By Chris Seiter

Published on March 10th, 2022

So your ex girlfriend has left you saying she doesn’t want you back.  But all you can think is how can you turn the tables such that she wants you back badly.

You want her to feel it every day.  You want your ex girlfriend to miss you in every way and want you back in her life so much that she will do just about anything.

So how do your completely turn her around?

Well, I am going to show you. And the first thing you need to realize is that it won’t be any single action you take that will make your ex girlfriend desperate for your attention and your company.

It will be a plethora of things you will set into motion that will hopefully get her into the right mind space .  Ultimately, you have arrived when she shows you that she needs you like no one else.

Let me give you my seven best ideas on how you can change your fortunes such that you are calling the shots and your ex girlfriend eventually becomes hungry for your attention and affections.

7 Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Realize She Needs You Back More Than She Ever Imagined

If you are like most guys you are wondering what steps must you take to make your ex girlfriend want you to return to the relationship.

The idea here is you need to lite a fire under your ex girlfriend so she feels a sense of urgency to get you back.

More specifically, you will want to lite numerous fires and create the kind of environment that switches the power of need from you feeling desperate to one where she is clamoring to get your attention.

Step One:  Your Ex Girlfriend Must Realize You Are Not a Push Over

One of the things your ex will need to learn is that you are no pushover.

Just because the relationship ended up in a breakup doesn’t mean you are going to have to play the role of chaser.  In fact if you take on that attitude and if she senses she is in charge and that you are willing to do anything to resume the relationship, you have already set yourself way back.

You want to do the opposite.  You want your ex girlfriend wondering what is going on with you.  It is natural for her to be curious and deep inside, she is probably secretly hoping you are desperate to see her again.

You don’t want to give up that kind of personal power.  So cut out any of those things you are doing that will give her the impression that you can’t go on without her.

Indeed, that is what you want her to feel.  But it’s going to take some work to get her craving for you in that way.

Step Two: You Will Need To Make Distance Your Friend

So how do you make her want you more than she ever imagined?

It starts with doing the opposite of what you may be thinking.  Most guys tend to think that they need to charm their ex girlfriend off their feet by saying all the right things.

That approach usually gets you no where.

To get your ex girlfriend all worked up to talk to you…to see you again…you must use silence and distance to your advantage. That’s right, do the opposite of what seems logical.

There are so many reasons why not contacting her will play to your advantage.  Instead of laying it all out in detail, let me just refer you to my awesome eBook, The No Contact Rule.

Or feel free to dive into some of my articles on this topic.

Step Three:  To Make Her Desire You Badly You Will Need To Learn How To Use Jealousy

Do you remember when I talked earlier about lighting some fires?  Creating a few threads of jealousy can cause your ex girlfriend to start thinking about you in a different way.

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But the key is not overplaying your hand.  It is imperative you drop small jealousy breadcrumbs to get her thinking and wondering.

Don’t lay down a big chunk of jealousy on her.

So what does this look like?

To make her want something a lot (namely you), you have to show that you have value.  That others find your attractive.  So to accomplish this, you need to call upon the power of social media or even subtle little rumors to create a narrative that other women out there find you, your pictures, and etc attractive.

To make this tactic shine, it has to be real.  I am sure there are numerous qualities about you that are attractive, even exciting to other women.

Create an environment where women are commenting about these qualities, even in the most subtle ways.

Your ex girlfriend’s imagination can take her a lot of places, so be reminded that when it comes to employing jealousy, less is more.

Step Four:  You Need to Target Her With Your Sexual Energy

One can make their ex girlfriend desire them very badly by simply having a positive, energetic, or even subtle sexual presence on social media or at places the two of you could potentially cross paths.

Most ex girlfriends cannot entirely shake off the sexual component of your prior relationship.  It lives and breathes in her in so many ways.  It can be a smell or the briefest of memories triggered by a visual connection that sets her off to thinking about a time with you.

What you want to do is put as many of these little nuggets out there for her to come across.

Again, you can use social media to accomplish some of this or you can use a mutual friend  or accidental encounter to help guide her to these fond memories.

Step Five: Find The Right Lane By Using Tide Attraction Theory

To get her back, you need to employ the pull and push forces that make up my favorite theory which I coined as “Tide Attraction Theory”.

Think of a tide that rolls in and rolls out.  When you begin engaging with your ex girlfriend again, to make her desire you badly, then you need to give her the attention she wants, then you need to pull back and cool it a bit.

What you don’t want to do is swamp her with attention.  That is no way to set her attraction on fire.  She will tire of being the center of all the attention.  She will take it for granted.

When you pull back and let time and silence run its course and/or let her initiate some of the action, you reinforce the kind of environment you need to create.

Attractive is a two way street and if the traffic is only going one way, you are not doing yourself any favors.

Step Six: Make Her Realize You Have Learned Valuable Life Lessons

As you begin to gain some traction with her and can see that she is coming around to opening up, this is the time to acknowledge to her that you made mistakes and are learning from them.  Open yourself up to being vulnerable.  This could very well be something that is very important for her to hear and see.

But whatever you do or say, don’t fake it.  It has to be real or she will see right through it.

Step Seven: Become Ungettable

One of the overriding themes of my Program is to say and do things that make you out as Ungettable.

But handle yourself in such a way that you are not coming off as playing hard to get.  That is a different thing and usually doesn’t work, particularly if you over play your hand.

Rather, when you are truly Ungettable, you are being your best self and are creating an attractive persona that your ex girlfriend won’t be able to resist.  People often want things they don’t have.

So make yourself available, but not completely so because you want to be the kind of guy that can get through life without necessarily having her back.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Be content within yourself.  Be like a magnet that attracts other people into your orbit.

You want your girlfriend hungry for your presence in her life.

This is the way of the Ungettable guy.

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