By Chris Seiter

Published on February 25th, 2024

Sometimes an ex will take you into uncharted territories, especially when you observe your ex-partner engaging in behaviors that seem out of character or inexplicable.

One such perplexing scenario is when an ex-girlfriend pretends to have a new boyfriend.  Has that happened to you? Has your ex insinuated or hinted around the notion that they could have someone else in their life?

This act, if that is what it is, can stir a cauldron of emotions, from bewilderment and hurt to jealousy and confusion.

Let’s dive into this enigmatic behavior, explore potential reasons behind it, and chart a course on how to deal with this kind of scenario.

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Why Might Your Ex Pretend to Have a New Partner?

  1. Seeking Closure: Sometimes, the act of pretending to move on is a way for your ex to signal that the relationship is truly over. It could be her way of finding closure, convincing both herself and others (including you) that she’s turned the page.
  2. Provoking a Reaction: Your ex might be seeking to gauge your reaction to her new “relationship status” as a measure of your feelings towards her. This could stem from a need for validation or a desire to see if you still harbor feelings for her.
  3. Boosting Self-Esteem: Post-breakup, individuals often grapple with insecurities and dips in self-esteem. Pretending to have a new partner might be your ex’s way of bolstering her self-confidence, showing herself and the world that she is desirable and capable of attracting someone new.
  4. Deflecting Pain: The charade might be a defense mechanism to mask the pain and vulnerability of the breakup. By pretending to be involved with someone else, she might be trying to convince herself that she’s moved on, even if she hasn’t fully healed.
  5. Creating Distance: If your ex wishes to create more distance between the two of you, implying that she’s seeing someone new can be an effective deterrent to your attempts at reconciliation or continued communication.
  6. Jealousy: While it’s not the most mature tactic, some individuals pretend to have a new partner to incite jealousy in their ex, possibly to rekindle interest or simply to evoke some emotional response.
  7. Peer Pressure: Sometimes, the social circle around an individual can exert pressure to “bounce back” or quickly find someone new post-breakup. Pretending to have a new boyfriend might be your ex’s way of conforming to these perceived social expectations.
  8. Avoiding Unwanted Advances: If your ex is not interested in starting a new relationship or dealing with advances from others, she might use the pretense of having a new boyfriend as a shield against unwanted attention.
  9. Testing the Waters: Your ex might be unsure about her feelings and the breakup’s finality. Pretending to have moved on could be a way for her to test how she feels about the end of your relationship and what life might look like without you.

A 5-Step Plan If You Suspect Your Ex Is Pretending To Have Someone In Their Life

  1. Reflect on Your Feelings: Take a moment to understand why this revelation impacts you. Are you hurt? Jealous? Concerned? Understanding your emotional response is the first step in addressing the situation healthily.
  2. Maintain Distance: Give yourself and your ex some space. This distance can provide the clarity needed to process the situation and your feelings about it.
  3. Focus on Personal Growth: Redirect your energy towards self-improvement and activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Engaging in hobbies, spending time with friends, or pursuing new interests can help shift your focus away from your ex’s actions.
  4. Get Some Coaching Support: Don’t hesitate to lean on your support system during this time. A professional relationship coach can offer the perspective and emotional support you need to navigate this challenging period.
  5. Embrace Acceptance: Come to terms with the fact that your ex’s actions, whether genuine or pretentious, are beyond your control. Focusing on what you can control – your well-being, your reactions, and your path forward – is paramount.

Five Don’ts When Dealing With An Ex Who Is Pretending To Be In Love With Someone Else

  1. Don’t Confront Her: Avoid confronting your ex about her alleged new relationship. This could lead to unnecessary drama and could potentially push her further away.
  2. Don’t Stalk or Investigate: It might be tempting to delve into detective mode, but stalking her social media or inquiring through mutual friends won’t help your healing process and could border on invasive.
  3. Don’t Publicize Your Theories: Sharing your suspicions with mutual friends or on social media can lead to gossip, misunderstandings, and could potentially embarrass or hurt your ex if her intentions were misinterpreted.
  4. Don’t Retaliate: Avoid the urge to “get even” by flaunting a new relationship of your own or engaging in any behavior aimed at making her jealous. This can create a cycle of hurtful actions that hinder emotional growth.
  5. Don’t Let It Hinder Your Healing: Regardless of your ex’s reasons or the truth behind her actions, don’t let this situation stall your healing journey. Keep your focus on moving forward and finding peace within yourself.

The Expert’s Corner – Insights From Chris Seiter

If you suspect your ex-girlfriend is pretending to have a new partner, you undoubtedly will be left with numerous questions. Here are 10 key FAQs to provide clarity and guidance through this challenging time.

1. Why would my ex-girlfriend pretend to have a new boyfriend after our breakup?

Your ex might pretend to have a new partner for various reasons, such as seeking closure, trying to provoke a reaction from you, boosting her self-esteem, or attempting to move on. This behavior could also be a way to create distance, incite jealousy, conform to peer pressure, protect herself from unwanted advances, or test her feelings about the breakup.

2. Is it common for people to pretend to have moved on after a breakup?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for individuals to project an image of having moved on quickly after a breakup, as a way to cope with their emotions, seek validation, or protect their privacy. This behavior can be more about their internal process than a reflection of their actual relationship status.

3. How can I tell if my ex is genuinely in a new relationship or just pretending?

Discerning the truth can be challenging without direct communication. Indicators might include inconsistencies in her story, a lack of genuine affection in public, or mutual friends expressing confusion about her relationship status. However, focusing too much on discerning the truth can be emotionally taxing and may not aid in your healing process.

4. What should I do if I find out my ex is pretending to have a new boyfriend?

Focus on your well-being and personal growth. Maintain distance, avoid confronting her about the pretense, and invest time in activities and relationships that support your healing. It’s crucial to prioritize your emotional health and forward journey over the intricacies of her actions.

5. Should I confront my ex about her behavior?

Confronting your ex might not lead to the clarity or closure you seek and could potentially escalate into conflict. It’s often more beneficial to accept her actions as part of her coping mechanism and focus on your own path to healing.

6. How can I deal with the feelings of jealousy or hurt this situation has caused?

Acknowledge your feelings as valid responses to a challenging situation. Engage in self-care practices, talk about your feelings with trusted friends or a therapist, and remind yourself that your worth is not tied to your ex’s actions or relationship status.

7. What if mutual friends bring up my ex’s supposed new relationship?

Politely steer the conversation away or express that you’re focusing on your own growth and prefer not to discuss your ex’s personal life. Setting these boundaries with mutual friends can help protect your emotional space.

8. How can I stop obsessing over whether my ex’s new relationship is real or not?

Redirect your focus towards activities and goals that enrich your life. Whenever you find yourself ruminating, consciously choose to engage in a hobby, exercise, or social activity that brings you joy and fulfillment.

9. Is it healthy to remain in contact with an ex who is pretending to be in a new relationship?

Remaining in close contact can be emotionally confusing and may impede your healing. It might be healthier to establish boundaries or take a break from communication to allow yourself space to process and move on.

10. How can I use this situation as an opportunity for personal growth?

View this challenging time as a catalyst for self-discovery and development. Reflect on what the relationship and its aftermath have taught you about your needs, boundaries, and values. Engage in activities that foster your growth, resilience, and happiness, and consider this period a stepping stone to a more self-aware and fulfilled you.




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What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

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