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Updated on July 10th, 2022

Hey there, gents!

So, you and your girlfriend broke up and you miss your ex. That’s understandable.

It probably goes beyond that. You are most likely wondering if she misses you too

Well, if you have read any of our “Get Your Ex Back” material then you know that every single process that we have laid out for you starts with No Contact. If you haven’t read our material then… shame on you!

I’m kidding. If you haven’t read our material then No Contact is likely a new concept to you. But if you found us by punching a search into Google, then there were plenty of other articles by sites in the Relationship recovery niche that mentioned No Contact. However, we here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery have a unique take on the No Contact Method. Don’t worry I’ll explain our take on it in a minute.

Today we are going to cover 9 things you should know about your ex missing you if you don’t reach out and contact her.  Though there is an art to how and when you do this.  So listen up!

I bet I can probably guess what you are wondering right now. If you go radio silent on your ex how will that make her miss you to the point of wanting you back?

Guess what?

It really does work!

Do you know why?

Well, first of all, you should know that ExRecovery is awesome and regularly helps people get their exes back. We wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Secondly, you are getting this advice straight from an ACTUAL girl who know what has made her miss her exes in the past.

I know! You’re surprised I’m not a computer right?

Nope, I’m real!

So, I’m going to answer this question straight up so you can get a preview on how the female mind and female emotions work.

By the time you are gone reading this article, you will know:

  1. How to know if your ex will miss you?
  2. How long will it take for your ex to miss you?
  3. What can you do to make her miss you?
  4. Does it means she will come back if she misses you?

Let’s get started….

How to Know If Your Ex Will Miss You

Okay, I’ll be honest here.

Your ex will miss you no matter what.

Shocking right?

You could have been the worst person in the world, but at some point she chose to get into a relationship with you. That means you had SOME redeeming quality.

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Perhaps she had fun with you. Perhaps you made her feel safe and comfortable. Perhaps you just look really good without a shirt on.

Whatever the reason, she made that choice to be tied to you in a relationship. I don’t know about you but being “official” is kind of a big deal to women these days. I guess it stems from so many unofficial relationships going on now.

Does She Demand To Have Space Now?

Anyways, even if you were a complete jerk, your ex’s mind will still take her back to that feeling of finding comfort with you. She will be reminded randomly that you made her laugh uncontrollably. She may even dream about you shirtless from time to time.

Whatever your her reason for dating you, it doesn’t just disappear because the two of you aren’t together. So, yes, your ex WILL miss you. No matter what.

It may not feel like it all the time, because who wants to flaunt that they are still thinking about their ex?

No one right?

So, yeah, even if she seems perfectly fine, she misses you at least sometimes if not every second of the day.

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How Long Does It Take To Miss Someone After A Breakup?

It takes some girls a minute or a month to miss their ex.

Some miss them almost immediately.

And others bounce back and forth between being okay with the break up  and then suddenly miss their ex like crazy. The timing differs from differs from girl to girl.

It’s like a universally known fact that women are complicated. Did you really expect understanding your ex’s emotions to be easy?

No way! You are so much smarter than that!!

If you’ve ever seen “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” Matthew McConaughey was talking about her purse, but it could easily describe the mind of most women.

“…there are many dark and dangerous things in there that we, the male species know nothing about.”

Anyway, I can tell you one thing for certain.

She WILL miss you. I’m 100% sure.

How do I know?

She will almost definitely miss you if you spent any significant amount of time together. I’m assuming you did that since you were dating.

Let’s say that I go in your house and… I take down a picture that has been hanging on your wall for ages. You might not notice it right away. It may not even bother you at first.

But, one day you notice it and you take a serious look at that spot where it used to be. From that point on you may miss seeing it when you look at that spot.

You could leave the house and have fun with your friends and not think about it.

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But then you come home and you see that spot again.You notice every time you

You see what I’m saying?

You may not constantly think about it or miss it.

You may miss it at first and then the feelings fade.

You may be okay with it being gone for a bit and then miss the way that wall looked before.

Or you may simply miss it only when you are reminded of it.

Now, I know, you probably want to know something more specific about when she will miss you and how long that takes. It’s likely that you will also want to know what you can do to get her to miss you even faster.

Girls tend to miss an ex either:

  1. Right away, immediately following the breakup
  2. A little while later once her emotions, in particularly anger, have settled

Let’s talk about each scenario.

What Makes Your Ex Miss You Right Away?

It is possible that your ex girlfriend will miss you right after the breakup?

Of course!

Again you ask… how do I know?

As is expected, and as I mentioned before, when you date someone you tend to spend unprecedented amount of time with them.

And what happens when you get used to something being around and you suddenly notice it’s gone?


If you broke up with her, there is a pretty good chance that she will miss you right after the break up…. like a really great chance.

You see, one thing cool about the Ex Girlfriend Recovery (EGR) is that we also have a program for girls called Ex Boyfriend Recovery (EBR).

Through that EBR program, our experts have been able to listen to hundreds, possibly thousands, of women talk about their feelings immediately following a breakup. These girls have gone through breakups under every single circumstance under the sun.

You know what all of them have in common?

They miss their exes.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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This is about as close to a hard fact that I can provide you with.

Science is also going to be in your favor here because you see, during a close relationship we release the hormone Oxytocin every time we are close or feeling connected to that someone.

Now, I don’t want to get too science-y on you here. But, what you need to know that Oxytocin is a feel good hormone.  After a breakup, she is going to be going through Oxytocin withdrawal unless she finds a new source of happiness.

That withdrawal is going to feed any slight inclination she had to miss you and the relationship that was giving her the feel goods in the first place.

Studies have likened the addiction to Oxytocin to an addiction to cocaine. Have you ever tried to keep a cocaine addict away from cocaine?

George Carlin made an excellent point once,

“What does cocaine make you feel like? It makes you feel like more cocaine.”

If I were to reword that for our purposes here today, I would say,

“What does love make you feel like? It makes you feel like you need more love.”

Most girls who miss you right away have some super strong connection to you that will take a while to sever.

So, no. Taking the time to do No Contact correctly won’t deter her from missing you if she falls into this category.

What Makes Your Ex Miss You When She Didn’t At First?

Now, if you and your ex had been fighting a lot, if you were clingy or overbearing, or if perhaps there was something else that was putting strain on the relationship, then it might take her a bit of time to start to miss you. At first, she may like not having you around because she is enjoying the lack of stress that came with those things.

Don’t worry, this feeling of relief after a breakup is usually only temporary.

Think about yourself, if you have been through a breakup in the past or know someone that has gone through a breakup where the relationship had it’s downsides and you didn’t quite miss your ex at first. It’s almost as if that weight of the fights or negativity has been lifted. You feel free.

That feeling of freedom replaces that dopamine source we talked about before. However, it doesn’t last forever. So, your ex will start to search for other sources of happiness, like picking up hobbies, seeking out adventure, or maybe even dating around.

It is the same thing here.

So, if at first your ex seems like she’s basking in the freedom of not being in the relationship any more, take heart in the fact that over time she will miss you and seek a way to fill the you-shaped hole in her life. Luckily, her enjoying that bit of freedom before she starts to feel that empty space you left behind gives you time to take advantage of No Contact.

Fortunately, I will be telling you how to use this fact to sway things in your favor in a moment. But first, there is one more thing we need to talk about before we do that and that is what causes your ex to act like she just can’t decide if she misses you or not.

What Makes Your Ex Seem Like She Can’t Decide If She Misses You Or Not?

Let’s say your ex is being super hot and cold with you. She reaches out and wants to spend time with you, maybe catch up. Then suddenly she cancels or she show up to get coffee then picks a fight. Hell, maybe she casually mentions she’s been on a few dates to make you jealous.

I’m going to tell you a secret. There are two main reasons women go all wishy-washy on men.

  1. She isn’t sure how she feels about you.
  2. She’s afraid of getting hurt.

If your ex isn’t sure how she feels about you, it could mean a number of things. She might like you, but might not be able to imagine a future with you. Or like we talked about before, she might keep toggling between remembering your faults and your better qualities that made her fall for you in the first place.

Either way it’s a head-verses-heart situation, an internal struggle.

I want to you picture a scale in your head.

On one side of the teeter-totter is “Bad Feelings” and on the other side is “Good Feelings.”

Good Feelings are related to the things that make her feel connected to you, dopamine inducing lovey dovey feelings. Bad Feelings are those all-around crap feelings that make her hesitant to consider trying to get you back.

At any given moment that scale is leaning one way or another. But when your ex is being hot and cold, her scale is constantly shifting back and forth depending on whether her mind is focused on those good feelings or bad feelings.

Remember what I told you I was certain of at the beginning of this article?

She will miss you.

It’s just a matter of making her miss you at the right time, after you’ve made it through No Contact.

So, What Can You Do To Make Your Ex Miss You?

There are several tactics you can use to make an ex girlfriend miss you, some good, some… not so good.

Today we are going to focus in on the one thing that notably works better than anything else when trying to get your ex to see you in a more positive light and getting her to miss you.

One thing you can do is what we here at EGR call the “No Contact Method.”

Still uncertain on what No Contact I keep mentioning is?

You probably have a decent idea, but Ex Recovery has a different tactic than most other “experts” in our niche.

Don’t worry, I have you covered.

First though, I want to tell you that the No Contact Method is helpful to make an ex girlfriend miss you in all scenarios, whether she…

  • Missed you right after the breakup
  • Missed you days or weeks later
  • Or If she can’t seem to decide if she misses you or not.

What Is The No Contact Method?

No Contact is a set amount of time during which you completely ignore your ex. If she calls you, texts you, sends up smoke signals…. you ignore her completely.

No Contact typically lasts 21, 30, or 45 days depending on the situation surrounding the breakup. If you aren’t sure which length you should go for, your best bet is to consult THIS article or Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro.

What do I mean by this?

Well, if your breakup was pretty amicable and a standard PG rated breakup, then you would stick to 21 days.

If your breakup was essentially World War 3, well, then you my friend are going to do a 45 day No Contact.

No Contact is mostly for you, but don’t forget that it is also for her. It gives any bad feelings she has towards you time to fade.

Don’t worry, those bad feelings fade a heck of a lot faster than good ones.

During No Contact, you are going to work on becoming the best version of yourself that you can.

You are going to work on any bad tendencies that may have lead to the break up and you are going to work on improving yourself. No I don’t just mean making a list of your worst qualities and then showing her them. That would be pointless.

It’s like going to the doctor with a broken arm and him just looking at it and saying,

“Yep! It’s broken!”

and doing nothing.

You are going to take that time during No Contact, whether it’s 21, 30, or 45 days, and you are going to put every single ounce of your effort into owning your bad qualities, habits, and tendencies. Own them and overcome them.

If you read that article or the EGR Pro material, there is some more in-depth information in there about how becoming the best version of yourself will help you get your ex back. Essentially, the point is that you don’t want to just sit and hope that your ex will miss you.

You want to be a person that she can fall back in love with.

A lot of our guys that come to the site think that addressing their faults means taht they should basically dance in front of their ex singing,

“Look at all of the effort I have put into changing myself to convince you to come back!”

As you can imagine, that is not attractive at all. Don’t do it. There is no need for the song and dance. As we discussed earlier, your ex is going to miss you at some point no matter what. Be sure that you are that person when she does. There are plenty of ways to show her that you’ve changed without putting on a dramatic display.

No Contact is a powerful tool to have in your pocket on your road to getting your ex girlfriend back.

Let’s talk about how and why the No Contact Period works!

Why Does No Contact Work?

Simply put, YES. No Contact works! Most Success Stories we see here at EGR involve the successful completion of a full No Contact.

You heard me right!

Doing a No Contact period will put you on the right path and it plays a serious role in getting your ex girlfriend back.

Without it… well, let’s just say your chances drop to almost impossible levels.

Will My Ex Miss Me Enough to Come Back?

Unfortunately, her missing you does not guarantee that she will come back. However, it does greatly improve your chances of getting her back.

I told you at the top of this article I was going to be straight with you. Nothing will guarantee that she will come back. Actually getting an ex back requires a bit of extra work. You have reconnect with her in a way that makes her fall for you all over again… well, the new and improved you.

Now, I know this article has gotten pretty lengthy and is action-packed with information. So, I’m not going to delve into this, but Ex Girlfriend Recovery Pro lays out exactly how to reconnect with your ex. And Chris has even written a Texting Bible to help you compose the best texts to reconnect with your ex and win her back.

Remember This…

If I want you to get anything out of this article it is:

Your ex will miss you. Even if she doesn’t show it, or say it, she will miss you. So there is no need to worry about that. The amount of time it will take her to miss you will vary depending on the situation.

To improve your chances of her missing you more quickly, it is imperative that you do a successful No Contact, where you completely ignore your ex and focus on improving yourself.

This does not mean that she will come back, simply because she misses you. However, it certainly improves your chances of getting her back.

Now that you are fully informed on what makes your ex girlfriend miss you and want you back, let’s talk in the comments below. Let me know some details about your situation and our experts will help you decide what your next best action is. Let me know:

  1. What circumstances surrounded your breakup?
  2. What have you done since the breakup?
  3. What qualities do you need to improve upon in order to become your best self?

Let’s get started!


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