By Chris Seiter

Published on January 4th, 2024

The moment the text or phone call came through from your ex, your heart probably skipped a beat: “Sure, dinner sounds nice, your ex probably exclaimed.”  Now you are at the stage of figuring out what it all means and how you should act.

With a dinner date on the horizon, it’s time to figure out what your Game Plan should be, right?  For starters, it wouldn’t hurt to call your Breakup Coach to get some pointers.  We can help you with that.

Short of that, consider this advice:

When an ex agrees to dinner, it’s a chance to reconnect but not necessarily a romantic revival. It’s important to approach the dinner with a positive, respectful attitude, showing personal growth. Post-dinner, keep communication light and give them space, respecting their feelings and the potential for different outcomes.

But I really think we should dig deeper, don’t you? I think it is helpful to know why you ex agreed to a dinner invitation.

And you want to have a before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner plan.  So let’s get into it!

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So Why Did Your Ex Agree To Have Dinner?

Firstly, let’s unpack what it means when an ex agrees to dinner. It’s a sign, sure, but of what?

  1. A Gesture of Friendship: Often, agreeing to dinner is a nod to the bond that once was. It doesn’t necessarily signal a desire to rekindle romance but rather an acknowledgment that enough time has passed to heal and transform the relationship into a friendship.
  2. Curiosity: People change and grow. Your ex might be curious about who you’ve become since the breakup. This curiosity can be purely platonic or something more, depending on other underlying feelings.  It may very well be about the continuation of the fine efforts you put into place to win your ex back.  Remember, my Ex Recovery Program is about building value over time.
  3. Closure: Sometimes, unresolved feelings or unanswered questions linger post-breakup. Dinner could be a setting to seek closure, ensuring that both parties can move forward without the weight of ‘what-ifs’.
  4. Reassessing the Relationship: It’s possible that your ex is reconsidering the relationship. People often reflect on their past relationships and may wonder if they made the right decision. Dinner could be a way for your ex to gauge whether there is still a connection or potential for reconciliation.
  5. Social Comfort and Familiarity: Sometimes, agreeing to dinner is less about the past relationship and more about seeking social comfort. Your ex might find your company familiar and comforting, especially if they haven’t formed many new relationships post-breakup.
  6. Guilt or Obligation: In some cases, an ex might agree to dinner out of a sense of guilt or obligation. If the breakup was one-sided or if they feel they hurt you, agreeing to dinner might be seen as a way to ease their own conscience.
  7. Mutual Interests or Circumstances: There might be practical reasons for the dinner, such as discussing joint responsibilities (like co-parenting or shared business interests), or it could be related to mutual social circles or events.
  8. Testing the Waters for Friendship: Your ex might be interested in seeing if a platonic friendship is feasible. This is different from seeking closure – it’s about establishing a new kind of relationship that’s free from romantic expectations.
  9. Mixed Signals or Confusion: It’s important to consider that agreeing to dinner doesn’t always have a clear motive. Your ex might be sending mixed signals or might be confused about their own feelings. It’s crucial not to jump to conclusions.
  10. Professional Reasons: If you and your ex are in the same professional field, they might see the dinner as an opportunity to discuss work-related matters in a neutral, non-threatening environment.
  11. Habitual Behavior: In long-term relationships, certain habits are hard to break. Agreeing to dinner might simply be a reflexive action based on past behavior patterns, without any deeper intention.

What It Probably Doesn’t Mean When An Ex Partner Agrees To Do Dinner

It’s easy to let hope color our interpretation, but it’s crucial to temper expectations:

  1. Not a Romantic Revival (Yet): An acceptance of a dinner invitation is not an automatic gateway back into a romantic relationship. It’s a step, perhaps, but not a leap.
  2. No Obligations: Your ex agreeing to dinner doesn’t put them under any obligation to rekindle the relationship. It’s a meeting, not a commitment.
  3. Not a Sign of Regret or Second-Guessing: Just because your ex has agreed to dinner does not necessarily mean they regret the breakup or are second-guessing their decision. It’s important to avoid assuming that this gesture reflects a desire to undo the past.
  4. Doesn’t Erase Past Issues: One dinner doesn’t erase the problems that led to the breakup. These issues, unless resolved or addressed, still exist. It’s important not to overlook or minimize the reasons why the relationship ended in the first place.
  5. Not Necessarily a Sign of Missing You: Agreeing to dinner doesn’t automatically mean your ex misses you or the relationship. It could be motivated by a variety of reasons unrelated to wanting to rekindle things.
  6. Doesn’t Imply Jealousy or Fear of Losing You: If you’re seeing someone new or have moved on, your ex’s willingness to have dinner shouldn’t necessarily be interpreted as jealousy or fear of losing you. It’s important not to project these emotions onto your ex without clear evidence.
  7. Not a Measure of Your Worth or Attractiveness: Your ex’s acceptance of the dinner invitation is not a reflection of your worth or attractiveness. Your value as a person is independent of your ex’s actions or decisions.
  8. Not a Guarantee of Future Interaction: Agreeing to one dinner doesn’t guarantee future interactions or a continuous line of communication. It could very well be a one-time event.
  9. Not Necessarily a Friendly Gesture: While it could be seen as a friendly gesture, it’s also possible that your ex has different motivations that aren’t about friendship or reconnecting on a personal level.
  10. Doesn’t Mean They Are Single or Interested in Dating: Don’t assume your ex is single or interested in dating (you or anyone else) just because they agreed to dinner. Their relationship status and interests are separate from their decision to meet.

Navigating the Dinner With Your Ex With Finesse

If you’re hoping to rekindle the flame, the dinner is your stage, but it’s all about subtlety and respect:

  1. Be Genuinely Interested: This is about showing that you care about their life beyond the context of your past relationship. Ask open-ended questions that allow them to share their experiences, achievements, and dreams since your breakup. Be an active listener, showing empathy and understanding. This isn’t just about catching up; it’s about showing that you value them as an individual.
  2. Showcase Growth: Talk about your life post-breakup in a way that highlights your personal development. Maybe you’ve picked up new hobbies, advanced in your career, or worked on personal challenges. The key is to share these improvements humbly. It’s not about proving you’ve done better without them, but about showing that you’ve evolved and grown.
  3. No Blame Games: Avoid revisiting past conflicts or trying to settle old scores. This can quickly turn the dinner from a pleasant catch-up to an uncomfortable confrontation. If conversations about the past arise, steer them towards positive memories or lessons learned, not blame or regret. This dinner is an opportunity to build new memories, not rehash old ones.
  4. Light and Positive: Keep the conversation light-hearted. Share amusing stories or experiences, talk about mutual interests or current events, and genuinely enjoy the meal. This creates a relaxed atmosphere and shows that you can have a good time together without the weight of past issues. Laughter can be a powerful tool in re-establishing a connection.
  5. Body Language: Non-verbal cues are as important as what you say. Maintain open body language – uncrossed arms, leaning slightly forward – to show interest. Smile and make eye contact to demonstrate engagement. However, be mindful of their comfort with physical proximity and touch. Respecting their personal space is crucial; it shows that you’re considerate of their boundaries.

In summary, the goal of the dinner is to create a positive, enjoyable experience that reflects the best of who you are now. It’s about building a new bridge, not repairing an old one.

Post-Dinner With Your Ex: Strategies

After the dinner is over, the ball is in your court, but play it smart:

  1. A Simple Message: Timing is key. Send a text a few hours after the dinner or the next morning. Keep it concise and genuine, such as, “I had a great time tonight. Thanks for the good conversation!” This shows appreciation without implying any expectations. Avoid overanalyzing their response or lack thereof; this message is more about courtesy than initiating further plans.
  2. Give Space: Resist the urge to immediately plan another meet-up or inundate them with messages. Giving space is crucial; it respects their autonomy and processing time. It also shows that you’re secure and patient, qualities that are attractive in a potential partner. During this time, stay occupied with your own life and interests.
  3. Reflect on the Interaction: Take some time to thoughtfully consider how the evening went. Reflect on both verbal and non-verbal cues. Did the conversation flow naturally? Was there laughter, eye contact, and a mutual willingness to share? Or did it feel strained and purely polite? Understanding these nuances will help you gauge the nature of your relationship post-dinner.
  4. Plan a Casual Next Meet-up: If you felt a positive vibe and believe there’s a chance for further connection, wait a few days before suggesting another casual outing. Opt for a low-pressure activity that allows for conversation, like grabbing coffee or a walk in the park. Frame it as an opportunity to catch up further, keeping it friendly and relaxed.
  5. Work on Yourself: Continue investing in your personal growth. Whether it’s pursuing hobbies, career goals, or personal wellness, show that your life is fulfilling on its own. This isn’t just about making yourself more appealing to your ex; it’s about being the best version of yourself for your own well-being.
  6. Respect Their Decision: Be prepared for all possible responses, including the possibility that they may not be interested in rekindling the relationship. If they express a desire to remain friends or to have no further meetings, accept their decision gracefully. Demonstrating respect and maturity in the face of rejection is not only crucial for maintaining your dignity but also leaves the door open for a positive relationship of some form in the future.


Dinner with an ex is a foray into a familiar yet uncharted territory, wouldn’t you agree.

However, it’s crucial to approach it with a balanced mindset, understanding that this dinner could be a new beginning or a graceful closure.

Whichever it is, embrace the experience for what it is – a chance to reconnect, reflect, and build upon the value and trust you have been seeking to grow.

And if it goes well as you hope, then reach out to us or your Breakup Coach and tell us how it went and what worked and didn’t work!



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