By Chris Seiter

Published on April 9th, 2024

Dealing with a breakup can be challenging, especially when you’re attempting the no contact rule as a means of moving forward.

This strategy, which involves ceasing all communication with your ex, is often used to help both parties gain clarity, heal, and perhaps even rekindle the relationship under better circumstances.

But how do you know if it’s working? For those who often find themselves at significant turning points in their lives, recognizing these signs can be particularly poignant and allow you to proceed with your Ex Recovery Plan.

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Signs No Contact Is Working On Your Ex Girlfriend

  1. Increased Social Media Activity:
    • Example: You might notice your ex posting more frequently on social media, sharing updates or photos that seem aimed at showing off a ‘new’ and happy life. This could be an attempt to prove to you (and herself) that she’s doing well, a common reaction when no contact is making an impact.
  2. Reaching Out to Mutual Friends:
  3. Sudden Changes in Appearance or Interests:
    • Example: If your ex suddenly starts to change her appearance drastically or takes up new hobbies that she’s always shown interest in but never pursued, it might be a reaction to the no contact rule. It’s a way of self-reinvention, often spurred by a desire to either move on or make you notice her anew.
  4. Attempts to Make You Jealous:
    • Example: You might hear from friends or see on social media that your ex is conspicuously dating someone new or flirting openly. While it can seem like she’s moved on, this can often be a tactic to get a reaction out of you, indicating that the no contact is affecting her.
  5. Sending Feelers via Friends or Family:
    • Example: Her close ones might reach out to you on her behalf, dropping hints that she misses you or regrets how things ended. This indirect approach often means she’s feeling the absence of your connection but isn’t ready to break the no contact herself.
  6. Reflective or Nostalgic Communication:
    • Example: If she does break the no contact rule, her messages or calls might be reflective, focusing on the good times you had together or expressing regret over how things turned out. This introspection is a strong sign that she’s rethinking the breakup.
  7. Increased Presence in Places You Frequent:
    • Example: You might start bumping into her at places you commonly visited as a couple or near your workplace or home. These “accidental” encounters could be a subtle way of trying to reconnect or gauge your reaction to seeing her.
  8. Positive Changes in Behavior or Attitude:
    • Example: Through the grapevine, you hear that she’s been speaking positively about you or showing a more mature attitude towards what led to the breakup. This growth can indicate that no contact has given her the space to reflect and grow.
  9. A Sudden Stop in Communication After Initial Attempts:
    • Example: After a few attempts to reach out or engage indirectly, she suddenly stops. This could mean that she’s feeling the effects of no contact more profoundly, prompting her to pull back and re-evaluate her approach.
  10. Direct Acknowledgment of Your Absence:
    • Example: She might express to mutual friends or in a moment of weakness directly to you that she misses your presence in her life. This direct acknowledgment is a clear sign that the no contact rule is impacting her feelings and perspective.

Signs No Contact Is Utterly Failing

  1. Complete Indifference:
    • Example: There’s absolutely no change in her behavior, social media activity, or communication through friends. Her life continues as if nothing has changed, indicating that the no contact has little to no effect on her emotional state.
  2. Public Display of Moving On:
    • Example: She makes it a point to publicly showcase her new life without you, such as posting about a new relationship in a way that feels genuine and not aimed at making you jealous. This acceptance and forward movement might mean no contact isn’t having the intended effect.
  3. Returning Your Belongings Unprompted:
  4. Blocking or Unfriending on Social Media:
    • Example: Instead of subtle changes or attempts to make you jealous, she chooses to block or unfriend you on social media platforms. This decisive move often signifies a desire to move on completely.
  5. Communicating Through Friends That She’s Moving On:
  6. No Reaction to Significant Dates:
    • Example: Dates important to your relationship, like anniversaries or birthdays, pass without any acknowledgment or reaction from her side, signaling that she’s emotionally detached and the no contact is not affecting her as expected.
  7. Direct Communication That She’s Better Off:
    • Example: If she reaches out not to reminisce or reconnect but to explicitly tell you she’s happier now and the breakup was for the best, it’s a strong indication that no contact is not having the intended reflective effect on her.

Recognizing these signs requires patience, introspection, and, most importantly, respect for your ex’s feelings and the healing process. Whether the no contact rule is working or failing, it’s crucial to focus on personal growth and emotional well-being during this challenging time.

The Expert’s Corner – Insights From Chris Seiter

  1. What’s the essence of going no contact? Embarking on a no contact journey sets the stage for a quiet interlude, offering both you and your ex a chance to find inner peace, mend emotionally, and ponder the past connection. It’s an era for personal evolution, shedding co-dependencies, and potentially reuniting with a fresh, healthier outlook.
  2. Ideal duration for a no contact phase? A 30-day window is often cited as a standard span for no contact, yet this isn’t set in stone. The length should be tailored to your healing trajectory and the breakup’s context, ensuring ample time for substantial personal transformation and recovery.
  3. Does no contact spark longing in my ex? The void left by no contact could stir a sense of yearning in your ex, as it removes the familiar comfort of your interactions and support. However, the primary aim here is your healing journey; any pangs of missing felt are secondary.
  4. What if my ex reaches out amid no contact? Should your ex make contact during this quiet period, weigh the nature and urgency of her message. In cases of pressing matters, a succinct, courteous reply is appropriate. For less urgent communications, upholding the no contact boundary respects the healing intent.
  5. Signals that no contact is resonating? Observing shifts like an uptick in her social media engagement meant to catch your eye, friends relaying her curious queries about you, or her directly sharing reminiscent thoughts indicates the no contact phase is hitting its mark.
  6. Is breaking no contact advisable upon noticing changes in my ex? Tread lightly before deciding to end the no contact phase, even if notable changes in your ex spark optimism. It’s vital to assess both your emotional states and whether the original relationship issues have been thoughtfully addressed.
  7. How to cope if my ex seems to be moving forward during no contact? Watching your ex appear to progress without you during no contact can be tough. This period should be a time of inward focus and growth for you, emphasizing that no contact is as much about your healing as it is about its impact on her.
  8. Indications that no contact might be falling short? If your ex shows outright indifference, engages in public displays of moving on that ring true, or directly communicates her newfound happiness post-breakup, these are signs that no contact may not be weaving the expected emotional tapestry.
  9. Reaching out post-no contact – how should it be done? When the time feels right to reconnect, approach the situation with kindness and respect. Initiate with a light, neutral message that doesn’t dive deep into past sensitivities. Her response will guide the pace and nature of future communications, which should remain constructive and positive.
  10. Next steps if no contact doesn’t yield hoped-for outcomes? Should no contact not bring about the desired shifts in your ex, embracing this reality and continuing your personal growth journey is key. Not every relationship is destined for a reunion, and prioritizing your emotional health is paramount.
  11. Can no contact alter how my ex views me? No contact has the potential to positively change your ex’s perception, particularly if it leads to your personal development, introspection, and behavioral improvements. The distance and time apart might just reset previous strained dynamics, paving the way for a renewed, more positive connection.

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