care to take a guess at what that one rule is?

You must do everything I say without question.

Geez… I feel like I just tapped into my inner “Frank Underwood.”


Here is the deal.

If you do everything that I say you are going to have a chance.

A really good chance.

Now, am I a miracle worker? No, but I do know what I am talking about and I think you know that or else you wouldn’t have read this far down on the page.

Lets get started.

Step One: Time Has To Pass

no time

I just hired someone to help me with the comments here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery. Her name is Amor and she really knows her stuff. In other words, if you comment you are going to get a response from either Me, Amor or my wife. But I am getting off topic.

When I was interviewing Amor she said something that struck me as interesting.

“I like challenges”

Hey me too!

In fact, I love challenges. I am going to put that little phrase to use here.

Lets assume we are in a worst case scenario in the fact that you bombarded your ex girlfriend with a million different text messages.


Think about that picture above that I drew for you… actually, I will just post it again here,

blake texts jackie

Lets assume this happened between you and your ex girlfriend to the extent where your ex girlfriend wants nothing to do with you.

Do you honestly think that texting her again is the answer?

Hell no, you will just piss her off more. Instead, I think time is going to have to pass for you to even have a chance of getting a response.

Think of it this way.

Lets pretend that each text message you send is the equivalent of taking one point away.

Now, lets say that your ex girlfriend has to have ten points accumulated for her to be willing to respond to your text messages.

So, she started out with ten points and willing to text you but then you bombarded her with twenty text messages.

10 – 20 = -10

You are at negative ten.

So, how the heck can you turn a negative ten into a positive ten?

Well, now I would like to add a new rule. Lets say that every day that goes by without you texting her is the equivalent of adding one point to her willingness to text you internal scale. By this logic it would take 20 days for her to be willing to respond to you again.

Now, I am just using this is an example to demonstrate a point.

You absolutely have to let some time go by before you try getting a response from your ex girlfriend. You just have to.

Step Two: Texting Vs. Calling?


So now comes the age old question.

Do you text your ex girlfriend?


Do you call your ex girlfriend?

A lot of experts out there have different ideas about this but I am not going to bullshit you. I have one very clear idea and my way IS the right way.

Remember, I am channeling Frank Underwood here and Frank Underwood doesn’t fu*k around,

fank underwood

I am a big believer in the “natural approach.” Now, I don’t know what your experience has been when it comes to attracting women but in today’s day and age I have found that texting at the beginning is considered to be less threatening.

Think of yourself as a hunter sitting in a deer blind waiting for a deer to come by.

Patience is required.

Hell, lets not mess around here. A LOT of patience is required.

Now, lets say that you are sitting in that deer blind waiting for that deer to come and a rabbit hops by.

It’s at this point that you are faced with a choice.

deer vs rabbit

Do you claim the rabbit (what appears to be a sure thing) or do you continue to be patient and wait for the deer?

Oh, and just to be clear in this analogy the rabbit is calling your ex too soon and the deer is texting your ex the correct way.

Lets say that you let your impatience get the better of you and you decide to bag the rabbit. However, as you shoot the rabbit a deer, who was nearby, hears the gunshot go off and runs away. If only you were a little bit more patient the deer would have walked into the area and you would have succeeded.

Calling an ex too soon is a lot like that.

Sure, I can teach you how to get your ex to respond to you over the phone but to me that’s not as powerful as having an ex respond to you EVERY time you talk to her.

That’s really what we are going for here.

So, the next step of this process is to use text messaging.

But this text has to be phenomenal.

It has to be worth responding to.

Of course, we also have to understand the context. I mean, ideally if you are following my advice you will have let some time pass so we need to take that into account when we are constructing this text.

How To Write A Phenomenal Text Message She Will Respond To


Now, there are two approaches to creating a phenomenal text message (that will get your ex girlfriend to respond.)

You have the “less is more” approach which I am not going to lie to you can be a little risky but has a high rate of success (more on that in a second.) And then you have the “straightforward” approach.

I am going to teach you both approaches and I will be trying to cover every single thing I can think of.

So, lets just get right to it.

The Less Is More Approach

The idea behind the “less is more” approach is that you are going to send a text message that isn’t very long BUT you send something that makes her “just have to get a response.”


I just realized that is a horrible explanation haha.

Ok, how about I just show you.

Lets say that I was dating your ex girlfriend and we went through a breakup.

Of course, every single time I reached out to her after the breakup I have gotten the cold shoulder. So, after getting the cold shoulder for the millionth time I decide to implement a new strategy.

I decide to make a mysterious statement that makes her curious enough to respond to.

What’s the statement?

just saw

Notice how this text message just screams for a response.

Potentially I can have her going,

“Wait, what did he see? I have to know!”

Remember, the main goal of sending this text message is to get a response. Now, I am aware that there will be some naysayers out there who will look at this text message and go,

“But Chris, what if she is so pissed off at us that this isn’t enough to pique her curiosity?”

It’s a good question.

Of course, I have the solution.

Make it about her!

Wait… What?

What’s the number one thing want to hear about?


I am going to tell you a fun story about me… or rather the psychology behind my curiosity.

One of the coolest things about working online now-a-day’s are all the great analytic tools at our disposal. In fact, I have one of these tools installed on this very website. It’s called “Google Analytics.” Basically all it does is track the amount of visitors that come to the website and where they came from.

Anyways, yesterday I was looking through the analytic report and noticed that a large number of visitors were coming to the website through my name,

Chris Seiter

Specifically, “Chris Seiter Review” or “Ex Girlfriend Recovery Reviews.”

Immediately I thought, “Cool, I wonder what these reviews are saying about me?”

So, I went to Google and typed in “Chris Seiter Reviews” and I found a woman who was talking about me.

I believe the word she used was “Douchebag…”

Ya, my curiosity bit me in the ass.

But look at the psychology behind my actions. Because my name was in the analytics report I just had to know.

And I’m not the only one who is like this.

EVERYONE is going to prefer to hear about themselves over anyone else.

So, use this to your advantage.

Now, I know what your thinking.

“But Chris… How? How can we do that?”

It’s simple.

We are going to take the idea behind the text message example above and center it around your ex.

So, the idea is to make a statement and allude that, that statement is about your ex.


Ok, try this on for size,

tell you

Now, upon receiving a message like that your ex girlfriend ideally should go into panic mode.

“What does he need to tell me?”

“Is it bad?”

“Ahh… I’ve got to know.”

Remember, the goal of this entire article is to get a response and this may very well be the best way to get it. Now, there is one small drawback to using this tactic.

The drawback is the fact that you need to come up with a compelling response to whatever your ex girlfriend says to you after you send this text message. But more on that later. For now, lets move on to the second way you can get a response via text message.

The Knowledge Approach

The premise of this approach is to use the knowledge that you already have about your ex girlfriend to your advantage in a text message.

Let me give you an example.

If your ex girlfriend loves Star Wars then you would probably want to make your text tie in to Star Wars somehow.

So, here is what I often tell men who are preparing this type of a text.

Everyone has that one thing that they can’t resist talking about.

For me it would probably be something nerdy like Naruto or Game of Thrones (yes, I am a nerd don’t judge.) Your goal is to find that one thing that your ex girlfriend can’t resist talking about.

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to take out a piece of paper and jot down all of your ex girlfriends likes.

NOT her dislikes. I don’t want you talking about that at all.


Maybe I should do this little exercise with you.

Ok, my wife.

Hmm… what is one thing that she can’t resist talking about?

Two things immediately come to mind,


baby lilly

(Our Baby)

And this…

hot air balloon

So, I would need to incorporate these aspects into a text to my wife if I were to get her to respond.

Maybe if I tried something like this,

interesting text

The key to this text is that it is built around my wife’s interests.

The theory is that she can’t not respond to this because of her excitement about those interests.

Now it’s your turn.

What texts can you come up with?

Ensuring That You Keep Getting Her To Respond To You

talk to me again

This is really what it’s all about.

You know, I have seen a lot of men come through Ex Girlfriend Recovery claiming,

“All I want is her to respond to me… I will do anything to get her to respond to me.”

Yet when I teach them what they need to do to get a response it isn’t enough.

For example, I had a guy last week somehow track down my personal email begging me for advice on how to get his ex girlfriend to respond to him. He said he came to the site, used the tactics and got a response but that was it. After that initial response there were no more and he was at a loss for what to do.

What’s my point?

Getting an ex girlfriend to just respond to you isn’t enough, it’ll never be enough.

I want to make one thing clear.

Our goal with this guide isn’t just to get a response. It’s to get a response every single time you talk to her.

But how?

How do we do that?

Well, I have already taught you the premise behind getting her to respond to you via text message and I am sure a large percentage of you who try my method above will get a response but there is more to this than getting a response.

What you need is a nuclear football.

The Nuclear Football

nuclear football

You do know what the nuclear football is, right?

It’s basically a satchel or briefcase that the US President (or someone close to the President) carries around that has the codes to launch a nuclear strike.

What does any of this have to do with getting an ex girlfriend back?

Well, YOU need your very own nuclear football if you want to ensure that your ex girlfriend will keep responding to you time and time again.

So, what is our version of the nuclear football?

Our Version Of The Nuclear Football: Making sure every conversation you have with your ex after you get her to respond has value and interests her to the level where she wants to keep talking to you.

Sounds relatively simple, right?

Well trust me when I say that it’s not. Especially when you take into account that the person you are trying to hold a valuable conversation with doesn’t want to talk to you.

So, I have taken the liberty of creating a cool little graphic for you to look at below,

convo with ex

This is something I like to call the nuclear football method.

It is also how you are going to ensure that your ex girlfriend keeps responding to you every time you reach out to her.

There are four parts to it,

  1. Getting Her To Respond
  2. Adding Value To The Conversation
  3. Ending The Conversation At The High Point
  4. Starting The Process Over Again

Lets talk a little bit about each part.

PART ONE: Getting Her To Respond

To be honest there is not much more that we need to cover when it comes to part one because I did a huge section on that above. So, if you have a sudden memory loss and need a refresher I suggest you go up and take a look at the section above about how to make your ex girlfriend respond to you via text messages.

Lets move on.

PART TWO: Adding Value To The Conversation

So, there is an important distinction that I want you to make here.

The goal isn’t to just have a conversation with your ex girlfriend.

That isn’t going to get you anywhere.

The goal is to add some type of value to the conversation. Women love to be fascinated and there are a million different ways that you can fascinate them.


I suppose you want an example.

Ok, lets go with something simple and lets say that you were to tell your ex girlfriend a story. But this isn’t just any story. This is a story that she will never forget. Something that she will remember on her deathbed.


I guess you want an example of that too don’t you?

Ok, I will tell you a story from my life and give you an inkling of what I am talking about.

Ten years ago something happened to me. I had a curious case of deja vu. Now, if you don’t know what deja vu is it is actually derived from the French language literally meaning “already seen.” In other words, deja vu means you see the same phenomenon twice. So, at this point you are probably wondering, “Ok, what the hell did you see twice.” Well, in order to understand that you need to understand what my life was like at that time.


Ten years ago I was a sophomore in high school and I was very into baseball, particularly pitching. Anyways, I had a great support system in that my dad would pick me up everyday after school and help me practice. Yes, he would literally catch me as I pitched to him. Anyways, one day as I was pitching to him I saw a curious cloud in the background. And that cloud got closer and closer to me until I noticed what it was.




Yes, it was a swarm of bees that was heading straight at us. So, we did what any person who sees an incoming swarm of bees would do, WE RAN! Luckily the bees didn’t come close to us as they changed direction rather suddenly.

But that’s not the most amazing part of this story.


The next week something even more incredible happened while I was at school. You see, in addition to playing baseball I was also on the track team. Well, during a practice I noticed everyone suddenly stopping everything they were doing and crouching on the ground.


“What the hell are they doing” I thought to myself.


It turns out that they were crouching and hiding from an incoming swarm of BEES!


I couldn’t believe my eyes.


The bees were back.


Deja Vu!

These are the kind of stories that you need to tell to add value to a conversation.

Get it?

PART THREE: Ending The Conversation At The High Point

This is an essential part of this process.

After you feel you had added enough value to the conversation you need to end it at the high point.


Because of the simple fact that it will leave your ex girlfriend wanting more and the more she wants you the more she will be willing to respond to you.

PART FOUR: Start The Process Over Again

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Just keep doing this process over and over again and pretty soon you will have the only thing more powerful than a nuclear bomb…

A woman’s love!

(Ok, that was kind of goofy but you get what I am going for here.)	

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