By Chris Seiter

Updated on May 8th, 2020

So you have taken the plunge.  You decided to implement the No Contact Rule.  But you are still worried about your ex girlfriend possibly losing interest in you, even moving on for good.

How should you deal with these concerns?

Is there a good chance your ex girlfriend could forget about you and pick up the pieces and move on?  Perhaps finding another guy or just getting tired of waiting for you.

As with any ex recovery strategy, there is always risk.

But the chances of your ex girlfriend moving on during the time you are implementing your no contact strategy is not very high.

Why is that?

And what should you do if you suspect that she might be slipping through your hands?

It certainly helps to have a comprehensive Ex Recovery Program to follow.

So let’s talk about all this!

7 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend is Unlikely To Move on During the No Contact Rule

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I know its hard when you are in the middle of the No Contact Period.  Flash worries about your ex girlfriend finding another guy or simply losing all interest in you can occupy your mind.

Perhaps at the time of the breakup she said some things that made you fear that she is moving on to greener pastures or is simply tired of you.

I hear from guys all of the time who tell me their ex told them they they were disgusted and fed up and didn’t want anything to do with them.

So it’s not unusual to feel that during the time you are implementing the No Contact Rule that your ex girlfriend will think very little about you.  You might even worry about her looking for a new guy, putting your relationship way out of her mind.

But despite these fears, it is much more likely that your ex girlfriend is far from forgetting you.  Irrespective of what she may have said,  it’s going to be very hard for her to move on and away from the relationship you both enjoyed together.

There is usually many more chapters to be written.

So here are 7 reasons why your ex is probably not putting you in the rear view mirror.

1. She Really Does Love You

Despite your insecurities about losing her forever, the big truth is she probably still loves you very much.  And love is not one of those feelings that easily slide right on out of one’s consciousness.

If she loved you, it’s likely she loves you still and spending some time apart while your are working through your No Contact Period is not going to erase her feelings of love and connection.

2. She Is More Likely To Miss You More and Want To See or Hear From You

ex missing you

While you are in your No Contact Period, her feelings for you are not likely to subside as you may fear.

Rather, the opposite usually happens.  During the no contact period, she will likely begin to miss you and all of those good times the two of you enjoyed together.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Sure, her mind may also be filled with some angry thoughts and resentments, but usually your ex will eventually find herself thinking about some of those very special positive experiences you had as a couple.

This period of reflection will invariably cause her to miss you both from an emotional angle as well as your physical presence.

3. Your Relationship Was Likely Not Built On a Flimsy Foundation

Often, we are led astray by our worst fears.  But if you think about it, her simply forgetting and moving on is much less likely if the relationship was built on a strong foundation.

The truth is that the two of you spent a lot of quality time together and shared a lot of positive experiences.  These past experiences act as a form of gravity causing each of you to be pulled in each other’s direction.

This kind of traction, that comes about after being with each other so intimately, cannot be underestimated.

It serves as a pulling force.  One part of your ex may still be very upset with you.  But another part can’t help but want to be by your side again.

 4. You Are Going To Be Doing Things To Help Her Keep You in Her Heart and Mind

You should not be worrying about her losing interest in you, rather you should be following the teachings of my Ex Recovery Program in which I show you how you can keep yourself alive in her mind.

Using social media wisely along with your friend’s network can help you keep the spark alive.  There is a method in which this should be done to maximize its benefit.

But be reminded that coming on too strong can set you back.  Nevertheless, if you drop the right messages and information out there for her to consume, you can create an environment in which she will hunger for your attention.

5. She Is More Likely to Use This Time For Her Own Recovery and Reflection – Not Focusing on Forgetting About You

ex reflection time

Don’t consume yourself with fears about what she might or might not do during the No Contact Period.  Follow the Ex Recovery Action Plan I teach and you will learn that your focus should be on your own personal recovery.

Also think in terms of allowing this time to benefit your ex girlfriend too.  She too needs to recover from the difficulties of the breakup.  This is where she will likely be spending much of her time.  Like you, she needs to pull back and work though the myriad of emotions she will be experiencing.

So just because you have not heard from her doesn’t mean she has moved on and tossed you aside.

Give it some time.

6. The Fear of Her Moving On Is Often An Irrational Fear – Learn to Deal With It

Our fears can conspire to get the best of us.

The worst thing you can be doing is stewing about whether she is completely through with you.  All that will do is raise your anxiety levels and potentially cause you to do things you later regret.

To often I have seen clients panic and start texting or calling their ex girlfriend, pleading with them to not give up on them.  This approach might make you feel better in the short run, but trust me, you are doing yourself damage and further weakening your personal power.

Don’t succumb to irrational fears.  You cannot control everything she thinks and nor should you believe everything she says.

7. If She Does Appear To Move On It Likely Won’t Hold Any Traction

Sometimes you will get a lot of signs that suggest your ex girlfriend is indeed leaving you behind.  Maybe she has told you outright.  Or possibly she has fallen into another relationship.

But just because she declares that she is through with you doesn’t make it so in the long run.  We all say things we either don’t mean or choose to reverse later.

And if your ex girlfriend has fallen into the arms of another guy, don’t think it’s a surefire sign that she has finally stopped loving you and moved on.

There is a good chance that she has fallen prey to a rebound relationship.  Indeed, the act of being with this other guy can sometimes cause your ex to realize she is not over you.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Naturally she will compare him to you and he may very well come up short.

So keep your head up and stick with your Action Plan.

The whole process of recovering from a breakup is just that – a process.

And the final Chapters have in most cases not been written.

What Should You Do If You Are Certain Your Ex Is Moving On During the No Contact Period?

texting her

First of all, don’t panic if you feel your ex is giving up on you.

Remember, it is normal for you to experience some anxious thoughts.  Your worst fears will likely emerge.  Fears like she doesn’t want you anymore.  Fears like she has found someone else while you have been in no contact.

You can’t live your life in fear of every possibility.  Go back and reread the section above and realize the odds are very much in your favor and that in most cases, the “no contact strategy” is going to benefit you both in many ways in the long run.

Now if you have real facts that point to her giving up on you, possibly moving on to greener pastures, then before you take any action just ask yourself if these are real facts or is she or someone else playing head games with you.

If your ex girlfriend is acting like she is no longer interested in you, it would not be the first time an ex has pretended to feel this way.  It is possible she was simply trying to get attention or even hurt you.

You should have clear and indisputable evidence that she is over you and wants to move on before you act.  That means there needs to be multiple sets of facts and she needs to demonstrate that attitude for a good period of time.

It is very possible she is going through a fickle period, saying things to you or others that she doesn’t really mean.

She could be acting out, just trying on for size what it might feel like to leave you behind.

Taking all of this into consideration, if you still feel certain she is slipping away, then consider breaking your No Contact Period and implementing some of the texting strategies I talk about in my eBook, “The Texting Bible” or my core eBook, “Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro“.

But don’t make yourself into a pest.

If your ex is starting to feel this way, the worse thing you can do is crowd her.

But if you place a few doubts in her mind with some well timed ex recovery tactics, you might just be able to cause her to revisit her previous thinking.	

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