By Chris Seiter

Published on December 29th, 2023

Embarking on a new relationship after a breakup can often lead to unexpected reactions, especially from an ex. If you find yourself in a situation where your ex-girlfriend is mad at you for seeing someone else, it’s important to approach it with a blend of understanding, positivity, and maturity.

Let’s explore why she might feel this way and the best strategies to handle this delicate situation.

Why Your Ex Might Be Upset With You Dating Someone Else

Understanding why your ex-girlfriend might be upset about you seeing another person romantically is not rocket science.  But there may be some layers you need to fuller understand. Let’s expand on these reasons:

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  1. Unresolved Feelings:
    • The Pain of Finality: Seeing you with someone else can bring a painful finality to the breakup. It’s a tangible sign that you are moving on, which can reopen emotional wounds if she still harbors feelings for you.
    • Hope Dissolving: If she had any lingering hope of reconciliation, your new relationship might crush that hope, leading to feelings of sadness and anger.
  2. Jealousy and Possessiveness:
  3. Hurt Pride:
    • Ego and Self-Esteem: It can be a blow to one’s ego to see an ex-partner moving on quickly. This might make her question her worth or what she meant to you, leading to feelings of hurt pride.
    • Comparative Thoughts: There might be a sense of competition or comparison, wondering why you chose to move on with someone else and not her, which can be particularly stinging.
  4. Fear of Being Replaced:
    • Loss of Special Status: Your new relationship might make her feel as though her special place in your life is being taken over by someone else, leading to feelings of being replaceable or insignificant.
    • Loneliness Amplified: If she’s still single, this contrast can amplify her feelings of loneliness, making her more acutely aware of her solo status.

What You Should Do:

  1. Be Sensitive to Her Feelings:
    • Understand that her emotions are a natural response to a significant change. It’s okay for her to feel upset or hurt, and acknowledging this can help maintain a respectful post-breakup relationship. Remember, empathy doesn’t mean you agree with or take responsibility for her feelings, but it shows you respect them.
  2. Maintain Respectful Boundaries:
  3. Communicate Clearly If Necessary:
    • If you find yourself in a situation where you need to interact with your ex, clarity and honesty are key. If she brings up your new relationship, acknowledge her feelings but reaffirm your decision to move on in a gentle yet firm manner. It’s about striking a balance between being sensitive to her feelings and being true to your path.
  4. Focus on Your Own Happiness:
    • It’s essential to prioritize your own emotional well-being. Feeling guilty for moving on can hinder your happiness and isn’t fair to you or your new partner. Remember, everyone deserves to find happiness, and your journey doesn’t end with the previous relationship. Embrace this new chapter of your life with positivity and hope.

What You Should NOT Do:

  1. Don’t Rub It in Her Face:
    • Avoid deliberately making your ex jealous. Using your new relationship as a tool to get a reaction is unfair and can cause unnecessary pain.
  2. Don’t Invalidate Her Feelings:
    • Even if you don’t understand her reaction, avoid belittling or invalidating her emotions. Everyone processes breakups differently.
  3. Don’t Engage in Arguments:
    • If she confronts you angrily, try not to escalate the situation. Stay calm and avoid getting drawn into an argument.
  4. Don’t Compromise Your New Relationship:
    • Be mindful not to let your ex’s feelings negatively impact your new relationship. Ensure that your current partner doesn’t feel like they’re in a competition with your past.

Staying True to Your Game Plan:

  1. Follow Your Breakup Recovery Plan:
    • If you’re following a game plan for recovery post-breakup, stick to it. Whether it involves moving on or trying to win your ex back, consistency in your actions and emotions is key.
  2. Consult a Breakup Coach:
    • If the situation becomes complicated, particularly if you’re considering getting back with your ex, talking to a breakup coach can provide clarity. They can offer guidance on how to navigate these complex emotional waters.
  3. Understand the Role of Jealousy:
    • While jealousy can sometimes reignite interest from an ex, it’s a delicate tool and should be used cautiously. Excessive jealousy can backfire, leading to more hurt and complicating the situation further.
  4. Respect Both Parties Involved:
    • Be respectful towards both your ex and your new partner. Your actions should not only be guided by respect for your ex’s feelings but also by the commitment and respect you owe to your new relationship.

The Expert’s Corner

Insider Insights From Chris Seiter:  14 FAQs On “Your Ex Is Upset About You Dating Someone Else”

  1. Why might my ex-girlfriend be upset about me dating someone new?
    • She could be feeling unresolved emotions, jealousy, a sense of loss, or fear of being replaced. Even if the breakup was mutual, seeing you with someone else can trigger a range of emotions, including hurt pride and possessiveness.
  2. How should I react if my ex confronts me about my new relationship?
    • Stay calm and empathetic. Acknowledge her feelings but also explain gently yet firmly that you have moved on. It’s important to communicate respectfully, without being defensive or provocative.
  3. Is it okay to tell my ex about my new relationship?
    • It’s best to keep details of your new relationship private, especially if the breakup is recent. Sharing details can be hurtful and may seem like you’re flaunting your new happiness.
  4. Should I hide my new relationship from my ex?
    • You don’t need to hide it, but be discreet and sensitive about how public you are with your new relationship, especially on social media or in shared social circles.
  5. What if my ex is spreading rumors or speaking negatively about me because I’m dating someone else?
    • Stay above the fray. Avoid retaliating or engaging in gossip. If necessary, address the issue directly with her, asking respectfully to keep the post-breakup interactions civil.
  6. How can I ensure my new partner doesn’t feel uncomfortable with my ex’s reactions?
    • Be open with your new partner about the situation. Ensure they feel secure in your relationship and that your past isn’t overshadowing your present.
  7. My ex wants to get back together since she found out I’m dating. What should I do?
    • Reflect on why you broke up and whether those reasons still stand. Be honest with yourself and her about whether a reconciliation is genuinely what you want.  Don’t act with haste.  Take it slow and be sure you are fully in touch with your feelings.
  8. Can making my ex jealous help in getting her back?
    • While jealousy can sometimes reignite interest, it’s a risky and often unhealthy strategy. It’s better to focus on honest communication and genuine connection if you’re considering getting back together.
  9. Should I stop dating someone new if my ex is upset about it?
  10. What if I still have feelings for my ex but also like someone new?
    • Take time to understand your feelings. Be honest with both yourself and the people involved. It’s unfair to pursue a new relationship if you’re not over your ex.
  11. How do I deal with feelings of guilt for moving on?
    • Remind yourself that it’s healthy and normal to move on after a breakup. You’re entitled to seek happiness and forge new connections.
  12. What if my ex is using our children as leverage because I’m dating?
    • If children are involved, it’s crucial to keep them out of adult issues. If the situation becomes complicated, consider seeking advice from a professional counselor or mediator.
  13. Should I avoid places where I might run into my ex with my new partner?
    • While it’s considerate to avoid potentially awkward encounters, you shouldn’t drastically alter your life or avoid places you enjoy. Balance sensitivity with your right to move on.
  14. How can I maintain a cordial relationship with my ex despite her being upset about my new relationship?
    • Keep interactions polite and respectful. Setting clear boundaries can help maintain a civil relationship. Communication should be straightforward and devoid of any emotional provocations.


Navigating the emotional landscape when your ex is upset about you dating someone else requires a careful balance of empathy, self-awareness, and respect for all parties involved.

Recognize her feelings but also understand your right to move on and find happiness.

If you’re working towards getting back with your ex or if the situation becomes complicated, seeking advice from a breakup coach can be invaluable.

Remember, using jealousy as a strategy should be approached with caution, as it can easily spiral into negative emotions and consequences.



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