By Chris Seiter

Updated on July 9th, 2022

So what is going on in your girlfriend’s mind when she decides to block you?

And what about when she later unblocks you?

Then later, before you even realize it, you have been blocked again.

What’s with that!  It can seem like your ex girlfriend is being devious, playing games at your expense.

But this kind of blocking and unblocking behavior by your ex girlfriend can happen for many reasons.  Its not always because she is out to seek revenge or punish you.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp.

All of these social media platforms can be used as a weapon or tool in the breakup and makeup game.

Despite your ex girlfriend’s motivations, the outcome often leads to you having your emotions turned inside out.

That’s way I always advocate that you have a sensible ex recovery plan to deal with all this stuff such as my eBook, “Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro“.

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Do You Know What Your Ex Girlfriend Is Really Up To With Her Social Media Game

tapping into social media

I mean really, why is your ex girlfriend blocking and unblocking you for reasons that you cannot even begin to understand?

There has to be a reason for her behavior, right?

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if your ex girlfriend has blocked you on social media, such as on Whats app or Instagram, that she has to be really pissed off at you.

Or maybe you are locked out from to talking to her on the phone.  Let’s say she started blocking you on her phone right after the breakup.  You know this because you tried and discovered you number was blocked.

So let’s say you discover she has unblocked you on her phone.

Should that be interpreted as good news?  Is she inviting you to call? Should you?

Is it possible she is trying to draw you in?  Are you about to commit a sucker move?  Is your ex girlfriend getting into your head, playing mind games for the delight of payback?

Let’s say you take the bait.  Then you call her.  Then she hangs up on you, just for the pleasure of sticking it to you.

OK, so maybe things are not that bad.  Maybe you are blowing things out of proportion.  Perhaps your ex girlfriend just hung up on you after unblocking your phone because she panicked.

It happens all the time.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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This whole discussion of blocking and unblocking can really get confusing really fast.  One moment you figure, “well, I guess this whole thing is over.  She must hate my guts”.

Then in the next moment you find yourself unblocked which leads you believe, “Hey, maybe I have a chance with getting her back”.

So let’s drill down into what all this might mean and what if anything you can do about it!  And while you are at it, I also encourage you take a deep dive into this eBook I wrote as it is designed to help you navigate through all this mess!

5 Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Insists on Blocking You

blocked on social media

I know it can be incredibly frustrating when you girlfriend decides impulsively block you on Facebook or any other social media platform.

If she is also blocking you on Instagram or Snapchat, then it must feel like you have been thrown right out of her life, like an outcast.

Lately, one of the more popular moves by some of the ladies out there is to shut you out of whatsapp as well.

So you gotta be wondering, what does it mean.

You got to wonder why has your ex girlfriend ditched you so completely.  So let’s look at the main reasons why she insists on shutting you out.

1. You Ex Is Really Angry At You – This is Payback

So whatever went down between the two of you, you can bet she processed it in one way, while you dealt with it in another way.  But the bottom line is she is really upset with you.  Her anger may have blown right through the roof.  “Hell has no fury…” they say, right?  Chances are you said something that is really stuck in her mind and she is churning it over and over again.

Given the fury that boils inside her, you ex girlfriend has decided, probably impulsively, to make sure she never hears from you or sees you again.  So she reasons that one way to accomplish that is to completely block you on everything.

2. Your Ex Girlfriend Freaked Out and Blocked You Impulsively

Sometimes the stress and shock of a breakup can cause people to react in irrational ways.  I preach that it’s better to keep the social media lines of communication open.  It helps you in the long run as one can leverage these platforms to their advantage.  But sometimes people just get a little crazy and overreact and do something that they soon come to regret.

3. Your Ex GF Wants You To Suffer

I know.  Its not something anyone wants to admit.  But sometimes the devil comes out to play in our minds and if your ex girlfriend has a lot of pent up resentment, it may cause her to strike back at you in a way to hurt you.  Her rationale is that you have done something to make her suffer, so why shouldn’t you suffer.  Hence, she is going to shut you out and deprive you of  knowing anything about her.

4. Somebody Told Your Ex Girlfriend That She Should Block You

Sometimes people get bad advice.  So it is possible your ex’s best friend told her that shutting you out and blocking you would be the right thing to do.  Why?  Because she read its somewhere and supposedly it’s part of the no contact rule.  Well, perhaps there are some experts that offer this advice, but I am not one of them.

5. Your Ex GF Has Resorted To Blocking You To Save Herself From Any More Painful Reminders of You.

One of the more common reasons why your ex partner decided to block you is because she was trying to save herself from any more emotional hardship.  Reminders of you in social media might just cause her pain to grow to higher heights.  So she decides she can’t take it anymore and for her own well being, you become personal non grata.

5 Top Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Changed Her Mind and Unblocked You

like her post

So what if you are among those guys who are wondering “why my ex keeps blocking and unblocking my number and me on whatsapp?  Or let’s you don’t travel in those social media circles.  But that you are blocked and unblocked on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat?”

What are you to do if you find yourself in a middle social media chaos?

One day your ex girlfriend has locked you out of every corner of her life, then poof, you are suddenly added back in.  What are you to think?

What on earth does it mean?

Is it something good, you ask yourself.

You wonder if it was a mistake so you check it over and over again in case she changes her mind.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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And guess what?

Sometimes your ex girlfriend will change her mind such that in minutes or hours you find yourself blocked again.

That can really set your head to spinning as you try to piece together what could have have happened.

So let’s examine the possibilities.

1. You Ex Girlfriend Blocked and Unblocked You On Purpose

She knows what she is doing.

It is part of her plan.  First she wanted to send you a message that she could cut you out of her life. And your ex did just that.  She made sure you knew that she was very unhappy with you. The later she decides that since she is a woman of value, she wants you to see what her life is about. In this respect, your ex gf is acting with mindfulness and purpose.  She wants you to regret the breakup.

2.  It Was All a Mistake – She Didn’t Mean To Block You In the First Place

Perhaps your girlfriend was thinking about blocking you and was looking into how it’s done, then low and behold she ended up blocking you by accident.

I know.  Kinda lame, isn’t it.  But I wouldn’t mention if it has not happened in the past.

So later, after your ex realizes what she did, she quickly changed it back. You are now free to stalk on social media to your hearts delight.

Another possibility is your ex girlfriend actually has a crazy moment.  Let’s say she was not in her right mind when she blocked you.  Maybe somebody was egging her on to do it.  But later, she realizes that this was not what she wanted.   This will cause some of the flip flop blocking incidents on social media.

3. Your Ex Girlfriend Is Playing Social Media Mind Games.

In this scenario, you ex has decided that she wants to screw with you mind such that you won’t know what’s coming or going.

First she blocks you.

Then she unblocks you and sends out some tease stories, pics, or posts.

Then let’s say you respond in very positive and appropriate manner.  But there is no answer that will please her.  So no sooner than after you respond, she throws you under the bus again. Now you find yourself dead again to her social media world.

4. She is Testing You – Guess What?  You Didn’t Pass

OK, so maybe you did pass.  If so, you will know soon.

So in some cases your ex girlfriend will first block you, then unblock you to see what you do.

And if you somehow say and do all the right things she was secretly hoping for, you WILL pass her test and probably have your social media access restored for the long term.

But often it does not shake out that way.

More often than not, you will FAIL her test.

Somehow you said the wrong thing or she saw something on your social media feed that made her mad again at you.  Now you are in worst position.  OK, so it’s probably not that bad.  But it’s easy to get sideways with your ex girlfriend in the social media sphere.

5. Your Ex Girlfriend Had a Weak Moment

Perhaps she has you blocked because she just can’t bring herself to know what you are up to and any reminder of you really upsets her inside.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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But now some time has gone by and she can’t help but wonder what you are doing.  So curiosity can get the best of her as it does most of us.  It turns out social media stalking is pretty common.

So one things leads to another and she decides she is going to restore your social media privileges and take a peek at what you might be saying and doing.

So What Should You Do About It?

It really depends, doesn’t it.  Sometimes you have little control of what she does with her social media accounts.  But  I do have a few thoughts for you that can help you with how you should handle yourself to avoid the chaos and to cash in.

  • Don’t be the first one to start the blocking or unblocking social media war with your ex.
  • If your ex girlfriend cuts you out of her social media, don’t follow suit.  Don’t be a copy cat Social Media dud.
  • Don’t reach out and complain to her if she blocks you on anything.  It doesn’t pay to be a whiner.
  • If you are unblocked, use that social media pipeline wisely to build value and put the message out there that you want her to absorb.
  • Once your ex recovery strategy is well underway, utilize your social media access to her to build goodwill in small steps.	

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