By Chris Seiter

Published on January 23rd, 2024

It’s never easy to get your ex to reach out to you after the breakup. I know you want to reconnect with your ex. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if your ex reaches out to you with a positive frame of mind?

You might be wondering, “How can I get her to contact me again?”

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve got some creative and practical tips for you.  Indeed, quite a few of them.  And if they don’t work, I also have a list of some wonderfully, creative Strategies you can try to arouse your ex’s interest to want to speak with you or contact you in some manner.

First, let’s dive into 17 ways to gently nudge the universe (and your ex) in the direction of re-establishing contact.

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How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend To Reach Out To Me Again?

1. Embrace the No-Contact Rule Initially

After a breakup, give both yourself and your ex some breathing room. This means no calls, texts, or social media interactions. It sounds counter-intuitive, but sometimes, the absence can make the heart grow fonder.

2. Work on Yourself

Use this time apart to focus on personal growth. Hit the gym, learn a new skill, or delve into self-improvement books. When you improve yourself, you not only become more attractive to your ex but also boost your own self-esteem.

3. Share Your Growth on Social Media

Without overdoing it, subtly showcase your new and improved self on social media. Post about the new things you’re trying, places you’re visiting, or new skills you’re learning. It’s a non-intrusive way to remind her of your presence.

4. Get Involved in Mutual Interests

Engage in activities or hobbies that you both shared or she knows you love. It’s a reminder of the things you shared and might spark her interest in reaching out.

5. Utilize Mutual Friends Wisely

Occasionally, mutual friends can play a role. Be upbeat and positive around them, and they might just pass on the good vibes to your ex.

6. Become a Mystery She Wants to Solve

Post intriguing updates about your life that leave a bit to the imagination. A photo from a hiking trail, a snapshot of a new hobby – let her wonder about the details.

7. Be Active and Visible in Places She Frequents

Without stalking, frequent places where you might naturally bump into her. This could be a favorite café or bookstore. Seeing you casually in these places might prompt her to reach out.

8. Send an Occasional, Casual Text

After a significant no-contact period, send her a light, breezy text. Maybe something like, “Hey, I passed by [a place you both loved] and thought of you. Hope all is well.”

9. Show Kindness

If you hear she’s going through a tough time, a simple “thinking of you” message can be powerful. It shows you care without expecting anything in return.

10. Tap into Nostalgia

Share a throwback picture or memory on social media that might remind her of the good times. Make sure it’s something happy and positive.

11. Celebrate Her From Afar

If you hear about her achievements, a congratulatory message can be a nice touch. “Heard you nailed that presentation. Kudos!” This shows you’re not bitter and you acknowledge her successes.

12. Engage With Her Social Media

Occasionally like or comment on her social media posts, but don’t overdo it. Keep it casual and friendly.

13. Show Off Your Sense of Humor

Everyone loves to laugh. Share something funny or witty, be it a social media post or a casual text, to remind her of the fun times you had.

14. Reflect Positivity and Confidence

People are drawn to positivity. Radiate confidence and happiness in your life. This might intrigue her to reach out and be part of that positive energy.

15. Offer Help in Areas You Excel

If you’re good at something she might need help with, subtly offer assistance. It could be anything from tech support to advice on where to travel.

16. Drop Subtle Hints Through Friends

Let your mutual friends know, subtly, that you’re open to talking to her again. They might just play cupid and hint this to her.

17. Create an Opportunity for Accidental Meetings

This needs to be done carefully. Attend events or places where she might be, giving you both a chance to reconnect naturally.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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Get Your Ex To Reach Out To You By Doing Something Creative and Amazing!

Sometimes you have to draw outside the circle. Sometimes the delicate dance of getting your to respond to you requires creativity, subtlety, and a touch of the unexpected. Here are five clever and unusual ways to pique her interest and potentially prompt her to reach out:

  1. Create an Intriguing Online Persona or Project: Start a blog, YouTube channel, or a unique online project that aligns with your interests or talents. Make it intriguing enough that it catches her attention through mutual friends or social media shares. This could be anything from travel vlogging, a culinary adventure, a tech gadget review series, or a creative arts project. The key is to engage in something you are passionate about, making it authentic and interesting enough to spark her curiosity.
  2. Participate in a Cause or Charity Event She Supports: If your ex is passionate about a particular cause or charity, get involved in it too. This doesn’t mean intruding into her space but rather supporting a cause she cares about independently. Whether it’s a community clean-up, a charity run, or a fundraiser, your genuine participation may come to her attention, demonstrating shared values and interests.
  3. Utilize the Power of Scent: Scent is a powerful memory trigger. If there’s a cologne or a scent you wore during happy times together, find subtle ways to ensure she encounters it. This could be wearing it if you’re likely to run into her or perhaps gifting it to a mutual friend who might wear it around her. The familiar scent might evoke nostalgic feelings and prompt her to reach out.
  4. Showcase a Newly Developed Talent at a Public Event: If you’ve recently developed a talent, like playing a musical instrument, painting, or performing spoken word, showcase it at a local event. Choose a venue or event she might hear about or attend. Your display of a new skill, especially in a public and confident manner, could be a pleasant surprise to her and may ignite her interest in reaching out.
  5. Engage in an Adventure or Challenge and Document It: Embark on an exciting adventure or challenge, like a hiking trip to an exotic location, a road trip across the country, or even a culinary challenge like trying out different cuisines over a month. Document your experiences on social media or a blog. The key is to make it engaging and share-worthy. It’s a way of showing your adventurous spirit and might prompt her to reconnect to hear more about your experiences.

The Expert’s Corner – Insights From Chris Seiter

11 FAQs on Getting Your Ex Girlfriend to Reach Out

  1. Can I make my ex-girlfriend miss me and reach out?
    • While you can’t force someone to miss you, creating an appealing life post-breakup can spark curiosity. Focus on personal growth and share your positive experiences subtly. This might make her reminisce about the good times and potentially reach out.
  2. How long should I wait before trying to get her to contact me?
  3. Is it a good idea to post about my new life on social media?
    • Yes, sharing your positive experiences on social media can be a subtle way to show your growth. However, ensure it’s genuine and not just a ploy to get her attention.
  4. What if she’s already seeing someone else?
    • If she’s in a new relationship, respect her decision and give her space. Focus on your personal growth and happiness. Interfering in her current relationship can backfire and appear desperate.  But by no means, should you give up completely.  Her relationship with this other person could be a rebound.  Consider the Creative List I put together above.
  5. How can I indirectly make her think of me?
    • Engage in activities or hobbies you both enjoyed or that she admired in you. Share these experiences casually through social media or mutual friends, which might remind her of you.
  6. Should I talk to her friends about her?
    • While it’s okay to maintain friendships, avoid using mutual friends to gather information about her or send messages. This can come across as manipulative.
  7. Can I use special occasions like her birthday to reach out?
    • A simple birthday wish is acceptable (after the no contact period) and can be a thoughtful gesture. Keep it brief and cordial, without ulterior motives to rekindle the relationship.
  8. What kind of text should I send if I decide to contact her?
    • If you choose to text her, start with something light and neutral. For instance, “Hey, I saw this and thought of you. Hope you’re doing well.” Avoid emotionally heavy or loaded messages.  Take a look at my Texting Bible eBook!
  9. Is it okay to show jealousy if she mentions dating other people?
    • Displaying jealousy can push her away and make you appear insecure. If she mentions dating others, respond maturely and show that you are focused on your own growth.
  10. How do I know if it’s time to give up on getting her to reach out?
    • If your attempts to encourage communication are consistently met with indifference or disinterest, it may be time to move on. Continual attempts can seem desperate and may hinder your emotional healing.
  11. What if she reaches out just as a friend?
    • If she reaches out wanting friendship, respect her boundaries and decide if you’re comfortable with a platonic relationship. If not, it’s okay to set boundaries for your own emotional well being.



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